save. try deleting all files and redownloading the application. After the installations, there are various log files etc created that can be deleted! Running the game with the gamepad works but the buttons are wrong and I’d rather use a GameCube controller for GameCube games. So there is no risk of a current firmware that fixed it and brick my console? A Wii U running Firmware 5.5.0 and above (If your Wii U’s firmware is lower please update before proceeding.) A complete guide to Wii U CFW, from stock to Coldboot Haxchi. Do NOT install this on a USB drive. A complete iOS jailbreaking guide, from stock to Cydia. Hi the WiiU eShop is still open, It was the Wii eShop that closed down so you should still be able to grab the DS games . to the root or inside one of the 4 folders. Currently, the highest firmware is 5.5.4. Any advise? – Some of my old Wii games are different region to my Wii itself which was easily fixable/editable & all regions work fine on my old Wii WODE, will they still work fine on a modded Wii U? CFWaifu is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by … You now have a permanently modded Wii U with Coldboot Haxchi. There is a guide on youtube I think it’s called “easily add games to your wii u”. Once formatted, create a folder called ‘install’ and one called ‘wiiu’ on the root of your SD card. If you want to support Cheaper Gamer you can donate via PayPal here. We need to copy over the Homebrew Launcher Installer payload file to our SD card. Press A to start the back-up and wait for the system to reboot. Afterwards, we will deal with Nintendo’s automatic firmware updates. I’m sure I’ve just had bad luck…, Every time I attempt to run the homebrew launcher at I just get an error “SD mount failed. Also, you’ll want to make a nand backup of the new machine anyways. This will unlock the greater potential of the console and allow you enjoy benefits such as playing game backups, emulators, importing save files and more. Thank You! As I said earlier, never delete, uninstall or move this app to USB. Navigate to Haxchi and launch it. The DS game is an officially purchased, genuine game from the eShop. An SD card , ideally 16gb or 32gb (Micro SD to full SD adapters work fine!) We now need to reboot the Wii U to set up how the exploit automatically boots. Hello I’ve used you guide and everything you went over has worked with no issue but I have one problem. Most likely due to the DNS change.You should be able to just ignore the message and continue? Start up your Wii U as normal and open the internet browser. Make sure to always read all prompts with care and do make backups where possible! Do Wii U games only work in external hard drives as .ISO format & not .WBFS anymore? Hi Greg, I can ignore the message and continue and the game works. danver - … This will copy an ‘apps’ folder inside your ‘wiiu’ folder. I’m sorry to bother you, where do I put the nanddumper? Sounds like a faulty SD card to me!Try giving it a run with H2testw, that should tell you if theres any issues. Regions should work just like before, so no issues there. Expand the already larger Wii U game library with great emulation and cheats support. Required fields are marked *. Good Luck and let me know how you get on! Wii U Hacking Q&A - 6 months later. This guide will show you how to install Mocha CFW on your Wii U. A legitimate DS game purchased from the eShop. This is very easy to do: –, Go to ‘system settings’ – ‘Internet’ – ‘Connect to the Internet’ and press X to show your network connections. I thought and was hoping that the wup installer would also install updates.Is it too risky to temporarily change the dns back? Virtual Console support, you can play your Wii & Wii U Virtual Console games in HD, including the ability to play games currently not available on the Wii or Wii U. What's the lewdest game playable on Wii U? YOUR WII U WILL BE BRICKED. So, a 16GB for a white model and a 64GB for the 32GB black model. First of all I just wanted to give you a big THANX for your awesome well explained guide, & for taking the extra time to do this & to actually be replying & helping with people’s questions, MUCH appreciated! This will unlock the greater potential of the console and allow you enjoy benefits such as playing game backups, emulators, importing save files and more. The fact the nandumper is showing means your SD card is being read by the Wii U. While these guides should be safe, you and you alone are responsible for any damages to your console while following these guides. Wii games need to be stored on a seperate HDD/USB drive, however, you can pack them up as Wii virtual console games for the Wii U. Hey I agree with others here that this is a very comprehensive guide. If you appreciate this guide, we accept Donations. You have now successfully fully modded your Wii U with Coldboot Haxchi and can use the Homebrew channel to launch any homebrew you like. )eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'cheapergamer_co_uk-box-4','ezslot_8',113,'0','0'])); First, we need to go onto the eShop and download your exploitable DS game. You will now be taken to the Wii U menu and will notice that Haxchi has been installed where your DS game was originally. Top 25 Hottest Video Game Girls of All Time, Full list of GTA Online Missions, Payouts, and Rewards, Pokemon: LeafGreen Gameshark Codes (Pokemon LeafGreen - GBA),'s Top 10 Best Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats, All Cheats to Spawn Vehicles in GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V - X360). I got as far as installing the homebrew launcher in vwii and backing up the vwii nand. I’ve bought 2 scandisc on Saturday from amazon, one 128GB and 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I Cards! Wii U (WiiU) cheats, cheat codes, guides, unlockables, easter eggs, glitches, hints, and more. I put the sd card back in the wii u and turned it on and now none of the apps in the wii u homebrew launcher or the vwii homebrew launcher show up. 6 months ago. ?Cheers in advance…, hi…sorry to trouble you, i have done all the steps and all was perfect, however my baby son has managed to now bypass altogether the loading of the wii u?, it boots straight into the wii, (and wont let me switch back to wii u, from the wii page?) A lot of people say you are fine as long as you don’t cheat, however, I wouldn’t risk it myself! Give that a try and let me know! I followed every step of your instructions, Marcel, the site should be ‘’. That’s all I needed to hear so can proceed.,,,,, Wii U Modding Guide for 2020 Part 2 | Complete Guide, Wii U Modding Guide for 2020 Part 3 | Complete Guide, Yes. I have backups of some WiiWare titles that are in the *.wad format. I’d throw you a donation if you have a link but I didn’t see one anywhere. I put the sd back into the wii u fired it up and now none of the apps in both the wii u homebrew launcher and the vwii homebrew launcher are showing up. If you get stuck, send us over a email. So i bought a new Wii U, anyway what i was wondering is can i use system transfer instead of modding again. You can delete most things as our mod is installed on the Wii U itself, however, I would recommend making a backup of your SD card just in case.The only files and folders I have on mine at the moment are “/install”, “/apps”, “/wiiu”, “/private” & my nincfg.bin & nincfg.txt files. Both launchers load up fine and im able to exit out of them like normal just none of the apps are showing up inside. Double check to see if the folder ‘cbhc’ is inside the /wiiu/apps folder on the root of your SD card. You should see your DS title like below: –. I’ve successfully managed to install game backups onto a USB stick. Thanks Greg For your reply, Yeah i’m thinking the same, just hope it did install the COLD BOOT HAXCHI correctly it said it was successful! The fsopenfile failed error means your Wii U is having a hard time finding the files on your card. Reboot and you will notice that the Haxchi app now has a red triangle. Will I need Y cable for an external SSD drive as there are no moving parts? when the wii u is first switched on, i can see that it boots up (black screen with white writing in the top left), he somehow managed to get into that boot up screen and change an option or two, would you know how i get into the boot up screen, so i can play with the options? An SD card , ideally 16gb or 32gb (Micro SD to full SD adapters work fine!) So i finally decided to get a Wii U and now im looking into CFW. (Make sure you select the right drive to format!). Sometimes it takes a few attempts to load the homebrew launcher so keep trying. Also do not ever delete the user who purchased the game! Ordered a new SD card (Sandisk 32GB Extreme) and it works perfectly. Moderator of r/WiiUHacks Archived. I’m using a 16g sd card. However, The only options available are the Haxchi installer, the nanddumper.elf, and the WUP installer. Does the mod have anything to do with it? Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you, I’ve been away. Upon rebooting, we will be at the CBHC menu. thanks. I’m pretty sure it wouldnt work and I’m not sure how the new Wii U would deal with a transfer, especially with the unsigned code. launch nanddumper through the homebrew channel the select the following: –, Dump SLC (528MB): yesDump SLCCMPT (528MB): yesDump MLC (8GB/32GB): optionalDump OTP (1KB): yesDump SEEPROM (1KB): yes. Now we have Haxchi running we are going to want an easier way of running homebrew. I have an old Nintendo Wii which is modded with the good old WODE. Thanks in advance, Sorry further to my last post, I have installed the updates (I can see them in data management) to my games. Hi, Hoping someone can help, so a a couple of days ago I Installing COLD BOOT HAXCHI on my 32gb Wii U firmware 5.5.4 uit all went smoothly, I was then prompt to take the sd card out but into my window 10 PC, and back up the bin files To NAND Folder i created on my desktop, half way through the transfer about 49% the transfer failed and then got message sd card needs to be formatted, I don’t understand why it did that its a brand new 32gb microsd card, I’ve tried the sd card in another windows pc, and get the same message, I’ve tried to recover the files using Minitool, its showing nothing there on the sd card, I’ve tried to format the card in fat 32 and it says sd card failed to format! Also I didn’t see any kind of summary for what’s needed on the SD Card after completing this guide. DO NOT REMOVE OR DELETE THIS ONCE INSTALLED, hide it in a folder on the Wii U menu (I dragged mine to the last page in the Wii U menu), Also do not transfer this your USB via the system menu as it will not work. Thanks in advance. This guide will show you how to install Haxchi CFW on your Wii U. The Y cable is just so an external HDD can get enough power to stay on while connected to Wii U’s low powered USB ports. Game backups helping to keep your discs safe & the ability to back up your own games directly to your console or hard drive using Disc2app. You can skip the Cold Boot installation and just use Haxchi, however, you’ll have to run the exploit each time you want to run unsigned code. The best way to do his is to install the Homebrew Channel. It’s always good practice to make a backup! NEVER use a pirated game for haxchi OR CBHC. Currently, we must run Haxchi each time we want to enable these features. To back up your saved game data you can use a tool called SaveMii. The easiest way to do this is to use a free formatting software like guiformat. Any recommendations? Ok, I have a random question. Press ‘A’, read the warning and press ‘A’ again, this will install Haxchi to your Wii U. 294. The ability to make your Wii U play games from any region including Japanese exclusive games.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'cheapergamer_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_11',112,'0','0'])); The ability to play your GameCube & Wii Back-ups.

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