And despite documentation from Graham that he had indeed acted as manager, Marcum still maintained there was no agreement. Unless we get what’s fair — at least close to what’s fair, I’m gonna blow up this building. “I said, ‘Stan what about the percentage from this?’ And he said, ‘You mean to tell me you get ten percent from royalties also? He worked with the director Paul Mazursky on the film, “The Tempest,” and scored music for Curtis Hanson’s “The Bedroom Window,” as well as numerous television movies and shows. And you’re gonna say, ‘Bill, you’ve always been outspoken against these things.’ True, but I’m the manager. But now Carlos feels ready to explain himself, to open up, and the old members, old associates are quick to follow. Stan Marcum: We were all in New York, and Barry Imhoff [of FM Productions; he travels with Santana] had talked Ron Estrada [road manager, now managing the new Santana] into getting Carlos, because Carabello said, “Well, look, if everybody is fucked up because Carlos won’t play because I’m here, I’ll just leave.” Well, half the band left. Marcum slunk back in his chair. “You’ll hear a million versions about everything,” said Luis Gasca. Now it is the summer of 1969, and Santana plays Fillmore West four times in two months, headlining twice; they are booked to tour with Crosby, Stills and Nash. Michael [Shrieve, drummer] and I used to go through a lot of types of music. [7] Joining these "core" members were later Santana members Karl Perazzo (percussion) and Benny Rietveld (bass), with vocalist Ronald Isley guesting on two cuts. The times when I did it, which was like three times after I quit at different times, I found myself having some bad experiences. I’ve said it too many times: One of the challenges of life, challenges to your character, is what happens to you when you make it. Rubinson: I’ve always been fascinated with Carlos’ desire to be a really bitchin’ player. “Like ‘mopping a floor,’ ” Schon reminds Carabello. He wants to show pictures of his baby boy. In mid-’68, Santana also began playing regularly at the Fillmore, bottom of the bill for a benefit for the foundering Matrix nightclub; then, at the new Fillmore West, they moved their way up to a top-billing on the December 19th-22nd weekend, a full nine months before their first album would even be released. (“That’s it!”) or echale! ‘Papa!! David Rubinson: Carlos didn’t play at the Boston Gardens, and then Stan Marcum flew out to the Felt Forum in New York and pulled three of the guys off the stand and split. “The name only dies when a person dies inside. Stan Marcum: That was all really vague about what Carlos was gonna do, other than, “Well, you know, you’re fired, and you’re fired, and you’re fired.” And all of a sudden somebody’s firing us that’s not the boss, because nobody’s the boss, and nobody quite understood what was going on. He was at a banquet in Atlanta, Georgia. From there, we then needed to come up with a balance of songs and jams that people would immediately identify as classic Santana. There, in a tavern called La Terraza, he blends in with two other violins, two trumpets and two guitars. How do you do that?’ And I said, ‘Why couldn’t you be man enough to tell me when you get back here for the meeting? Chicano! No one else. “I love sex!” he exclaims later. Now, the one thing I will always maintain, I am not responsible for their ability. I have a file here that’s precious. And if he couldn’t, who was he really helping? Decent music for a sandwich bar in Seattle, Washington, and Carlos Santana almost looks intent. I don’t ask for 20 percent or 15. He was stoned on acid, looked like he was going through a lot of changes, beautiful changes. (At this point, Carlos was left with Rolie, Shrieve and Neal Schon. And for theme music for this little party, try the harmonizing O’Jays:They’ll smile in your face (All the time they try to take your place) The back-stabbers …. You want to move and it’s physical. He did feel he deserved compensation for the jobs he’d booked for Santana up to the day of his dismissal, and he felt he should’ve gotten a few percent of the band’s earnings after August 1970. When I first started, I really wanted the same things — to be able to communicate and make everybody that was around, bring them together as one body. “He finally called us one day, a week before he was going to play at the Fillmore West. Neal Schon (sitting with Mike): He filled Carlos’ head with so much shit and Carlos fell for it. Mike Carabello: He like had this thing about me, I don’t know, all the time, about what I did, the people I hung around with, how I ran my life … We could have sat down and talked about keeping the band together and if Carlos or whoever else wanted to go do their trip for a year, fine, but like every now and then still record with the Santana group because a lot of people like it. In 2002 Michael wrote and produced the song, “Aye Aye Aye,” with Carlos Santana, which appeared on the album, “Shaman.”. Michael’s recording credits include the masters of popular and avant-garde music – Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Pete Townsend, Steve Winwood, Police guitarist Andy Summers, film composer Mark Isham, and such musical luminaries as John Mclaughlin, Stomu Yamash’ta, Klaus Schulze, Freddie Hubbard, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Horvitz and Bill Frisell. And we’re not good all the time. “It’s sort of like a basket of fruit, of me marinating myself with beliefs that I have now, this faith, actually, and me waking up in the morning, and me not going to bed with chicks anymore, giving myself like true discipline for awhile. Why? The days of those programs, the whole family was here very nervous. “Well … yeah. Look at the solo, and look at this, look at that.’ I said, ‘Stan, why are they in the middle of the film for 12 minutes? There’s a tremendous pocket of Latin-American descendants in L.A. and San Francisco, in Miami, in Dallas and in New York. The last two years it got more Latin than anything, but that beginning sound was all due to Marcus.”, “In North Beach,” said Carlos, “almost every day I used to go drink wine, smoke some grass and listen to the conga players and watch the sea and stuff. But it seems that every time I talk to Carlos, he asks me when I am going to stop working, because he wants to become completely in charge of the whole family.”. He had formed a new band. Over the course of his prolific career, musician Michael Shrieve has written, produced and played on albums that have sold millions of copies worldwide. Nonetheless, he was off to jail, and so it was that Mike Carabello would reenter, in time for the album and the first swell of success. “Then he graduated from Mission. And he told me I had to take some medication — every day shots for two and a half years, and I actually — some sort of miracle, or the power of my believing what I believe now, it has gotten away from my system. We saw a bunch of lights and a lot of strange things in that place. Escovedo was also on hand in New York. When we talked to Brown last week, it was in the attorneys’ visiting room at County Jail (other visitors can see inmates through windows and have to talk over phones), where he was serving 30 days for a second bust. Stan Marcum had said Brown was busted in another person’s house, where police found drugs. “He never managed,” Marcum says. Our half-hour appointment stretched into three hours, and by day’s end it was obvious that Graham had been almost shattered by the Santana betrayal, that he had been in some kind of love with the band he’d adopted. "Listen to Santana - 'Anywhere You Want To Go, "From Team Santana: April 15th, 2016 marks the release date of Santana IV...", "Sturgill Simpson and Santana Debut in Top 10 on Billboard 200 Chart", " – Santana – Santana IV", " – Santana – Santana IV", "Santana Chart History (Canadian Albums)", " – Santana – Santana IV", "Album Top 40 slágerlista – 2016. You grow straight to the sun instead of growing crooked and going back to earth.”. Time now for the classic, original Santana, who have recorded a 16-song reunion record Santana IV (out Friday ) after the band went their separate … But I’m a professional, so I thought I’d do the best I can. After initial writing sessions and rehearsals took place in 2013, the group recorded throughout 2014 and 2015, resulting in 16 new tracks that combined their signature elements of Afro-Latin rhythms, vocals, blues-psychedelic guitar solos, and percussion work.

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