However, it is revealed he is one of least four others who leaked the story, though he remains the only one blamed. Andy goes to A.A.R.M. why did andy bernard leave the office. This is a Co-Lead of a huge series that leaves for a large portion of the last season. In the Traveling Salesman, Andy picked Michael as his traveling salesman partner. They begin attending marital counseling, and eventually, Jim realizes that he can't continue dividing his time between Philly and Scranton. Andy later comforts a crying Pam as she is paranoid that she is going to get fired. At one point, he gives her a cat that he found outside, which prompts her to finally say yes ("Money" Season 4 Episode 4). However, she stays with her fiancé, warehouse worker Roy Anderson — although they break up soon afterward — and Jim takes a job at the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin. In the meantime, Cathy Simms is hired as a temp to replace Pam while she's on maternity leave with her second child, Philip. for an acting career. Sabre CEO Jo Bennet swoops in to the rescue and offers Dwight the position of acting manager for the time being. I never studied once. Carol breaks up with Michael, who steers into the relationship with Jan as a result. In the fall of 2009, Jim and Michael are made co-managers in order to spread out the increased workload caused by all of the branch closings. It's during this time that Andy ditches Jessica, heads to Florida to fetch ex-girlfriend Erin, and reignites a relationship with the receptionist (although, he doesn't exactly do it in that order). During the beginning of the show, actress Shannon Cochran plays Pam's mother. While Dwight is leaving the office, he spills a jug of water on the fire and on himself. (laughs) I graduated in four years. In May 2013, PBS airs the documentary that's been "ten years in the making." 22 things you didn't know about 'The Office', 'The Office' stars reunited and fans can't get enough of the perfect photo, 21 celebrities you probably forgot guest-starred on 'The Office', Steve Carell says 'The Office' probably wouldn't work today: 'The climate's different'. We now know that Andy Bernard is the new Michael Scott: Thursday’s season premiere of The Office revealed the long-awaited executive announcement in a decidedly low-key manner. Throughout the episode, Michael wants to say goodbye to Pam but doesn't know when she'll return to the office. The merger of the two branches is a rough one, and by early 2007, Andy Bernard and Karen Filippelli (who also happens to be Jim's new girlfriend) … Andy consistently dresses in a "preppy" style, with khaki pants, matching striped or patterned neckties and shirts in bold colors. On season seven, episode seven ("Christening"), the church minister even announces them as the "Halberts.". NBC's "The Office" captured the everyday life of employees of a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Realizing the interesting potential in a broader review of the eccentric company as a whole, they set up shop for the next eight years. Plus, salesman Stanley Hudson finally retires to a hideaway in Florida, where he spends his time alone, carving wooden figurines. Fast forward to 2001, when regional manager Ed Truck retires, leaving a vacancy at Dunder Mifflin's branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is then revealed that Awas given the manager position after Robert California became CEO. Erin dumps Andy for Pete whom she started seeing while Andy was on the boat. She ends up making it to the airport in time to see him, but she seems to catch up to him when he's already through security and on his way to his gate. The group is tasked with designing a new retail store for the printer company. He seemingly forgets the incident by season nine, episode 11 ("Suit Warehouse"), when the staff is full of caffeine from the new espresso machine and they tear up the carpeting to reveal the hardwood floors once more. With the heavy days of perpetual downsizing behind them for the time being, the Scranton office enters a period of relative stability. A year after the documentary airs, the film crew catches up with everyone in order to gather bonus footage for the DVD release. He returns to Dunder Mifflin full-time late in the spring, while his startup buddy Darryl makes the opposite move and officially packs his bags for Philly. During that eight-year stretch, the simple premise of the series — documenting life in a typical American workspace — grew into a massive story with numerous twists, subplots, romances, and side characters. But despite the distance, the entire office tags along for the ride. Andy was originally named Walter Jr. by his parents, but was then renamed Andrew at the age of 6, his parents believing that his younger brother better exemplified the Walter Jr. name. However, both figure out that Angela has been sleeping with both men and are mortified.

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