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The species is widespread and common in North America and South America.[5][6][7][8]. Knowing the source of the wood being used in the cooking application is vital to ensure that the necessary steps have been taken to prevent tree disease and pest infestation spread, as well as to ensure that the wood has not been exposed to any chemical/toxin treatments. The resulting smoke from the plant material provides for that wonderful flavor.

and for seeking our opinion regarding the use of the wood for smoking foods. "Black cherry" redirects here. The foliage, particularly when wilted, also contains cyanogenic glycosides, which convert to hydrogen cyanide if eaten by animals. Cyanogenic compounds WOULD remain a factor in our production of cooking wood. All Prunus species have hard seeds that benefit from scarification to germinate (which in nature is produced by passing through an animal's digestive tract). Its density when dried is around 580 kg/m3 (36 lb/cu ft).

We're excited to meet you! Thank you for the question regarding Wild Cherry wood! The leaves are long and shiny, resembling a sourwood’s. Overview Information Wild cherry is a tree. VII. Low-quality wood, as well as the sap wood, can be more tan. As you’ve already indicated, trees produce prussic acid, better known as hydrogen cyanide. Flowers are small, white and 5-petalled, in racemes 4–6 in (10–15 cm) long which contain several dozen flowers. B.E. Bed frame built from Cherry Lumber. P. serotina is a host of caterpillars of various Lepidoptera (see List of Lepidoptera which feed on Prunus). After all, I think we all can agree that what you cook the. The bark and fruit are used to make medicine. [5][9], For about its first decade the bark of a black cherry tree is thin, smooth, and banded, resembling a birch. In fact, this is the reason why bark-on woods burn so much faster than bark-free wood pieces. In: "Plant Invasions: Studies from North America and Europe" (eds by J.H. Now let’s talk about the smoking application of wood.

Cherry wood is harvested from the American Black Cherry Tree (prunus serotina). [24] Farmers are recommended to remove any trees that fall in a field containing livestock, because the wilted leaves could poison the animals. We feel that humans can use woods produced in nature, when they have been left alone, unburdened by the human hand in trying to. wood products for home construction than they are when consuming BBQ. A mature tree has very broken, dark grey to black bark. Please visit Diane's website for details concerning her hours and artwork. you’ve already indicated, trees produce prussic acid, better known as, hydrogen cyanide. The eastern tent caterpillar defoliates entire groves some springs. At this time, our furniture and wood products may be viewed at the Diane Snow Gallery at 705 Foss Rd in Limerick, ME and also at the Newfield Farmer & Artisan Market at the Newfield Town Offices on Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm all summer long! Let’s see what new. Knowing the source of the wood being used in the cooking application is, vital to ensure that the necessary steps have been taken to prevent tree, disease and pest infestation spread, as well as to ensure that the wood. First, it is important to note that Smokinlicious® Gourmet Wood Products only manufacturers gourmet “cooking” wood from forest trees. PAH’s and smoked foods is not considered an issue. Low-quality wood, as well as the sap wood, can be more tan. Additionally, once the temperature is increased during wood-fired cooking, heterocyclic amines, or HCAs, are created due to the reaction of the amino acids and creatine with the higher cooking temperature. Wild Cherry Woodworks specializes in creating custom furniture to your specifications to complete your home or office. Because smoking is done at low temperatures for, periods of time, the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s) found in, wood molecules are not stimulated as they normally would be when, say, a steak over a hot flame. The predominate opinion is that when used in small quantities, the hydrogen cyanide is a mute issue.

Known as capolcuahuitl in Nahuatl (the source of the capuli epithet), it was an important food in pre-Columbian Mexico. (Please contact us to verify we will be present when you are planning to come see us).

It is the only native species of the genus Prunus of commercial importance for lumber production. always ensure a bark-free product. on wild cherry wood, so we offer some research! Prunus serotina, commonly called black cherry, wild black cherry, rum cherry,[3] or mountain black cherry, is a deciduous tree or shrub[4] belonging to the genus Prunus. In the Midwest, it is seen growing mostly in old fields with other sunlight-loving species, such as black walnut, black locust, and hackberry. We do not, and will not, produce our products from orchard-based woods. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Dr Smoke- We receive many ?

From the forrest products lab WOOD handbook (Link at bottom) Cherry, Black.

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