Taking on Wanda after Ultron got rid of Tony and Bruce; Wanda's mind magic needed for Barnes; Tony will still fund them but won't see where the money is going. 6 - The footage from Siberia is leaked, Pepper handles the press conference. Vision detains Wanda, Team Cap and Zemo jailed. USO Steve goes after Bucky alone, dies. Pepper believes Hope wants to help; Tony leaves his room but still won't take the time to talk to Peter who is blaming himself for not doing more to stop Rogers. This story will be heavily influenced by my shot "Don't come crawling back to me", but you don't have to read it to understand what's going on. They do anyway and discover it has a DNA failsafe aimed at thieves. Hopefully this will appease people until the Accords can be passed offering stability and accountability to the team. Couple of days. Steve was certainly NOT pleased with having a flour-covered demigod running around in the tower but Clint found it hilarious, and that's when the two men began a long friendship of pranks and silly jokes that no one else laughed at. 8 - Steve and Tony dated before the CW, Steve plans to pick up where they left off. The four UN reps appraise each person of their situation and ask questions of a psychological nature to determine each persons understanding and thought process of their actions; an anonymous source provided them with background information. Tony offers Bucky a chance to remove the triggers and get his life back, Sam realizes that the Avengers was created to handle global threats not terrorists, Steve learns the harsh lesson that he is not a hero. Assault teams from several countries join War Machine, Vision, Widow and the airport is still a disaster; the stun darts take down the unenhanced, Witch is harder while Widow prevents Panther. Rogers loses his first lawsuit, Cap merchandising goes to victims; Deadpool joins team, fond of Spidey; Wanda given to Logan's tutelege. Steve ignores the cards that Mary from PR gave him and prepares his own statement which basically reads 'we got the bad guy who cares about the damages.' Rogers tries to get to Tony through Rhodes who pulls rank while explaining that the rules work for everyone else and won't be changed for the rogues - also if Rogers were a 'Captain' he'd have been court martialed three years ago. Pepper reminds them that Tony is human just like all of them, he lashed out when hurt. I actually have a plot, almost, and if you want to I will try and write it for you. Steve Rogers always does what he thinks is right. Practice makes perfect they say and this is only practice and therefore not perfect ^^. NOT! Lang floored that they could have been forgiven for Bucharest and Barnes get help before they ever called him... and turned it down. Unfortunately, believing he is right isn't the same as being right. Wilson claims they've had missions like this before with no lawsuits but Hill is the one that vetted then authorized those missions coordinating with local government and law enforcement to evacuate civilians and limit damage, then cleanup. Clint knows he screwed up, and probably has been since he was mind controlled; he acknowledges that he lets smarter people do the thinking while he just follows orders. Steve learns that by dragging Bucky into all these messes he is deemed as dangerous as the WS; BARF not an option even it if might break the triggers. After the battle with the Chitauri New York was in a weird combination of celebrations and grief. Erskine used Steve who dies. After all Team Cap saved everybody, showing the world how dangerous the accords were, how easily they could be abused. Tony hasn't been seen in public since the Civil War, not even by his friends. He could easily keep up when Tony started talking about science and after a couple of days he started to come up with his own ideas as well. Clint is delusional, blaming the rest of the world for wanting to let politicians control the Avengers, Tony for helping them; Laura hangs up. He worked hard to amend the Accords requiring oversight for the council as well as the hero members, guidelines for who is eligible, how mission teams are chosen, who pays for damages. The ones he had saved. Tony absolves Peter of blame; Scott gets a Sokovian lawyer to explain the Accords; Pepper gives Wanda's journals to E.Ross and Wikileaks; Carter is caught. Even their supporters had to come to their senses now. Despite being told to stay in the country, Steve takes them to Nigeria. Ignoring the reality of the world around you in favor of deluding yourself of the rightness of your cause. Those operating under the Accords are more in touch with the public, they participate in social media, talk with people after meetings and find time to have Q&A sessions. Please consider turning it on! Sam is still telling himself that he did the right thing not giving in to pencil pushing bureaucrats who've never fought a battle in their lives. 9 - Bucky arrested at apartment, T'Challa shot, Steve dismissed. Marie blasts Steve after his impromptu interview goes viral against them, interpreted as a FY! They hear about a hostage situation in neighboring Uganda and suit up racing for the hanger with the kings jet, Wanda taking out guards along the way before Clint blasts through the door. Reporters assess each Team Cap member. They are as condescending as ever and he puts them in their place. The bonds in the Team grows stronger but one person doesn't seem to be able to change his views. Coulson tells Thor that Mjolnir's surge made Ultron; Sergeant Barnes has his say with Private Rogers; Wanda learns truth, understands mistakes stays with mutants. The military, courts, Pym and Laura will decide the fate of the others, though Fury wants Natasha. T'Challa talks to Wanda after Clint downplays, confines her to their area; a psychologist realizes Zemo isn't done; Shuri has no patience for Steve. Lang already began serving his nine years in San Francisco to be near his family; Wilson took the twenty year plea- deal; and after botching his own trial Barton takes a deal as well. New SI tech abounds in all fields and the news owners learn that Stark is off limits. It does not go the way they expect it to. Hope has a press conference where she takes responsibility for allowing Pym Tech to be used in such a manner. Barnes is awakened from cryo, disoriented but quickly realizing that time is up; he is brought back to the US. When Tony started to complain about it being Lokis fault and not theirs Fury silenced him with a … She meets another guest Daisy, a hacker, and a tiny bot named Alfie that likes to snuggle. Modern psych and tactical evaluations prove that Stark saved their butts repeatedly and "Captain America' is a fantasy all the way. Wanda is asked about her mental attack on the civilians rather than just asking them to leave the area, she attacks the reporters. Natasha's US citizenship is revoked and she is charged w/ treason for the Shield (US Dept Defense) leak; barred from Germany - avoid anywhere with extradition; charges in Germany and under Accords for letting fugitives escape - good argument of civilian casualties; UN wants her for Avengers but can only work outside US. I'm reading a few were Tony is treated badly by the team and they only use him for the place to live and upgrades but don't want to have anything to do with him socially. Vision admits Wanda is pursuing him, insincere apology w/ excuses, she's blameless; discuss how to subdue her if necessary. The idea to put the nuke in the portal wasn't a fruit of his genius, it was just what anyone would have done. Assault teams from several countries join War Machine, Vision, Widow and the airport is still a disaster; the stun darts take down Falcon, Hawkeye and Lang eventually with the mind stone and repulsors downing Witch; Widow prevents panther following the super soldiers. Wanda behaves herself as she plans an escape, which fails; her rants of killing everyone lead to the death penalty. 7 - Steve - counter-terrorism unit stops Rumlow, arrests Team Cap, forced to sign Accords and get trained, Rhodes in charge; Steve gets in army gets others killed; Steve gets in army, gets Bucky wounded, Bucky suicide. The charges are read to them and Sam starts to realize they're in trouble...and have public defenders. Steve and Sam hitch a ride to the U.N. bombing with Sharon; Natasha tells them to stay out of the hunts for Barnes and Sharon shares what little information she has which results in numerous injured LEOs at the building and a tunnel collapse killing a family, trapping/injuring others and delaying aide to other unrelated needs.

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