She does dig sometimes in the back yard and is always bringing in small twigs. Loves the neighborhood small children. I have a 90 lb German Shepard Husky. They get along for the most part, but they are dogs. One minute the corgi will be nipping at her and the next the are cuddled up sleeping together. I don’t feel that you disparage them in the least. The chihuahua is a rescue and refuses to pee outside. 7 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Pomsky, The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Pomsky Breeders. Yea we had a chihuahua mix and never again. Some look like miniature huskies and others not at all. The Pomsky is a cross of the Siberian husky and the Pomeranian, also known as the Pomeranian Husky Mix. Most Pomeranian Husky breeders say they only breed Pomeranians with no such behavioral problems, but I’m still not sure if it’s a good idea to take this risk. (He’s 10 months now) He’s quite the opposite of a lot of things listed here. Do pomskies cope with heat? Pomski dogs r not a suitable match for 50+ dog owners! That does not mean that it is a certainty, but even if there is a small chance of it, it shows be mentioned. 17 pounds with husky markings, closer to husky fluff than Pom fluff, more Pom face than husky face; built like a small fluffy husky. The American Pomsky Kennel Club is the unification of like minded breeders who will further the breed by adding in another line. They’re both lap dogs and we love them both. But our little girl Macey loves everyone even kids!! She was easily house trained & is really good with kids and other animals. The American Pomsky Kennel Club will primarily be on hiatus until the results of an ongoing legal issue that is currently being addressed. It is surprisingly difficult to find detailed information on the Pomsky. I love her soooo much! Probably your passion is strong enough and you are ready to own one. We both work, so for now she is in a crate during the day, and when it is time to go in her crate, she walks right in and settles down immediately. Regarding this article: the main goal is to give a potential buyer a full picture and information to look from all sides. I have a one year old beautiful male pomsky. All dogs have ups and downs. I had two TFT terriers, Pip the single-coated shed reasonably, Billy the double-coated terrier shed clouds of fur. He will always share his food, water, and toys. She is full of personality and is constantly happy. Requires alot of grooming also. It merely states that DOGS-Cost money, need excersise, shed, bark, and need attention. Pomskies are obtained through artificial insemination, always using a Husky mother and a Pomeranian father, to avoid health complications caused by a small mother giving birth to puppies that are too large. The article gave me ideas but to criticize it, just keep researching. you work too much, and you can’t afford a pet walker or dog daycare; you live in a small apartment, with no yard and little space for your dog to burn her energy. The addition of one of these breeds will enhance the overall look and temperament of the Pomsky while allowing us to move forward with AKC recognition. They play, eat and sleep together. What can i do to meet him before i buy a puppy… She may also become overprotective when it comes to you and your family, as the Pomsky has good watchdog abilities, but this can lead to her barking every time someone approaches. : ). I’ve got 2 kids and a Pomeranian. By now you most probably have an idea of what getting a Pomsky means, so it’s time to ask yourself if such a dog is the right match for you. The company's filing status is listed as A - Active and its File Number is 1059094. She is a “smooth coat” with shorter but dense silky fur. Now 17 pounds. She has been nothing but sweet and loving with my kids. Pip seldom liked anybody, I still have a scar on the back of my hand as he bit me the day we met. Page for Breed Club Members & Pomsky Enthusiasts. It took us every bit of 3 months to stop threatening wolf rescue. Size – she is larger – almost 40 pounds. I was led to believe she would be about 22 pounds when fully grown. Unfortunately, that’s something you can’t know for sure when you buy a cute little Pomsky puppy. We tell, that you should have a deeper look into its characteristics. Almost never barks , which is funny. One was a grump and the other a teeny tiny sweetie. She’s 6 months old now and weights 30 lbs. He is also ill-tempered and snappy. But he is unique and so beautiful. I have a Shiba Inu who will be turning 10 in February. He is also very entertaining! So far he is very healthy. Pomsky owners can call themselves pioneers, 2. They are very playful. I just love him to pieces. Luna escapes but then tries to get back in, I think it is just the challenge of escaping. They are both sweet and lovable girls. No Pomeranian traits on the appearance of this dog! She’s cute but small dogs are not for me personally and I dislike that my brother felt the need to buy a house he couldn’t afford just so his dog could have a yard! A nightmare. The good news is in the following years you’re going to pay a little less than $2,000 per year: For now, Pomskies haven’t registered too many hereditary health problems, being prone only to eye disorders (common with both parent breeds), allergies and skin problems. He 29 lbs and a lap dog he loves to sit in our lap and sleep. Besides the physical activities she also needs mental stimulation, as she’s very intelligent, so you’ll have to come up with games and special dog toys to keep her entertained. Will these two dogs get along? He is not at all jealous or territorial. She is the 2nd dog I have had. My first Shepherd grew up as I did and wanted to be where I was at all times. It’s too cold in the winter that we can’t take them out so long but they manage to play enough to make them tired. As much as I wish that he would live forever, I know that this is unrealistic. Love my Pomsky he is the best yes he sheds what dog doesn’t. The Pomsky, a.k.a. He also got twice as big as we were told he’s now 40-45 lbs, he’s also blonde & has brown eyes but built like the husky. She is a blast. Here are some photos of Pomsky found on the internet: Maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s not that far from the truth. I just have to take the time to get them out and about. He is well-behaved, and well-socialized but that took consistent training. Thank you for this article. Yes, all mammals shed, however some stupendously more than others. For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form: © 2019 by American Pomsky Kennel Club. I am a Pomsky owner . They lose hair, just as you and I lose hair, but I’m not sure about you, but I do not shed my headful of hair in mass amounts during a season or lose it by the brush-ful each time I brush. We live in the country and she has learned the boundaries of our property, and when we let her off the leash, she stays nearby unless we give her permission to take off. thanks for the info. ALL DOGS share these drawbacks, don’t let this person’s inexperienced opinion fool you into not buying a dog. Leave a comment below and share your opinion with us. From where did you buy it if you don’t mind me asking? Our pomsky is very intelligent, well behaved, and affectionate. I don’t have a dog yet but all of those comments are really good thing about dogs. male Pomsky. So if you want to have a healthy Pomsky puppy with certified origins, you should buy it from a person who puts their dogs’ health before personal profits. She never growls at anyone and never bites. Always white or cream, the Eskimo is a medium sized dog with triangular ears and black points. American Pomsky Kennel Club Inc is a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation filed on April 10, 2019. All dogs are different, although I would say that in my experience Pomskys are greart with children. Furthermore, they’re afraid that the growing popularity of these dogs will generate too many puppies before we know enough about the risks of breeding such unique dogs. The same reason we wanted a dog. Living doable. They’ll want to go everywhere with you. They have totally different personalities but both are loving and definitely not aggressive. You might also want to check out our German Shepherd Husky mix review, We were given a Pomsky and she had the best temperament ! I’ve owned Pomeranian and loved them dearly. Dogs all have different personality traits and temperaments just like people do. Full of energy too. I have a F1 (50/50) female pomsky (15 mos.) Good for you for knowing every possible outcome that can occur when you mix 2 different breeds and congratulations for getting the perfect dog. I have two Siberian Huskies. Loves kids , wouldn’t swap him for the world, we recently rescued another dog and he’s so patient with her , even though she can be a bit bossy , he is so tolerant – pomskys make wonderful family members –. These dogs are very intelligent, but they inherit their parents’ temperaments and can be significantly harder to train than other dogs. Too many pets, especially the more challenging breeds end up in shelters because the owner was not prepared for their temperament or breed specific challenges. Mine has an excellent temperament as a result of excellent breeding. They definitely need a lot of interaction, but will be content with down time as well. When we bought our pomsky I hoped she would be no larger than 30 lbs. Best of luck. They do not look alike at all. A kiddie pool or swimming pool are good as both will get in to cool off and even swim a bit. All animals are only as good as they are taught with love and discipline. She’s just shy of 17 pounds, plenty of energy but well-behaved.

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