Question here is hollow point safer for this kind of shooting, or is this another attempt to shut another range down with some back door gun control? I have an older video about Wolf that addresses this issue. This ammo produces Muzzle velocity of 3,240 feet per second. Rifle extractors have a harder time than many pistol extractors since the claw on the rifle snaps over the rim of the case (whereas a pistol is often times designed to have the rim slide up under the extractor vs. snapping over it). Fax: +88-02-8125652 My only about you is, I’m still waiting for that shooting video of you and the other nice folks after y’all visited “The Compound” in TN! I now use ammo cans (with gasket) or store in my safe (with heating rod). My grief with steel-cased ammo (especially pistol rounds)- reloading is not an option, but, more importantly, indoor ranges won’t allow the rounds with steel in the jacket, regardless of safety. The only significant problems I’ve had with wolf is the casing rusting if not properly stored. It patterned very tightly with Federal’s 000 buckshot Handgun ammo, and was an impressive close-range self-defense gun. The FNSCAR is piston operated; typically the bolt and carrier are not exposed to gases. Mahi International For high round counts and plinking, steel makes sense. Many range officers will grab a round and connect it to a magnet, thus “proving” it is steel core and forcing you to either buy their stuff, or leave. Fairly accurate, too. 1. After about 500 rounds and some serious cleaning, it purrs like a kitten. 3. New Wolf Ammo Products – Brass cased 5.56x45mm! Shotgun Magazine Extensions; Shotgun … This is boxer primed so the brass is reloadable. i’ve had the sigma since feb. and fed it about a 1000 rounds of a wide mix of brass cased ammo without a hiccup. I know you mentioned the steel getting hot and might have problems if you don’t have a chrome lined chamber. The lacquer and polymer myths need to die. I would buy more of the bulk ammo when I can find it in stock. I think a lot of AR owners aren’t properly cleaning the factory snot from their weapons before they go Rambo at the range. Never any ignition problems, and it has no problem cycling or ejecting. Required fields are marked *. I have a chrome lined stag arms 5.56 AR upper and had a Wolf steel case that got stuck in my chamber after about 100 rounds down range. So long as there is no corrosion due to salts I think overall it is ok. Had one case land on my arm – still can see the scar a year and a half later. I am no expert just a guy who shot 3000 rounds of steel case ammo and made the aforementioned observations. Amongst all of us, this happened pretty frequently. You cannot say ammo is crap because the pistol isn’t capable of working with multiple types of ammunition. Wolf 300 Blackout 145 Grain Ammunition Review. I can’t say the same for Tulammo with their hard primers. !. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. It’s pretty easy to stock up on M193 and M855. Wolf has worked fine for me in 9×18 & 7.62×39. Nice to see you here in TTAG Sturm. Dear sir/Madam, One concern that had made me toss a few rounds is the jacket of the bullet riding over the mouth of the case like it was just a bit to tight… total 3-4 rounds in 250ish all wally world. Saiga Shotguns ; Saiga-12 ; Wolf Buckshot Review Wolf Buckshot Review. Wolf Gold 223 55 grain ammo is brass cased with a full metal copper jacket, making it safe to shoot indoors, 2. No failures or issues, our guns consistently eat this Wolf 223 up. If you only firer top of the line ammo in your weapon, how do you know it will firer any ammo when you really need it to. I’ve fired nothing but Chinese surplus and Wolf out of it, and I’ve NEVER had a malfunction. It even seems adiquet for short range 3 gun and certainly plinking. Shot about 50 rounds through it. i don’t know if that’s true but why risk it. I once offered to pull a bullet and cut it open to show the cretin there was no steel core, but he refused. Easy-peasy, no bending required. The long awaited Wolf Ammunition 300 blackout is finally here! Wolf also has their “Gold” brand which I will talk about more in the future. I certainly got better at shooting. On the other hand, they are far behind, but evidently there is no chronological order in which they deliver. Great accuracy, reliability, and price have made this the most popular 223 ammo we sell! I leave, as I do not suffer idiots gladly. Being I shot 3000 rounds of Wolf and TulAmmo out of my Colt AR15. Sorry I’m late to the party, but I wanted to add something that I haven’t seen addressed yet. When we first started selling Wolf Gold 223, customers would constant ask us, is this stuff any good? I ended up emailing Armalite to double check because I saw someone in a forum having problems. Also some weapons need to be broken in first before they can run everything reliably. Hickok45 posted the only video of our gathering that was shot during our visit to the Compound. Not so. I will not own a picky gun if it won’t eat what I feed it I won’t own it. This new steel ammo ran flawlessly through all three tests with one caveat, we had to use 300 blackout magazines. Dynobel or Dynomat or something. Your email address will not be published. Friends don’t let friends shoot Wolf ammo. Against my better judgment I paid them, but should have contacted my card company and cancelled the order. Sure it’s dirty, but after a normal range outing isn’t all ammo dirty? It’s hard to change perceptions once they’ve become ingrained. 3 misfires out of 3000 rounds. Glad to see that the kind folks here appreciate the quality of your work enough to reference it. The bottom line — test several shotgun loads, pattern them on target and understand how the shotgun patterns. Remington Serial Number Lookup; Italian Firearms Year of Manufacture Look Up; Glock Serial (Barrel) Number Lookup; Reviews. The problem is that it’s hygroscopic and attracts water from the air to the bore. Just a side note, Wolf no longer contracts through Tula for ammo. This particular range is indoor if that helps. Simply put, the Wolf Gold 223 is awesome. they all work. the only reason i don’t use wolf in my sigma 9 is i’ve heard that it wears the extractors more than brass. I have a Russian made(1924 Izvhesk Ordanance Factory) Mosin Nagant 91/30 and I won’t shoot anything but the Wolf Gold Match 7.62z54R through it unless I am shooting my own handloads. It’s all pretty “dirty” stuff and the tula smells terrible, but it hasn’t failed me yet. Usually steel cased ammo has a steel core bullet, which is harder on range backstops inside and more likely to cause fires outside. You’ve obviously shot a lot of this stuff in testing. Steel-case ammo is great for another reason–cleanup. Ouch. There are plenty of places to shoot. I have run literally thousands of rounds of Wolf Ammo in .45ACP, 9mm, 7.62z39 and 7.62x54R through my weapons and never had a problem with it. I emailed back and asked why is that and they said plenty of people use it and it’s fine but most likely it’s going to scratch your barrel so if you don’t mind that then go ahead. Minor quibble. We all shoot the steel product for outdoor pinking because its roughly 30% less cost than brass and with the savings we can buy new guns! We know a lot of people like to reload but steel cased ammunition is not reloadable. If your AR won’t run Wolf .223 reliably you have a junky rifle. Is just my opinion but makes really good plinking/target ammo to me!!! About every year or two, we see stories on the news (I know, I know) about bullets skipping the berm and injuring/landing in people’s living rooms etc. After a year you could see reddish brown rust on the casing. What’s not to like. Ive always heard that one the reasons for brass is that it carries heat away from the weapon very well. I’d be more concerned with TulAmmo than Wolf. It’s the same as the SK ammo made by Lapua. Steel cases don’t expand as fast as brass, which can result in more gunk buildup. That relationship end several years ago. Mobile: +88-01715016135 While the ammunition was [i]reliable[/i] in terms of ignition, we started to notice frequent problems with the ammunition in Glock and M&P magazines. All in all, we loved this ammo and think it will change the 300 blackout market as it will make shooting so much cheaper than brass! Corrosive ammo in a FNSCAR will pit the chrome on the inside of the barrel. I hope that helps answer your question. I’ll burn the barrel out before I have to replace the extractor. KH. From what I can gather Wolf’s negative reputation comes from the days when it was laquered and corrosive, neither of which are true these days. Wolf 7.62×39 is great through my SKS. This myth goes back to the days when Wolf still used lacquer on their cases and people claimed it accumulated in the chamber too. Oh well. I have semi-auto’s I’ve fired corrosive ammo through and anywhere you find carbon or residue from firing you find rust including the bolt, carrier, chamber, etc. While Wolf’s steel cases are polymer coated, it still seems to generate too much friction. After selling millions of rounds and shooting it through our AR’s, we are happy to report that this product has been nothing shy of perfect. The steel core bullet, erroneously known as AP, has not been generally available for many many years. I have had poor experience using Herters, which I believe is manufactured by Wolf. I know its tough to tell by just feel or whatever, but do you have any sense that the weapons are heating up more with wolf vs brass? I’m a subscriber in youtube and read your fb blogs too. The reverse would be true if there were any heat transfer issues. and I’ve had exactly two confirmed ammo-caused misfires and another which might have been the fault of a brand-new and overly greasy bolt. I have an M16 that has fired at least 20k rounds through it. The dirtiness of the steel ammo makes the extraction of my favorite brass cases ammo more difficult.

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