Starboard wing collapsing between engines, pilot Col James Gilson, C/O of the 779th BS and nine other crew members were KIA [killed in action], one waist gunner was thrown... B-24 Liberator offer you, our visitor, such a rich and varied collection of Gilson crew. Rosh Crosby served as a co-pilot with the 778th Bomb Squadron of the 464th Bomb Group, flying missions out of Pantanella airfield, Italy. Air Echelon | | Roster The Group newsletter publishing and Bombardment Wing, Fifteenth Air Force during World War II. Howard R. Carlson followed his brother (Gilbert Carlson) into the Air Corps on 23 Feb 1943 and was stationed in Italy (1944-45) where he was a co-pilot on a B-24 Liberator with the 464th Bomb Group, 778th BS, 15th Air Force. "'>"); Home | Military | First Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 464th Bomb Group continued newsletter publications. owners and have been used here with written permission. Links. Pantanella Airfield, Italy, c. 1 Jun 1944-c. May 1945. The 464th flew long-range missions to attack such objectives as marshalling yards, oil refineries, oil storage facilities, aircraft factories, and chemical plants in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, Rumania, Yugoslavia, and Greece. Bomb falls from a 55 BW, 15th AF, B-24. Fortunately many B-24 type air crews survived to return and fly again unless they were captured or interned in a neutral nation. Drawing/ cartoon in a diary belonging to S/Sgt Raymond J. O'Connon of B24 42-78340 Butch M'Love. Lost Feb 5, 1945, Germany. Starboard wing collapsing between engines; crashed Lugo, Italy 10-Apr-45, Killed in Action (KIA) MACR 13711. Do you have WWII memorabilia that you are not sure what to do with it? 1Lt Alvin Scott Kidd, Jr Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster and Purple Heart... B-24J-20-FO 464th BG, 15th AF mailing expense & other costs are funded by contributions only. The children don't want it? The 15th AF primary function was Strategic Bombardment of Italy, France, Germany,Romania,Hungary,Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Yugoslavia and Greece. The Air Echelon departed by air on 21 February 1944 for the staging area at AAB, Lincoln, Nebraska. Gioia, Italy, 21 Apr 1944 pictoral story of her fate. B-24 Liberator Military | Captain | Co-pilot | 464th Bomb Group The 464th Bomb Group Association Veterans Edmund Au- brey, James Corr, Champ Vinet and Carl … 44-48880 BATCHELOR 's ROOST, 44-48880 B-24J-20-FO 15th AF 464th BG BATCHELOR 's ROOST. John R. Gottschalk (776th) and Robert N. Hoskinson (778th). Standing (L to R): Stanley Dyer, co-pilot; James Lemon, pilot; Allan Sanderson, navigator; David Pingrey, bombardier. Col Marshall Bonner, 2 Sep 1943 After training at Oudna, the Group flew to temporary Base at Gioia del Cole, Italy on 21 April 1944 and flew their first combat mission on 30 April 1944 with the Marshalling Yards at Castel Maggiore, Italy as the Group's first combat target. "https://secure." Trained for combat with B-24's, then moved to the Mediterranean theater, February-April 1944, with the air echelon training for a few weeks in Tunisia before joining the remainder of the group … these fine gentlemen as my friends. : "http://www. This brief history was reproduced with the permission of Tony Schneider, Secretary/NL Editor (464th, 776), from the 464th 2000 Reunion booklet . Deployed to Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO), October 1943, becoming a Fifteenth Air Force heavy bomb squadron,... Squadron Established as a B-24 Liberator heavy bomber squadron in mid-1943, trained under Second Air Force. doesn’t ask members for annual dues. From Lincoln, aircraft crews took off singly for their overseas destination, via Morrison Field, Florida, Borinquen, Puerto Rico, Atkinson, British New Guiana, Belem and Natal, Brazil, Dakar, Marrakech and Oudna, Africa. "); 15th Air Force. Courtesy of 776th Radar Navigator John Gottschalk. Deployed to Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO), October 1943, becoming a Fifteenth Air Force heavy bomb squadron, attacking enemy targets both in... Military | Technical Sergeant (2nd Grade) | Engineer | 464th Bomb Group Ground Echelon | The first personnel were assigned to the Group on 26 August 1943. Began operations … Abbott was last seen manning one of the waist... Military | First Lieutenant | Bombardier | 464th Bomb Group Shot down near Spinazzola, Italy, on 4 March 1945, Distinguished Unit Citations; Vienna, Austria, 8 Jul 1944; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Military | Colonel | Group Commander - Pilot | 464th Bomb Group. Last Sortie | All photographic images contained herein are the Handwritten caption on reverse: '464BG, 15AF. Forty five people including four veterans and family members of eight fallen heroes attended our first combined bomb group reunion. 778th: 1943-1945. He attended high school for 4 years and was a Salesperson. Suffered direct flak hit on a 'milk run'. The 464th Bombardment Group (H), consisting of HQS, the 776th, 777th, 778th and 779th Bombardment Squadrons, was activated at Wendover Field, Utah, on 1 August 1943. (1) Typing and Transcriptionists: One of our big projects is extracting data from the thousands of documents we have and putting this data into a database where we can display the information on a website such as this one. Wendover Field, Utah, 1 Aug 1943 The American Air Museum is a charity - Find out how you can support us. With two engines shot up, they... Military | Sergeant | Gunner | 464th Bomb Group On the 17th October 1944, whilst on route from Pantanella, Italy to bomb an ordnance factory South of Vienna, 1st Lieutenant Abrams plane, B24-J Liberator, (Lively Lady), was hit by flak. Colonel Sylvan D. Hand, the Deputy Group Commander, was lost on the second combat mission, the target being the Parma West Marshalling Yards, Italy on 2 May 1944. The group entered combat in April 1944 and spent most of its time taking part in the strategic bombing offensive. Stories | last resort' Second handwritten caption on reverse: '100th BG 8th Air Force.' Crew returned. We hope you will find this information useful and enjoyable. Visit our 15th Air Force Honor Project with rosters of servicemen who served in the groups of the 15th. Lt. 210 completed combat sorties were flown with a loss of 138 aircraft. Tail markings black and yellow. Newsletters | Starboard wing collapsing between engines; crashed Lugo, Italy 10-Apr-45, Killed in Action (KIA) MACR... B-24 Liberator The first training was received at AAFSAT, Orlando, Florida during the month of September, 1943, where Lt. Critically injured in a parachute jump after plane malfunction, Military | Second Lieutenant | Co-Pilot | 464th Bomb Group. Are you an AAC, AAF or USAF Veteran, family member, historian or WW2 enthusiast? Bombardment Group. Received a Distinguished Unit Citation (DUC) for leading the 55th Wing in compact formation through heavy opposition to bomb marshalling yards and an oil refinery at Vienna on 8 Jul 1944. (2) Photography and Document Scanning. the 464th fit into the structure of the Fifteenth Air Force, Abrams was believed to have been killed instantly on the flight... Military | Technical Sergeant | Engineer | 464th Bomb Group. This website is part of the Army Air Corps Library and Museum, and as a 501(c)(3) Non-profit, your qualifying donations are tax deductible. Colonel Marshall Bonner assumed command. of the 15th Air Force in Italy in November 1943, and two months later 3 Jan 1944; with 13 Combat Ready Heavy Bomb Groups became commander of the Mediterranean Allied Strategic Air Forces. Colonel Charles F. McKenna III, was appointed Deputy Group Commander on 30 May 1944. A B-24 Liberator of the 464th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force drops a bomb on its target below. The 464th Bomb Group 2017 New Orleans reunion was an- other truly memorable event. This mission cost one of their units, the 464 th Bomb Group, five crews. Photo source: Kidd Family tree. Robert Hoskinson (778th) has compiled a 777th: 1943-1945. Then let us help you preserve this history by donating these items to the Army Air Corps Library and Museum., Copyright, Army Air Corps Library and Museum, Inc., All Rights Reserved. Pantanella Airfield, Italy, Mar 1944 Fifteenth Air Force website showing the units of the Fifteenth Air Colonel A. L. Schroeder was appointed Group Commanding Officer on 30 June 1944. document.write("