ATM fees are split between various parties or partners in the ATM ecosystem. The ATM business is easy to manage and operate, and you’re all but guaranteed a profit from your customers…that is, those that can find your machines. Through Columbus Data Services (CDS), all of our ATM placements come with real-time monitoring capabilities. The best guys hands down! Start an ATM Business . They would rather have someone else own the machine. Some people simply feel they do not have enough time to keep up with maintaining a machine. Lieberman Companies will work closely with you from site selection to installation. If its not used your money stays in the machine. There are many. Thank you! business that is seeking to expand on their existing routes. Copyright (c) 2018. It's that easy, we place your machine in a convenience store, supermarket, or other busy locations and all negotiated profits from transactions will be deposited in your. Your leads are now added to our ACFN Application, for easy access on your smart phone. We provide the ATM and the cash, and everyone earns a profit almost immediately. Install machine. Great service! Would you like more CASH business and less credit card business? Negotiate an agreement to provide an ATM. ATMs daily transaction activity and balances from your smart phone.... You receive 100% of the surcharge amount that you set on each transaction, All new machines come with warranty on parts (extended warranty and, service plans available) You load the cash in the ATM and the money withdrawn is. ATM FAQ's. All business interests are our primary concern. While, cash availability helps Government Agencies process transactions and operate effectively when accepting cash at the counter. Free Leads Service . Initially, the ATM is delivered and installed, programmed by one of our team members and we introduce you to the machine with a required onsite training session to go over proper procedure. Brochures. Free ATM placement can make having your own ATM machine an affordable and profitable business decision. Forms and Brochures . The fee-based service is typically used in high-volume locations. For more information about starting up your own ATM business, fill out the form below or call us at 952-887-5303. At some point, every person is going to need quick cash. Contact Us . With years of experience, you can rest assured that Express ATM understands and implements every detail that is required to maintain a reliable and profitable high volume ATM machine. Lieberman Companies will assign an account manager to share knowledge on finding an appropriate site, correspond with site on your behalf to estimate the potential success, and help with the location commission structure. Call us and we will see if anyone in our nationwide database is interested in supplying an ATM for your business. From New York and New Jersey to Southern California! Starting an ATM Business. Free ATM Placement Program Our free ATM Placement Program is best suited for high traffic locations looking for that “No Cost – Turnkey” free ATM solution. The more people who pass by your ATM, the more attention it receives, and the more attention it receives, the more money you make. Many business owners enjoy having an automated teller machine on their premises, but they may not want to purchase an atm machine themselves. Best of all, we can have your ATM … We support you with a total "turn key" operation. ATM Business Start-up Kit. Business owners receive a percentage of machine surcharges. Earning potential can be up to thousands of dollars every month. When your guests need access to cash, Hotel ATM's save them time and make you money by providing self-service banking and keeping your guests spending money on site. In return, you earn 50 percent of each transaction surcharge. Again, no matter which option you choose, you never pay for the machine itself. Business Owners: Do you want to increase sales and attract more business? Special Package: Total package plan starting @ $5,000  includes total setup, install and processing. Many business owners enjoy having an automated teller machine on their premises, but they may not want to purchase an atm … We, provide a reliable processing platform for you or your customers' ATMs with 24/7 real-time reporting alerts that can be. - You will receive a full report of all qualified locations that are available in your geographical area, -  City and Zip code mapping for location radius, Email:                         Support: 954-740-7277, Supermarket ABC does 15 atm withdrawals a day, 15 withdrawals/day x $2.90/per transaction = $43.50/day x 30 days =, You would have to establish location(s) by purchasing our, Your ATM locations will have to be in place for a. minimum of 2-3 months to show true transaction performance or income from ATM. Bring the convenience of a bank to your premises. Some business owners choose to participate in our National ATM Wholesales ATM Partnership Program. Contact an Express ATM customer service representative today. A qualified ATM Location (Unlimited Qualified Leads) Professional Installation., LLC offers ATM processing, ATM sales and ATM placement services for merchants in need of an ATM machine. The Sales Manager does a great job with keeping relationships with the customers and making sure we are taken care of! You simply provide the location. Forms and Brochures . We Are Invested In Your Success toll free 888-336-4872. Which make and model? When you talk to us about placement, we will discuss your cash vaulting options. a) must generate at least 500 ATM transactions per month Some businesses elect not to receive part of the surcharge revenue. Does operating your own ATM machine sound a little overwhelming? Free ATM Placement . Making Money with ATMs. Our free analysis will help determine your location needs and find ways to cost-effectively provide ATM access. Businesses that meet these initial conditions qualify for one of the following plans: Sporting arenas, stadiums, convention centers, large nightclubs, or similar locations seeking an ATM, call or contact us and we will review what options you have. However, you use your own cash to vault the machine. Initially, the ATM is delivered and installed, programmed by one of our team members and we introduce you to the machine with a required onsite training session to go over proper procedure. Figuring out what is the best type of ATM for your locations is an important decision you’ll need to make. Process : Atms Locator will provide you the ATM of your choice, new or used readay to make you money. I had no idea what I was doing when I was looking for an ATM service company.

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