So for comparison, I wanted to check out Hystria too In this video I’ll go throught the Hystria Entrance Quest, which will allow you to directly enter the place anytime. Fixed the issue where you could not loot world boss Kutum if it ended up stuck in a wall or the floor. Repair kits are really only useful if you have another player helping. Changed the level requirement, which used to be Lv. As usual, you can read the details of these new changes and additions below. It refers to the desert surrounding the old Valencia Castle. The Stonetail Horse Ranch equestrian federation has raised a gravestone to honor the memory of Vera Arey, an Old Moon Grand Prix champion who passed away at a young age. The following types of mounts will now stop auto-navigation after being stuck in the same place for a certain amount of time. (This just means that the boat automatically aims and fires the cannon, after you click RMB or LMB.) 55 to Lv. *Gulp! Yonal’s workers will be holding up torches to light the way to Cokro Chamber. 56, for the following content. Go to the Settings window to reset this hotkey to your desire. BDOD is a Database for the MMORPG Black Desert Online. About ten times bigger than humans, ancient giants aimlessly wander the desert without attacking or defending. Cannon attacks will no longer hit other ships when fighting Vell, the Heart of the Ocean. At least have +5 green gear. You can now double-click to choose between crossroad quests. Fixed the issue where the Quest window you can access after summoning the Black Spirit sometimes appeared in an awkward location after selecting the Main, Suggestions, or Recurring tabs then pressing the Quest button below. You also need less Cron Stones for safe enhancement. The tooltip for the Season Challenges icon will now include information about the rewards you can get. You can now exchange [Event] Golden Petal Coin and [Event] Golden Fish Bone Coin items for various items from NPCs Benitu and Jabuo based on the results of the event. Other players can flag for PVP and attack you and your boat as long as you are near it and you are level 50+. Thx for the video, btw what sthe title of that song? (The map fog is gone.) Epheria ships are able to fold their sails to avoid weather and you can also use ship skills to help with speed. Renamed the quest “[Co-op] Exposing the Serendia Shrine Gang” to “[Daily] Cleaning Up Serendia Shrine.”. Fixed the issue where the emergency ration supply amount would appear irregular after using the Emergency Supply function on a boat with gear that increases max ration stats. Changed who can deposit and withdraw the following items from their guild’s storage. You can now enter Cokro Chamber via an alternative cave entrance even when Valencia Castle’s gates are closed. Added Polished Gemstone Bundle to the quest reward for “The Groundwork for Friendship.”. Log in to Reply. We hope these new hairstyles and the ones we added last week inspires you to try out new customizations for your characters! [Repeat] Bacho Ladericcio’s Magical Armor, You can still obtain Roaring Magical Armor by completing the Mediah main quest “[Boss] Illezra’s Servant.”, [Repeat] Becker and the Magical Sub-weapon, Changed the quest “Magical Sub-weapon Exchange I” to only appear if you have a Dim Magical Sub-weapon in your possession and removed its prerequisite quest “Cleansing the Lava Cave.”. Sailors buff your ship and find treasure on barter islands. Sorry for not responding, but you didn't quote or tag me. Changed the hotkey B to be used for both the Mail and the Black Spirit’s Safe windows. Cog ships don’t allow ship skills. Fixed the issue where the landing motion after falling from a certain height was slower compared to that of other classes. You cannot receive Beginner Black Stones in retrospect for main quests already finished. Therefore, certain quest summaries and text have been adjusted in the Quests (O) window. As your HP recovers, the Damage Reduction effect will adjust accordingly. However, there will be an additional Item Drop Rate +50%, like in the regular Arsha server. Changed the level requirement for the “Eastern Sands Kingdom Story” quest series from Lv. Allot will depend upon the enhancement level of your cannon and plating of the ship. Go Back to the Wharf Manager: This is the second technique I use, if the above doesn’t work. This is because we recommend players to unlock Awakening, Talent, or Ascension before challenging the daunting desert of the Valencian continent. Added the following items as quest rewards for “Seal of the Secret Guards.”. Because “magical” armor (e.g. How many repair materials/kits should i bring? Added the quest “[Repeat] Remembering the Grand Prix Champion” which can be accepted from Gula. I also caution you not to go AFK on your ship, even if you think it’s in a safe zone. Added a blessing of fortitude to help more adventurers enjoy the Red Battlefield. It is very difficult now to hunt sea monsters solo, unless you have an Improved Epheria or greater boat that has Captain controlled cannons. Can confirm that the gate locks/closes. Please click < Here > to see the event results! Can confirm that the gate locks/closes. You can now use Heating in the Processing window (L) on certain items to get Beginner Black Stones. How to get seeds There are a few different ways you can get seeds: Gathering – seeds can be gathered from bushes or thickets using your bare hands or a hoe. I did this once, and when I came back someone had somehow picked me up and deposited me by a hostile sea monster spawn. Yonal’s workers will be holding up torches to light the way to Cokro Chamber. Take a ferry, if you don’t have an Epheria ship, but would like to visit Port Ratt for questing and Knowledge. Who can deposit the item: Guild Member or up, Who can withdraw the item: Guild Officer or up. Fixed the issue where command keys sometimes did not work after talking with NPCs with the Skill Demo screen of the Skill (K) window on. The more distance you get from the mainland, the more current and wind you have to fight against. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. Damen und Herren, wir bitten um Eure Aufmerksamkeit, es ist an der Zeit umzuziehen! I am currently stuck on that quest. Naru gear was designed for adventuring in Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah.

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