Their way of communication is gravitational waves. Jacen Solo, Anakin's brother, succeeded in destroying the voxyn "queen" and the irreplaceable voxyn genetic data, but many Jedi and Yuuzhan Vong were killed. The cost of the actions of the Yuuzhan Vong was very dear to the Star Wars galaxy. Subscribe. They were developed from vornskyr stock from the planet Myrkr. Their homeworld was at first in a different galaxy and … A notable Intendant assigned to this task was Nom Anor. However, they could live up to twice that long, as the Baanu Miir proves (see history for more about the Bannu Miir). The weapons of a Kor Chokk consisted of 120 plasma projectors, Dovin Basals and an interdiction field that could severely damage enemy vessels. Yuuzhan Vong should win every space engagement no problem, especially using black holes to tank the Borg attacks. They surrender and are placed under the living planet Zonama Sekot's jurisdiction. Their most prominent role is in the New Jedi Order series of novels, of which they are the main antagonists. Once the master of an amphistaff is deceased, the staff will continue attacking the assailant until either of them is dead. When one dhuryam remains, from either killing its siblings or by some other method, it assumes direct control over Yuuzhan'tar. The A-Uek Iiluunu is a bioship made from yorik coral that can carry 200 coralskippers, which are attached by fishlike projections. The Sh'rip Sh'pa is a cruiser that carries the supplies and equipment needed for terraforming captured worlds. Further, it is far more offensively powerful, capable of launching a devastating ball of plasma from its jaw. The Yorik-Stronha is a bioship that resembles an asteroid and is used as a spy ship. This article is a collection of Vehicles produced for or widely used by The Yuuzhan Vong Empire and their respective eras in which they are present. Usage They are the only known alien species in the Star Wars universe to have originated outside the Star Wars galaxy. But during the Battle of Helska IV, the yammosk and almost the whole fleet were destroyed, leaving only rogue elements inside the galaxy. The vangaal trawlers that appeared in the NJO novel Edge of Victory I: Conquest were use to gather fish and other aquatic life. Width War freighters used to transport massive amounts of cargo, and critical to Yuuzhan Vong terraforming techniques. The Dweebits are small beatles the quickly multiply. As a result of these grafts, the most powerful of these cruisers become a massive and terrifying sight. Yuuzhan Vong Scout ship is used for gather intelligence for possible galaxies to conquer. Dovin basals could also be used to propel the worldship by projecting gravity wells to drag Yuuzhan Vong ships through the interstellar void.

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