She is close to all of his children, especially her great-grandson Liam Gallagher (Johnny Bennett). But Ford said that he does not fall madly in love like a teenager. When Mimi Maguire (Tina Malone) tells her that sex several times a day could make her waters break quicker, Karen tells that "they've" been "at it" all the time, and flashbacks show that she's been having sex with both Jamie and Joe, implying that her brief affair with Joe from series 6 has continued, despite Karen's often cold attitude towards him. RELATED: 15 Fun Facts About The Gallaghers BTS Of Shameless. Carl also seems to fancy soon-to-be stepmother Libby Croker (Pauline McLynn), when he starts to get visibly aroused when he looks at her backside and legs. Shane was upset at the thought of never having children. Although her intentions for this were unknown at first, a visit from her mother in series 5 explained her backstory and a possible reason of why she returned to be with her children. Frank's hallmarks are drunken rants on a wide variety of literary, historical and philosophical subjects, usually returning to how decent, hard-working people, among whom he erroneously seems to count himself, are discriminated against. She has a tendency to irritate the residents of Chatsworth with her snobbish behaviour. He later cheats on Karen with Gloria Meak (Angeline Ball). He was born in The Jockey. Stella is born to Frank and Monica in April 2008, with Monica giving birth next to Frank, who is in a coma during the birth. Carl was briefly taken into custody, and gave a statement that the marijuana was grown for the household's own personal use. For example, when his daughter-in-law Karen becomes severely depressed he becomes the rock upon which she can lean. In the finale of series 7, Ian and Maxine were returning home after a night out, when they are accosted by a ruffian who attempts to mug them. Despite playing happy families with "proud dad" Jamie, Joe tells that she's kidding herself into thinking that she wants Jamie, when she really only wants Joe, branding Jamie "boring". Bruce didn't return in Series 8, along with his sister. For sure. Liam defends Reggie, but when Reggie, knowing that he was close to death, desperately hugs him and doesn't want to let go. She collects books and plants and has a gardening website. He goes into a rage, and strangles Karen while demanding her to tell him that she loves him. V actress Shanola Hampton debunked one theory. Liam Gallagher (Johnny Bennett) suggested Kelly and Shane raise Shane's niece Katie, but this plan was dashed when her father Lip Gallagher (Jody Latham) decided to take her. Overall, Esther appeared in 10 episodes. He again accuses Maxine of wanting to be with Carl, to which she tells Ian she just doesn't want to be with him. Carl Gallagher[3] (born 18 January 1990) is a fictional character from the Channel 4 drama Shameless; he is the fourth oldest Gallagher sibling. Their romance was short-lived, however. In the final episode of Series 6, Mandy was kidnapped by Maureen, an emotionally unstable woman who lost her daughter to heroin and blames Paddy for her death. During her childhood, she used to be referred to by the other kids at school as "Pov Gallagher" due to her family's low income and her parents' perpetual unemployment. However, later in the series Debbie Gallagher (Rebecca Ryan) teaches Marty to use other words such as buttermilk and spongecake instead of swearing, and his pyromania seems to calm down when he starts a relationship with Sue Garland (Gillian Kearney). Veronica appeared in 27 episodes overall. He has two grandchildren, Lip's daughter, Katie Maguire, and an unnamed child of Fiona's. This plan was dashed when Katie's father Lip decided to take a more active role in her life. However, Stella runs away and takes her brother. While negotiating with Baxter their freedom, Monica returns to Chatsworth to take Stella's place in the hostage situation. In the last episode of Series 4, Jamie revealed that he had admitted his guilt in order to get parole so that he could hunt down his father's three former cellmates, who were planning to muscle in on Paddy's territory and dispose of him. After Paddy's departure, Mimi gives birth to her eighth child, Cilla. She tells Ian that her family sees her as a "fuck-up." He now resides in Amsterdam with Fiona. However, it is presumed that Maxine left Chatsworth to live with her father Cameron after her turbulent relationships with Carl and Ian. As Monica feigns bereavement over the baby she "miscarried", and Frank neglecting his newborn son, Stella is forced to take on the role of looking after Ben. He refuses to let Fiona to take his youngest children. During Series 5, Jamie does his best to avoid joining the family business. However, he refused to take it as she sees that he couldn't live without his family and is pleased to see this side. When Carl Gallagher (Elliott Tittensor) and Chesney Karib (Qasim Akhtar) were framed for murder by a local drug-dealer called Jimmy, the Maguires initially decide to remain aloof from the situation, as it was "not their fight". Overall, Mary-Mae appeared in 13 episodes. This gives Fiona a new found respect for her father, since she realizes Frank can't abandon his children. Paddy appeared in 52 episodes in total. Carrie Rogers (real name Wendy Rogers) is one of Chatsworth Estates police officers, she is known to be more aggressive than most of the cops in Chatsworth, views the residents as crooks and will instantly use brute force to get answers, and when she gets herself into trouble tries to seduce anyone who might report her, as the series continues it's shown that she is a crooked cop working for Paddy Maguire (Sean Gilder) to clear her debt by doing favors for him within the force, she leaves Chatsworth in season 6 after receiving a promotion, not before filing a report on Stan Waterman (Warren Donnelly). Lip dates a string of girls throughout the show, even partaking in a sexual affair with Lena Marshall (Brana Bajic), a woman considerably older than he was. Carl is convinced Frank is innocent. He may not have been the best man Fiona had ever dated, but he was by far better than most. He lets Stella play while he finally takes an active role in caring for Ben. He returned in Series 8 for the 100th episode as a guest character. In Series 6, Paddy was briefly abducted by the mother of a teenager who died after using his drugs, who in revenge repeatedly injected Paddy with heroin, causing him to become addicted to the substance. Fiona is a person that doesn't seem to know what she wants. Ruby Hepburn is the niece of Mimi Tutton (Tina Malone). During this time, Karen has continued her destructive affair with Joe, who seemed to have no concerns about her illness or her erratic behavior. She is Frank (David Threlfall) and Monica Gallagher's (Annabelle Apsion) second eldest daughter. Later in the series, she becomes ever more infatuated with Carl. She also is a person upon whom other members of the family can depend. Veronica and Kev then convinced Frank not to allow Sheila to turn herself in to the police. However, having discovered that Veronica's late father had left £5,000 to pay for his daughter's wedding, Veronica and Kev decided to go through with a sham wedding in order to get the wedding money. While Derilee and Baxter solve their differences, Frank and Monica have sex, resulting in Monica falling pregnant with twins. [10] Mickey leaves the show during Series 9 after helping a young lady give birth to a baby. In series 5 a more sensitive side to Mimi is shown after her ex-boyfriend, Paddy, makes a crass comment about her weight. Frank and Liam came into serious conflict in series 7, when Liam was forced by circumstances to take over Debbie's former burden as the de facto head of the family. He appeared in 29 episodes in total. They were shown being brought into a Romanian courthouse.

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