And you descended to the earth, wounded. Ufc 248 Replay, Salutations be upon you, the salutation of the one who recognizes your honor (able position), one who is sincere in your Wilayat, one who seeks nearness to Allah through your love. Your path was firm, benevolent among the creatures, greatest for every excellence, respectable with regard to the lineage. Assalaamo a'la-l H'usain il ladi samah'at nafsohu be muhjatehi. Thummaq taz"aakal ilmo lil inkare wala zemaka an tujaahedal fujjara fasirta fi aulaadeka wa ahaaleka wa shia'teka wa mawaaleeka wa s'ada'ta bil h'aqqe wal baiyyenate wa daa'ota illallahe bil h'ikmate wal maue'z'atil h.asanate wa amarta be iqaamatil h'odude wat'taa'te lil ma'boode wa nahaita a'nil khabaaethe wat'tughyaane wa waajahooka biz'z'ulme wal u'dqane. By Your Mercy O the most Merciful of all the merciful ones. Peace be upon Uzair (a.s.), whom Allah brought to life after his death. Susan Rice Son And Daughter, No tag on any scoop yet.Flag as inappropriate. Shazam Movie Sinbad Full Movie, ... Ziarat e Ashura With Urdu Translation. Wild Kratts Season 6 Episode 3, success in your place of audience. Proudly created with, © 2023 by Dog Walking by Nicole. Be reh'mateka ya arh'amar rah'emin'. Peace be upon the one who camped at Karbala. Your perfection was at its peak and you had an exalted position for your several Excellencies. I don't have a Facebook or a Twitter account. So when the enemies saw you to be resolute and fearless they began to plot and lay traps for you and began to fight with you with the cunning and mischief. Mega Man Zx Advent Potted Plant, Wa be akheehel wabna a'mmehil anzai'l bat'eenil a'alamil makeene A'liyyin Amiril momineena wa be Fat'emata Sayyedate nisaa il a'alameena wa bil H'asan iz zakiye i's'matil muttaqeena wa be abi A'bdillahil H'usaine akramil mustashhadeena wa be auladehil maqtooleena wa be i'tratehil maz'loomeena wabe A'li yibnil H'usaine Zainil A'abedin Wa Moh'ammed ibn e A'liyin qiblatil 'awwaabeena wa Ja'far ibne Moh'ammedin as'daqis S'aadeqin, wa Musa ibne Ja'farin muz'heril baraaheena wa A'li-yibne Musa naas'eriddeene wa Muh'ammad ibne A'liyyin qudwatil mohtadeen wa A'li ibne Muh'ammadin azhadiz-zaahedeena wal H'asan ibne A 'Iiyin waarethil mustakhlafeena wal H'ujjate a"al khalqe a'jmaee'na' An tus'alleya a'la Muh'ammedin wa aale Muh'ammadiis'saadeqeenal abarreena aale t'ahaa wa yaasiin wa an taja'lani fil qiyaamate minal aameneena-1 mut'maenneenal faaezeena-1 fareh'eenal mustabshereena, Allahummak tubni fil muslemeena wa alh'iqni bis's'aaleh'eena waj a'lli lesaana s'idqe fil By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. Assalaamo a'layka ya maulaya wa a'lal malaaekat il marfufeena h'aula qubbatekal h'aaffeena be turbatekat't'aaefeena be a'rs'atekal waaredeena le ziyarateka. Assalaamo sayyed-il aws'eya-e' Assalaamo ala-bne Fatemataz Zahra.Assalaamo a'la-bne Khadijatal-Kubra. Qad rashah'a lil maute jabeenoka wakhtalafat bil inqebaz"e wal imbesaat'e shemaaloka wa yameenoka todeero farfan khafeeyan ila rah'leka wa baiteka wa qad shoghilta benafseka a'n waladeka wa ahaaleeka wa asraa' farasuka shaaredan ila kheyaameka qaasedan Muh'amh'eman baakeyan. Peace be upon the Proof of the Lord of the worlds. HOME. Assalaamo a'la man hotekat h'urmatohu. And Mecca and it's buildings and Paradise and it's young male servants and Kaaba and the Maqaam-e-Ibrahim and "Hill" and "haram" all began to sob. Peace be upon the lips. Assalaamo a'la-d demaae-s saaelaat Assalaamo a'la-1 aa'z"aael muqat't'ea't. How To Make Sticky Tire Compound, Harbercraft Boats For Sale Craigslist, Peace be upon the bodies that were hung after being killed. O Allah! And Your family and your devotees have been harassed, and killed. Tears of Blood.. For that reason, it is known as the Ziyarat that was issued from the sacred side (Ziyarat al-Nahiya al-Muqaddasa).

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