EMAIL ME Between Worlds is also, unfortunately, a weird "Twin Peaks" homage, complete with industrial band ohGr's not-so-industrial, "Twin Peaks"-y score and "Twin Peaks"-like theme during the opening credits sequence (performed by "Twin Peaks" composer Angelo Badalamenti, no less). Find Tickets. Sitemap | Sure, sitting among rotten garbage surrounded by diseased rats would be gross, but at least the delicious crusts and cheese would make it worth the hassle. The misthios, Myrrine, and Deimos are alive: kill Nikolaos when confronting him, and kill Stentor when given the chance. Later, the woman’s daughter wakes up from a coma. Costume designer: Bonnie Stauch It's not just the gameplay that has been varied from previous iterations, however. However, it turns out that Joe’s jealous dead wife has crossed over instead and possessed the body. The misthios and Myrrine are alive: kill Nikolaos when confronting him, do not save Myrrine, kill Deimos after being unable to bring her back from the Cult, kill Stentor when given the opportunity. Most people will go into this to see Cage be, well, Cage, and in that sense they won’t be disappointed. Not as wild as many Cage vehicles, but gonzo enough. Save Myrrine, and save Deimos from the Cult of Kosmos. Although there are a couple of members of the cult that can be spared, for the most part it's bloody work, including taking part in Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Conquest Battles. Whenever you think a mainstream comeback could be on the cards, he’ll lend his talents to lesser films like this and remind us that he’s too much of a loose cannon to care about reaching the heights he’s capable of. The Western Lives On in Science Fiction Television, 5 Fun Horror Anthologies on Shudder, and What’s New for November 2020, A 4K Winter is Coming to Our Pick of the Week, 19 Things We Learned from Ben Wheatley’s ‘Kill List’ Commentary, The 10 Best Moments From ‘The Eric Andre Show’, ‘The Witches’ Brings Horror to a New Generation, What’s New to Stream on Hulu for November 2020, The Sound Design of ‘Toy Story’ is All About Balance. Assassin's Creed Odyssey does things a little bit differently from the games in the series that have come before it: it has more than one ending. The title also has multiple endings, meaning that - depending on what choices the player makes over the course of the game - they could have a different ending to that of another player. The story begins with Joe coming upon a woman being strangled in a gas station bathroom by a man he promptly beats up. Unfortunately, waiting for the laugh out loud moments involves sitting through some sloggish parts as well. To help with this, read on to find out about the nine multiple endings to the personal Odyssey of the misthios, as well as how to reach those end points for the other two story strands. Between Worlds Directed by Maria Pulera Action, Mystery, Thriller R 1h 30m. Producers: Eric Banoun, David Hillary, Maria Pulera Veering heavily into sexual territory, Between Worlds is more gothic melodrama than horror film. She has some bigger and better projects coming up, and one day she might refuse to talk about this movie. Save Myrrine. It makes it a great game, but one players may need to plan for to reach all end points. One minute he’s drunkenly lumbering through scenes with all the subtly of a bull in a china shop. Do not save Myrrine. The next he’s letting his inner sexual beast roar as he gets jiggy with it on couches. Which brings me to Between Worlds, written and directed by Maria Pulera. So she sets out to get her man back by using her newly-acquired young body and knowledge of his haunted past. The smell of dough from the nearby joint has your attention. Cue more frenzied copulation, with Cage engaging in more onscreen sex than he has since his Wild at Heart days. 9:21 AM PST 12/20/2018 As Joe’s past is revealed, the conclusion unrolls like a drag racer pressing on the gas pedal. The misthios, Myrrine, and Nikolaos are alive: do not save Deimos from the Cult of Kosmos, and kill Stentor when given the chance. Tracking down and destroying the Cult of Kosmos is perhaps the most rewarding part of the game, with each cultist revealing a clue to find another member of the group. Privacy | Guild Wars 2 Delays Steam Release To Focus On End Of Dragons Expansion, Assassin's Creed Odyssey Endings Explained: Cult Of Kosmos & Between Two Worlds, Assassin's Creed Odyssey Beginners Gameplay Tips, save the entire family and get the best ending, Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Between Two Worlds Ending, Resident Evil Village PS5 Details Reveal Dynamic 4K & Ray Tracing, Every Cobra Kai Actor Missing From The Video Game, Pokémon's Crown Tundra: Weirdest New Pokémon Designs, How Breath of the Wild References Every Zelda Game, Does Watch Dogs: Legion Have An After-Credits Scene, How Watch Dogs: Legion Does Audio Logs Right (& Wrong), Super Mario Special Edition Amazon Boxes Being Sent Out Randomly All Month, Watch Dogs: Legion - How to Make a Borough Defiant, Fortnite Bug Ends Fortnitemares Halloween Challenges Early, Why Red Dead Redemption 3 Is Almost A Certainty, Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Maple Leaf D.I.Y. And you know what? How to achieve the perfect end to this story has already been covered, so click through to find out how to save the entire family and get the best ending. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The misthios, Myrrine, Stentor, and Nikolaos are alive: do not save Deimos from the Cult of Kosmos, and instead kill them. Kieran is a Daily Curator for the website you're currently reading. Kieran Fisher; September 22, 2018 'Between Worlds' Review: Come for the Cage, Stay for the Cage (Fantastic Fest 2018) Nic Cage is back to making poor career decisions for our entertainment. His rent is late and his job isn’t paying the bills. Terms of Use | What would you do? All rights reserved. There are some other endings available, though. On top of this, the title's three core storylines all have their own separate ending points, meaning that in reality each playthrough has three endings to achieve. Shortly after, someone comes out with the evening’s leftover pies and tosses them into the garbage. Cage’s performance here is a joy to behold and he chews scenery in the magnificent ways only he can. Given the size of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, some players may want some hints on how best to reach these different finales. Still, Between Worlds isn’t without its merits. Although The Odyssey revolves around the core plot of the family of the misthios, that plot is also intrinsically linked to the Cult of Kosmos. The actor’s fierce commitment turns “Between Worlds” into another solidly strange entry in the ever-expanding “Nicolas Cage movie” sub-genre. TWITTER More disturbingly, sexpot Billie begins coming on to Joe and soon succeeds in seducing him. There's one handy solution to this problem, though: kill all of them. Casting: Judy Cook. The misthios and Nikolaos are alive: spare do not save Myrrine, kill Stentor when given the chance, fail to bring Deimos back from the Cult and instead kill them. The bands and the podcast can be found on all good digital distribution platforms, and Rob can also be found on Twitter. I wholeheartedly recommend Between Worlds to you masochistic connoisseurs of DTV junk food (the poisonous gas station kind). It certainly feels like a waste not only of Cage's talent (although the actor has a climactic, literally fiery scene that will forever change the way you think about the pop song "Leader of the Pack"), but also of Potente, whose potential has been sadly underrealized in American films. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Spare Nikolaos when confronting him. It’s around closing time, you’ve had a long night, you’re hungry. Rob Gordon is a writer and musician from Brighton, United Kingdom. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Share Share Tweet Email. The woman, Julie (Franka Potente), is upset rather than grateful for Joe's intervention. Related: Assassin's Creed Odyssey Beginners Gameplay Tips. Depending on the ending that the player receives based on their decisions, they will then be able to get a special cut scene that shows what remains of the family. Read full review His wife and daughter are also dead. Between Worlds stars Cage in his latest gonzo performance as Joe, a greasy, grimy, down on his luck truck driver struggling to make rent and grieving the recent loss of his wife and daughter. Joe's manginess is understandable since he's still mourning the death of his wife and daughter. Whether the player chooses Kassandra or Alexios as their hero, the core plot remains the same: find out what happened to your family, and attempt some kind of reunion. Director-screenwriter: Maria Pulera As he did in the recent Mandy, Cage makes an appearance in some very unflattering underwear. I use this analogy not because I recommend eating throwaway food from some dirty places. They assume that she’s returned from the spirit world all fine and dandy. Distributor: Saban Films Spare Nikolaos when confronting him, and do not fight Stentor. That said, there’s some charm to the ineptitude and the viewers who’ll seek this movie out won’t care about professionalism anyway. In his latest destined for Redbox outing, Cage plays Joe, a down-on-his-luck truck driver who can’t catch a break. Foreword. Tags:Between WorldsFantastic FestFilm FestivalsNic Cage. But it's not as perverse as it seems, because, as Billie explains, her body has been possessed by the spirit of Joe's dead wife. As far as love triangles go, Between Worlds scores points for originality. Executive producer: Jim Agnew If you thought that the acclaim garnered from Mandy was going to usher in a Cage renaissance, you’re mistaken. | Cookie Settings. There are some serious moments of soap opera-esque melodrama, and in one scene he has a water fight with his reincarnated wife and it’s arguably the happiest and most carefree he’s ever been. The cult, a shadowy organization that has been undermining Greece behind the scenes, had a major part to play in the history of the player and the breakdown of their family, and as such seeking answers about the family will inevitably lead the player up against the cult. Penelope Mitchell also gives a fun performance. You dive head-first into that dumpster and get to work on that grub like there was no tomorrow — knowing fine well that it’s a terrible idea. With movies like this you need to swim through sewage to get to the treasure. Music: Jason Solowsky It’s not a good movie. It’s why I love him. Here's how to get to each ending, and what they mean. Recipes, Overwatch Is Decreasing Toxicity In Chat With Machine Learning, How To Farm Crabs in Genshin Impact (The Easy Way), Some PS5 Games Are Already Appearing On Store Shelves Before Launch, TLOU2's Abby Face Model Does Ultimate Cosplay Of The Character, Silent Hill 2 Remastered Right By Fans Burned By Bad Official Port, Genshin Impact’s New Boss Is Also A Playable Character. But the biggest meta joke occurs during one of the sex scenes, when Joe accompanies his frenzied pelvic thrusting with a recitation from a book: the cover reads Memories, by Nicolas Cage. Production designer: Dins Danielsen Maybe the pizzas would even be tasty. The writing, scoring, editing, and basically everything that isn’t Cage or Mitchell, is so poorly handled that your brain will eventually start asking you if there’s more to life than watching bad Nic Cage movies. It's a fitting reward to destroying the Cult of Kosmos, giving a little bit of context to a game that at times feels very different from its predecessors. by Having one of them be possessed by a ghost at least adds some original sizzle to the situation.

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