But first, keep reading to discover our favorite car dryer blowers on the market: If you’re looking for a good quality car dryer that has been made in the USA, then this air force master blaster car dryer will not disappoint. This means that you can adapt the equipment to suit your needs. Using warm, filtered air, the product will safely blast off water from the main body of your vehicle as well as hard to reach places where you wouldn’t be able to reach manually. It works quickly thanks to its 110-volt, 6-speed 5 amp motor. There are three different levels of airflow and temperature and you can use the front or rear motor independently or simultaneously for maximum power (8HP). That’s because this duster has two airflow speed settings, so when you don’t need to use its full power, you can dial it back a bit to keep from blowing your possessions away. There are many benefits to using a car dryer and if you’ve never used one before then we understand that you might be a little sceptical. These cookies do not store any personal information. This product offers high quality and high performance for a reasonable price. You should take into consideration what kind of realistic uses you want to use this equipment for, how long you’ll need to use the blower effectively, and how far you might be from a power source during this part of maintenance. This dryer comes with a 35ft power cord and a 6ft flexible hose and specially-designed vinyl nozzle that will not scratch your vehicle if it accidentally comes in contact with the paint. How To Protect Your EV Charging Cable From Theft, Provides a surprisingly large volume of warm, filtered air for drying, Lightweight and great for travel or extended use, Comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty, Sometimes not strong enough to dry panels of larger vehicles, It has a shorter cord length than some would like, about 14 inches, Constructed of lightweight, extremely durable ABS plastic, Has two airflow speed settings for increased control, Comes with a thermal protection plan and one-year limited warranty, Has a 10-foot long power cord and 9 nozzle attachments, You need to wait until the motor in the unit fully comes to a stop before you set it down, or else it might suck up any dust on that surface, Two gear temperatures available with a continuously variable airflow, Has a 2.5-meter hose and 3 changeable nozzles, Can be used on vehicles, motorcycles, and pets, Not powerful enough for bigger car cleans, Variable air volume settings for low, medium, and high, Has a vacuum function if you purchase the dust bag, Compact and lightweight, made to be easy to maneuver, Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, with an additional two years if registered within 30 days of purchase, The battery and charger of this product are sold separately, so you will have to spend a bit more money, Excellent for drying vehicles, motorcycles, pets and more, Features two speeds and two adjustable temperature controls, Noise-assimilation sponge keeps noise levels under 78db, Has a 2.5-meter flexible hose and a 7-foot long cable. This is a pneumatically operated suction spray gun which can be used with water, air or soap to dispense it under very high pressure. A leaf blower has a hard plastic tip - ideal for leafs but not so good for cars! Using a towel or cloth – no matter how clean and soft – always runs the risk of damaging your car. By FPEvo in forum Auto Detailing Tools and Accessories. When this unit got labeled as multi-use, they meant it. This dryer blower comes with a ten-foot power cord with a UK plug as well as nine total attachments for different applications and uses. There are several metrovac master blaster products on the market, but this model is an updated version which boasts so much more. It’s great for drying vehicles as well as pets and will blow away any dust or debris you need to get rid of, including troublesome pet fur. We thought we’d include something a little different for this listing so would like to present to you the Detail King Tornador Cleaning Tool. A car dryer blower should have enough power to dry your car in a matter of minutes, and for that reason we chose this model for our list. as our favorite product. It’s got a sponge within the unit that helps to minimize noise levels, and also comes with four changeable nozzle options for a variety of uses. Budget arrrgh! Read on to find out who won the number #1 spot... As you’ll see from the products that we chose, most product descriptions will include a measurement indicating the power of the motor which is normally measured in HP (or horsepower). It comes with a non-scratch blower nozzle as well as a wider air flare nozzle. This is an American-made blower which is super compact and portable. If you’re looking to get more value for your money then you might want to consider a wet/dry vacuum which can be easily converted into a blower - this means that you can use this on the exterior and interior of your vehicle, as well as on your garage or workshop floor. The dryer comes with a heavy-duty neoprene blower nozzle that’s gentle on your car’s exterior as well as five different interchangeable attachments for more targeted drying. If you have limited space in your garage or workshop then this Air Force Blaster SideKick is ideal. Increase the temperature and airflow if needed and then hey presto! With any piece of equipment, you want to check the available warranties from the manufacturer or vendor. It is lightweight, weighing only about three pounds, so you won’t have a hard time keeping this unit in use for all of your drying or dust blowing needs. The MetroVac Air Force Blaster Sidekick is fantastic for drying cars and motorcycles alike. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It’s also extremely energy-efficient. It is no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk. Metro MasterBlaster MB-3CD Industrial Dryer and Blower System, Detail King Tornador Black Interior Cleaning Tool.

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