The anime is licensed in North America by NIS America, but was expired and was replaced by Aniplex of America in 2017. Therefore, it makes him good at observing people and coming up with interesting theories about their opponents. He also has an ability to blast away targets and repel enemy attacks. A live action version of Anohana released on the 21st of September in 2015. Goals Menma spends the day with the group, except this time they believe she's there. Friends/Allies He adds that Lev is so special that he couldn’t read him easily, but he is still a powerful asset and an honest but not a bad guy, even though he’s too honest at times. No information Decision Haikyuu!! Gotta See! Shin Uchiha (Clones), Akatsuki Affiliates When she appears to Jinta, she has aged somewhat, but still retains childlike speech patterns and tendencies. Unlike Naruto, he lacks the seal that restrains the Black Nine-Tails, allowing it to greatly augment his power. Kenma would then smile and tell Hinata to stay interesting. Kenma is known as the "brain" of Nekoma for his sharp strategic mind and incredible ability to develop extensive plans against his opponents. At some point, he manage to defeat genjutsu world's counterpart of Yugito Nii and lost the Red Moon Scroll from Jiraiya whom he manages to kill later. An anime film was released in Japanese theaters on August 31, 2013. He has many outstanding features, including his cat-like golden eyes and blond hair with black roots (sometimes referred to as \"Pudding-Head\"). A much more powerful version of it, Great Spiralling Ring is also used which can cause a massive destruction in the impact. Studio Pierrot's production blog suggests that while Naruto took after Kushina, Menma's personality may have once been similar to Minato's. Another can be seen later in the manga when he admits that he tries hard to win for his friends. He is also the jinchūriki of Kurama's counterpart the Black Nine-Tails. The surprise of his movement even catches Kageyama off guard. During one of the later plays, Kenma tries to lure the Sarukawa blockers away from the left but the team catches on and stay in their current formation; forcing Kenma to set to Kai. He hardly ever loses his cool and usually never gets excited or fired up about anything (except Hinata, video games, Lev - in The Arrival of Haiba Lev (OVA), which Kuroo points out, and Yamamoto in the past). Kabuto Yakushi | With both teams line up in front of each other, Hinata is shocked to find Kenma a member of Nekoma. The waves can be bypass the barriers set up by Hakuto Sennin and Nanto Sennin. In the game between Nekoma and Sarukawa Tech, Kenma is ultimately targeted as the main threat to Sarukawa Tech. Kenma is not very approachable and doesn't make friends easily. Occupation Neji Hyūga | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In unison with the Nanto Sennin, it can trap opponents in purple cylindrical barriers. However, unlike Naruto, the events of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack didn't result in his parent's deaths and Menma has his parents in his life. Sasori | 0 1 2. Meiko Honma A dark technique with is very similar to Naruto's Rasengan, except being darker. Menma Gatō | Nadare Rouga | But as things progress, it is realized that Jinta is not the only person in the group who is having trouble letting go of the past. As Karasuno keeps their fast attacks, Nekoma asks for a time-out, where Kenma suggests that all they need to do to stop Hinata is by narrowing his range of movement; they merely keep repeating the same fast move, and all Hinata does is striking where there are no blockers. Ukai replies that it’s because of Nekoma’s stable receives that Kenma can show his real skills. Then one day instead of playing video games, Kenma asked Kuroo what he wanted to do for fun, Kuroo was timid, but excited, as he introduced Kenma to volleyball. It would be at this point that Coach Nekomata would tell first year setter Tamahiko Teshiro to get ready to go into the game. After the players shake hands, Kenma would join the team in thanking Coach Nekomata. Naruto He uses his Great Spiraling Ring, destroying a large part of Konoha and leaves. He then overpowers Naruto. As such, his opponents often fail to realize they have fallen into his trap before it's too late. He overpowers Minato, Kushina and Tsunade. Unnamed Parents In the Manga Since she's a spirit, she always goes barefoot unlike her past self, who always wore simple sandals on her feet. In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Kenma placed 10th with 3,256 votes. Karenbana | Kenma rarely shows emotions; as such, he usually ends up giving a cold impression to others, but it is shown that he does care about his friends and notices small upsets in their behavior. Kageyama and Hinata perform their signature quick strike right off the bat, which leaves everyone traumatized, including Kenma. Occupation Warning: Spoilers for “The Mandalorian” season 2’s premiere episode. Several years later, she appears before Jinta on a summer day. Taka | Mizuki | One defeated, they reverted to their true forms, which are nine masked fox kits that each possess a single tail. The next day, Naruko goes to a karaoke bar with her friends, when a boy forces her to a love hotel. Following Menma's death, Naruto Uzumaki kept the ocarina as a memento. Menma's photos as baby with his parents, which Naruto found on his parents' house that proved that Menma's childhood more stable than his. Kenma Kozume (Japanese: 孤爪 (こづめ) 研磨 (けんま) , Kozume Kenma) was previously a 2nd-year student from Nekoma High. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. His demeanor is noted by Coach Nekomata to be different than usual and, while not concerned about the outcome of the game, is strategizing how to clip a crows wings. When Karasuno reaches match point, Kenma and Lev jump to try to block Tanaka. Akatsuki | Hinata asks if Kenma’s school is strong, and he replies that it was strong in the past and had declined, but lately, it’s been pretty strong. Despite being "dead", she is a very positive, energetic and lively girl. extra, Yamamoto claimed he looked like Sadako while gaming with his black hair covering his face, much to Kenma's dismay. Afterwards, he promises Hinata and Kageyama that they should meet at Nationals again the following year. Kakō | Like the rest of his team, he is flexible and good at receiving the ball. Mōryō | Karin | Before he takes his position to serve, Kenma informs Hinata that Nekoma is strong because of the entire team, not just because of him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He starts to fight Naruto himself and clashes with his Spiralling Ring with the latter's Rasenshuriken. Asked by Wiki User. As the fight comes to an end, Naruto and Menma exchange their final blows and Naruto knocks Menma out. Instead of crying, Menma smiled and chased the embarrassed Jinta. They can also convert back into chakra that will arc through the air from their present location back to Menma. Sasuke Uchiha | As Kurama is beginning to get extracted, Sakura steps in & stops the extraction. JinchurikiRogue ninjaInternational criminal Suigetsu Hōzuki | White Zetsu | October 16, 1995 Suzaku (Vermillion Bird), a bird with elegant and dramatic plumage. She has feelings for Jinta and even when she returned as a ghost, still held those feelings. During his life time he aspired to be an amazing ninja like his grandfather the first hokage hashirama senju he became rivals wit… However, it does not last long as Akaashi is able to bring Bokuto out of his slump and back into the game to eventually win the match. Jinta and Poppo think that Menma's manifestation has been caused by an unresolved wish she had. Height Yamamoto would comment that Kenma was losing to a setter like Kageyama and Kenma states that this is a rude statement, saying that someone like himself couldn't compare to someone as hardworking as Kageyama but would admit that he becomes more interested when he sees something amazing take place before him and the urge to do the same would grow more inside him. Menma Uzumaki (うずまきメンマ, Uzumaki Menma) is a character that appears in Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie as the main antagonist. Answer. Obito Uchiha | Gaara | 孤爪 研磨 Taka | It was never actually shown what happened to Menma, but the anime indicates that she slipped and fell while chasing Jinta and drowned in a river nearby and sadly, they couldn't be able to save her in time. She is extremely childish (although this may partially be down to the fact she died during the childhood and has only recently been 'resurrected'). Home country A missing-nin and S-ranked criminal, Menma is considered a highly dangerous ninja, able to effortlessly defeat other jinchūriki like Yugito Nii as well as several of Konohagakure's top-level ninja. The day of the practice match between Nekoma and Karasuno soon arrives. In this same attack, Hinata attempts to block a fast attack by Nekoma, but surprisingly, Kenma dumps the ball and scores a point for Nekoma.

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