This is because if the victim does not follow the company’s procedure, it is very likely for him to lose in court. The management can also combat sexual harassment by organizing occasional lessons to their employees to teach them about sexual harassment policies. Often, the victims can terminate their work contract to avoid the perpetuation of sexual harassment on them and the hostile working environment. It jeopardizes the mental and emotional health of the victim, which resultantly leads the victim to succumb to low self-esteem and even affect the various personal relationships of the victim with different people. Due to their different sexual orientation, they face the violence, teasing and molestations. In this case, the preventive steps apply to cases to do with sexual harassment in the different workplaces. However, a significant number of people have provided reports pointing to being harassed in the workplace. When a victim of sexual harassment undergo mental and emotional issues, this leads to illnesses such as high blood pressure, weakened the immune system, loss of appetite, headaches, sleep disturbances, and weight fluctuations (Ishak, 2012). The controversial nature of this sexual harassment essay will also have to reflect on your thesis statement. The problem of sexual harassment has become a pervasive issue for a considerable number of women around the world. Create the most relevant content for your thesis paper. In some incidences, men feel stressed after giving their best to the organization; they merely get any recognition where else a woman who demonstrates some little efforts is gets to be recognized over them. In conclusion, sexual harassment is a very negative issue in organizational culture. Given that women are spending an increasing amount of time with clients, It should be highly avoided or prevented to ensure continued growth of an organization. Thxough a survey of 214 female University employees, a mode1 of sexual harassment focusing on various contributors and outcornes as they relate to different types O£ harassment was investigated. Everything in your essay on sexual harassment has to succinctly fit into your thesis statement - nothing more, nothing less. It is a form of workplace discrimination. Thus, to write the thesis paper or thesis statement on sexual harassment, you have to find out the accurate statistics. Flexibility is key to your thesis statement. Reduction in productivity of a firm greatly affects the productivity of a firm, therefore, the firm experiences slow growth (Heather McLaughlin, 2012) (Gutek, 2012). Your financial data is encrypted, safe, and will remain strictly confidential - this is our unbreakable WOW! Following either the acceptance or rejection of the advances by the subordinate/ student, it then leads to a promotion or demotion, an employment gain or loss, success or failure in specific academic courses. Instead, it is a claim which will provoke thoughts and incite oppositions. All these reasons result in the increasing risk of sexual violence. Since employers are responsible for controlling organizations, they are the only ones that can reverse the undesirable effects emanating from sexual harassment. Women are more susceptible to sexual harassment because they are usually given jobs in insecure positions, while also they lack power (By Kumar, 2015). We accept sample papers from students via the submission form. When an employee is exposed to a hostile work environment he should seek legal actions if he feels s that the conduct was unwelcome, based on sex and enough to create an offensive or abusive working environment (Heather McLaughlin, 2012). A considerable few of the victims at times suffer more severe career consequences such as losing job references. Some men are raised with a macho attitude which makes them believe that they are entitled to any woman. Since this issue is considered as the most violating and intimidating form of violence, many countries came up with laws to help detect this problem. There is therefore need for different teaching methods and health promotion strategies. Most of the victims do not report against the criminals at the right time. Society and mental health,1(2), 89-105. WowEssays, Oct 09, 2020. The college professors also assign their students to write the best thesis statement about sexual harassment. If this essay belongs to you and you no longer want us to display it, you can put a claim on it and we will remove it. Houle et al. For this reason, when staffs follow clear formal policies set for preventing sexual harassment, an organization is likely to prevent the economic costs mentioned above. The stress of trying to get work done on time, trying to deal with each personality and attitude should not be compounded with sexual harassment. With all our efforts, you can compose the best thesis about sexual harassment. The common form of sexual harassment is sexual manipulation of women in junior positions by their seniors. After reading these basics of sexual harassment, it shouldn't be so hard to have a structure and a plan for your sexual harassment essay. Sexual harassment can affect the mental and emotional welfare of an individual. Your thesis papers have to encourage the readers to take all these steps. Empirical data based on interviews is used to explore threethemes: (i) the characters of the workplace sexual harassment and bullying discourses; (ii)men's and women's experiences of workplace bullying and sexual harassment; and (iii)how both the workplace bullying and sexual harassment of men and women isunderpinned by gender prejudice.My main data source is sixty men's and women's accounts of cross-sex or same-sexworkplace bullying and/or sexual harassment in professional/managerial and subordinatejobs, produced in fifty qualitative, in-depth interviews and ten questionnaires.I show that many women embrace the workplace sexual harassment discourse to condemnunwanted male sexual conduct and many workers deploy the workplace bullying discourseto problematise a range of experiences previously understood as parts of the socialrelations of work. It is important to hold such operations since it gives employees the leeway to articulate themselves and address any issues that have been affecting them. Thus, you must not miss out these factors to write an informative thesis. Employers bear the greater responsibility of acting against this issue. Some of the common harassments include-. To compose the body of your thesis paper, you have to give detailed information on both these categories. Published Oct 09, 2020. So management needs to ensure that they protect their employees from any form of sexual harassment. I'm fine with missing my deadline, WowEssays. ©hA(-à#Ú i¬ÞK#>@$åQI%úˆªˆ„j°Z©kA0ÔÿðܙÙí`ŠéoÙ;÷qî9ßù͝9+„ðs«À}HD¿„j_¤^Òm[ÿ%CªPVžþ;ÁùR–ßÁ˜A These topics may be related to their academic subjects or some issues in the society. These problems can include sleep disturbances, headaches, weight fluctuations, and loss of appetite. [Accessed November 05, 2020]. There is another relevant thing to be written on the thesis. Thus, to write the thesis paper or thesis statement on sexual harassment, you have to find out the accurate statistics. The broad subject matter of sexual harassment is limited to a particular concern - sexual harassment in the workplace. It is completely different. Businesses deal with employees from a variety of cultures. However, when female employees dress decently, the chances of being manipulated by people sexually are slimmed. However, the issue affects the economic and social status as well as the psychological or physical health of a considerable number of victims. Don't waste time. An organization’s management and all employers must make an assertion in the organization about the unacceptability of sexual harassment. Retrieved November 05, 2020, from The writer's arguments will be centered around the main issues of power, authority, and intimidation. Sexual harassment at the workplace: Emerging problems and debates.Economic and Political Weekly, 4491-4494. From the assertive tone of the above sexual harassment thesis statement, the reader can identify the writer's stance immediately. In fact, in some cases, the harasser can be in a lower position like a student harassing a lecturer or an employee harassing a CEO. Your readers will also have interest in the content. Get help with 11% off using code -, No, thanks! You can't write an essay on sexual harassment nor can you develop a perfect thesis statement without some fundamental knowledge about sexual harassment. Introduction Diversity in patients and societies mean that they have different medical needs and risk factors. On the persistence of sexual harassment in the workplace.In Women in Corporate Management (pp. A strong sexual harassment thesis statement will have a large import on your essay, and so it is essential that you get it right. When it proves impossible for a victim to end sexual harassment, he should check on the policies that the company has laid down to address the issue (By Kumar, 2015). Baugh, S. G. (1997). The claims of quid pro quo may turn up at any time. There are various other reasons behind these instances. Trained supervisors, whose work will be to ask relevant questions to the employees and stand as recipients of any sexual harassment concerns, can easily execute such a motive.

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