It's just the same color as his feathers. "I swear, kids these days. Why not do one with Nosedive soon? After all, what is the point of winning a war if you forget how to truly live? . And it clearly amused the others, especially Duke who also enjoyed play the "older brother" -- until Wildwing threw his pillow at him and Duke laughed, running out of the room before Wildwing decided to throw harder things at him. .Ignore that random remark, but at any rate, due to the fact that I had at least one person spaz out after reading my story (you know who you are) I decided that maybe I should write a sequel. Dear me, I only just realised what you thought I meant! The older duck half-heartedly offered. But it was then that I heard Duke and Grin arguing about how Nosedive wouldn't be able to survive without me. Heh, I think that's one of the only time, if the only time, that I've cried in front of my brother. Somehow, every once in a while I just get this feeling that if he hadn't of come, we would've never learned how to relax and enjoy life again. . . Sighing, Wildwing closed his eyes and let himself drift off again. And it's going to have multiple chapters, yeah! So the being got up and started walking towards its destination. I don't have a younger sibling, so I can't even begin to understand how much you care for him." Wildwing returned the weak smile. Dive winced and looked around wildly before realizing that Wildwing had merely stepped on him. it was kind of nice having someone else doing all the worrying for a change. The possessor was the youngest of the Mighty Ducks, a blonde teenager named Nosedive. "Oh, all right." Therefore, Nosedive and Wildwing sleep in the same room, because it would be so 'uncool' for Nosedive to hang around in Wildwing's room when he has his own. I also decided to write another MD:TAS story because I actually pulled off that other one rather quickly, and that made me very happy. Isn't that the definition of family? Nosedive blanched, looking horrified. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Yeah . Hell, I can't even imagine life without Nosedive, and I'm sure he can't imagine life without me. Smiling slyly, Mallory knew she had won even before she heard Wildwing's resigned sigh. My life would have been build around the hope that he still lived and it would've destroyed me when I found out that my hope had been for naught. Had you died, we would've all followed you." The team wouldn't have nearly died for his stupidity." We obviously need to do something before he hurts himself again." and himself. But at least 'Dive has the same weakness, so I don't have to worry about him exposing my secret to the others. . Heck, half the time I don't even need to give orders anymore, because the others know what to do and what they're best at. "I'm stubborn?" Because I'm not! Author's Endnote: Wildwing does have hair! Nosedive nodded, his shoulders shaking with his laughter as he doubled over, unable to stand up anymore. In the first ep mentioned, Wildwing says Lucretia can use his bunk to sleep and they show the room when she opens the door. Booya! The presence of his little brother confirmed all of it to be true, and reminded Wildwing of why he was the one leading the team. (FINALLY!). Sometimes I think his jokes are a mask to his true feelings, but other times they're the true him. Wildwing asked hopefully. It would've been completely my fault and I would have never been able to live with myself. Nosedive replied, grinning inwardly, having caught his own brother disobeying someone's orders for a change. .) "We thought you were under attack or something." And I knew he was alive. "I can't even take a shower?" *FINAL CHAPTER! "Sorry about that, 'Dive was just trying to make sure I didn't sneak out of my room again-- Erk!" . In another year, she'll be laughing her tailfeathers off at Nosedive's antics. "Can't really blame him; he's not used to having to sit on one place. Wildwing pulled the covers tighter around his brother's sleeping form, watching him tenderly. He couldn't help but laugh quietly at that thought, a smile coming to his face. PLEASE!" . He replied with a wink. Wildwing replied, still a little flustered about the fact he managed to stub his toe on Tanya's toolbox. "I was hungry!" Nosedive snorted as he walked into the kitchen and got out a box of sugary cereal, actually coherent in the morning for a change. "You must've been more tired than you let on. Tanya groaned, slapping herself in the forehead. "And that means that you're going to bed too -- no arguments!" "I guess then it's settled where you'll be sleeping tonight?" Wildwing laughed weakly, sliding back into bed while Nosedive watched his every move. . "Well, he likes books, but I think he's too bored to be entertained by them. Mal just needs to learn how to relax a bit more and she could basically be a civilian. "Duke and I actually get along now compared to when Canard was leader! But it didn't matter. disappeared into that void, we were all just a team, nothing more. Nosedive knew that he himself was a heavy sleeper, and that Wildwing would have no problem sneaking the few feet inbetween their bunks to sit at his brother's side. . It's because we try so hard to protect each other and we believe in each other. That, and I think she gets mad at herself for worrying so much when he gives into his impulses during a battle and comes out untouched. As the movie began, both of the young ducks had been sitting seperately, on Wildwing's bed, but as time had moved on Nosedive had leaned into Wildwing, resting his head on the shoulder of his older brother. "Yeah, yeah, we did. She became frustrated and that frustration turned into anger. He wasn't listening to her! Once a month, once a week? Lol, NOW onto the fanfic! Nosedive stated. . It told him that his little brother was safe, with him, and still alive and well. Tanya countered, hands on her hips. . "Besides, he looks like he's getting comfortable." . "Mallory. These two have so much in common, cause in all thier secret mission, they need to relax and a be alone in thier Pastime in a private room, so they can make love together. Mallory let out a moan as she buried her face in the hand that she had used to rub her temples. . Nosedive sighed, sitting down on the bed next to his brother and cautiously touched Wildwing's cheek with the back of his fingers. "No, you're not. "What did it look like? "I'm not allowed to lift anything above twenty pounds. The duck frowned slightly as he stood up to go back to his bed. The lights flipped on and it covered its eyes, wincing. Please R&R, peeps! "All of you nearly ended up dead because of me. God, I thought he was dead! Watching the duck intensely for a few moments, the boy relaxed when he was convinced that his brother was still asleep. . "In your bed." The team doesn’t just consist of three ducks, right? His younger brother sighed and shook his head, replacing his puckblaster and changing back to his civilian clothes with the button on his comlink before frowning slightly as he place a hand on his hip. Nosedive's still form told him that it was all true, and that Puckworld was free from the tyranny of Dragaunus. Mallory commented, earning a raised eyebrow from her teammate. This is my frist drawing with those duck couples from Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series, Wildwing Flashblade and Mallory McMallard. . . "So, how do you propose we keep Wildwing from getting bored?" "Nothing short of a meteorite landing on him could wake him up." In the second mentioned episode, you see Nosedive's room after he goes to read a comic book and he's contacted by Borg through it. "Uhm . The memory was not very pleasant and always brought unwanted feelings with it. (Which will have a title by the time you read it!). This is just temporary. Obviously, it would be much harder if Wildwing accidently stepped on him when he got out of bed. Speaking of being under attack, I thought I locked the door. . The duck sighed again after a minute of staring at his brother and gently lifted a hand to run it through the boy's hair once more. . He does, he does, he does! And you treat us like real living beings! "You sound like me." I'm not. He smiled weakly at her. It dawned on him then that she was going to make him hold to the 'bed rest' rule. Finally, he found overwhelming and he got into the sleeping bag, zipping himself up and getting comfortable before taking one last look at his brother. .God, no. Once that he was sure that his brother would not awaken, he let himself sit down beside his brother, just watching him, not knowing that Nosedive had done the exact same thing the night before. .I was afraid that I hadn't gotten to him in time and that he was dead, and I would wake up to only hear that he was gone forever. It's strange. . How strange it had all become since he had woken up. He just doesn't like people to know that, 'cause it kinda hurts his image, you know? Wildwing shrugged, still smiling guiltily. "Nope! He punched in the password to their room and proceeded to push his brother inside. "Only if you wake him up." He winced and nodded slowly, looking away as he let his hand fall from her shoulder. . O.O;; Look closely at the episodes "A Traitor Among Us" and "Return of Asteroth" for proof. Wildwing?!" . Nosedive looked quickly back into the room, winking again. Mallory walked over to the bed and yanked the covers from under Wildwing, throwing them over the duck as she chuckled. The elder brother raised both of his eyebrows in surprise. . Wildwing would always have to do something; he couldn't sit still unless he was doing something worthwhile. Which isn't often, thank God, it hurts me to ever see him upset, and even worse when it's because of me. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. There was a soft sigh from the sleeping teen as he shifted and drapped an arm across his brother's stomach. "So much for me being fully coherent for it." "Thank you!" So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. He replied. It always bugged me that I never finished it. . He had Wildwing. Aren't we?!" . "I'm serious Mal, he likes those kind of games! ." . "Y-yeah, but-" "-No buts! He threw his hands into the air and walked out as Wildwing joined Nosedive in laughter. Wildwing grinned at his brother, watching the other duck get settled into his bed before turning to the others. Wildwing asked and Mallory nodded in response. She ran a hand through her hair, sighing in annoyance. Wildwing sighed. . ." I think he wanted to be there for me and for himself. "And so would you." She shook her head, still looking away. "Alright, Alright! . . For the first few days after Wildwing woke up, Nosedive didn't laugh like he usually would. "You're damn right I do." She placed her hands on her hips, looking so much like a scolding Tanya that it caused Wildwing to briefly wonder if Mallory was actually taking lessons from the other female duck. Nosedive muttered indistinctly and stirred a bit before settling down again, causing his brother to glance back at him. It's just that he's that way, that certain unique type of half-boy, half-adult combination with a talent and a will behind him. . "I guess. You know, at this point, I'm willing to try anything." It still embarrasses me. And that's even *BEFORE* it was done. A smile spread across its face as it saw its goal: the refrigerator. She'll skin you alive." Dive grinned and winked, patting Wing on the shoulder before he walked out of the room. . His brother laughed, nodding. I'm sleeping." ". Can Nosedive help him? . She added, another smirk on her face.

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