Snotlout! Snotlout, wake up. Tea addict | 22 | leave me out of it | dragons | I’m already in hell but at least there’s tea, Glad you like fluff, ‘cause so do I :) This one’s after the second movie. ", "Hiccup's so smart. Snotlout was able to spot a Typhoomerang. This seems to have improved their relationship as they are friendly conversing in the beginning of the movie. Hah! Shorts: Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon • Gift of the Night Fury • Book of Dragons • Dawn of the Dragon Racers “This is not your fault. (Scene switches to Snotlout and Astrid still fighting. He is willing to risk his life to steal a piece of fire-comb and incur the wrath of the Fireworm Queen in the hopes that having Hookfang eating the fire-comb will help him recover his flames. You hate me. Astrid turned her head back around, staring at her husband with watery eyes. Earning his father's love and approval clearly causes Snotlout a great deal of insecurity and anxiety, and in this way he is similar to Hiccup, though it is unacknowledged, since Snotlout either keeps it to himself or is in denial about his father's clearly unfair treatment of him. All Razorwhips are born blind. Man, they really don't like us. And if the females sense any sort of male presence there, they will attack. I'm sure he's fine. (25 Aug 2017). Oh, no! Atali: Perfect. He still wins the Thawfest Games, but only because Hiccup allows him to. I'll avenge, "I can't miss! You know Snotlout. What did Snotlout say to Astrid in "Snotlouts Angels"? Atali: If you'll excuse me for a moment, I have some business to attend to. Are you insane? Tuffnut: Wait, so, you didn't see the angelic flying native women? The two boys soon shook hands and became friends in the end. Astrid should be here taking some notes. Astrid: Sorry. The villagers celebrate when they assume he is dead, but groan when Snotlout awakens briefly to claim he had captured Alvin the Treacherous. Quote With Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T.J. Miller. Atali: Unfortunately, your friend has found himself in a Razorwhip nesting area. Astrid: Then, we can go in and rescue Snotlout's boneheaded butt while they're still distracted. All right. I swear. Hiccup, on the other hand, was only just getting his bearings and thinking about whether or not he should go talk to Astrid, to get her away from here. Snotlout, despite hearing Hiccup command a retreat in the practice drill, orders Hookfang to shoot gobber's catapult. Snotlout. Hiccup: All right, are we all just gonna sit here and pretend nothing's wrong? He appears to consider himself the smartest and strongest of the teens and wants to be praised and admired accordingly, despite the others usually considering him an annoying, immature idiot with a colossal ego. She didn’t even try to pull away from Ruff. Atali: Oh, I'm afraid we couldn't reveal that, Snotlout. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Some people do not take the game as seriously as they should. He had gone and said the wrong thing, just like he aways did. Bring everything you got! Dragon Species: Night Fury • Deadly Nadder • Gronckle • Monstrous Nightmare • Hideous Zippleback • Typhoomerang • Thunderdrum • Hotburple • Fireworm • Scauldron • Whispering Death • Smothering Smokebreath • Changewing • Screaming Death • Fireworm Queen • Flightmare • Skrill • Lead Stinger • Speed Stingers • Stormcutter • Bewilderbeast • Seashocker • Razorwhip, How to Train Your Dragon 2: For The Dancing And The Dreaming • Where No One Goes • Into A Fantasy I'll show Alvin who's a conqueror. You know, put 'em at ease. Take off that beautiful native woman costume, Fishface. She must have gotten separated from her mother. Snotlout: Well, if I'm not dead, then where's Hookfang? He has grown up, looking more like his father, and seems to be a bit less arrogant and obnoxious. Snotlout: So, this sacred stew, what exactly makes it so "sacred"? That helped! Well, guess what, baby? This just means that… that we’ll be a different kind of pair, one that’ll lead Berk in as many new ways as we’re able to. Astrid: I'll find Snotlout. For some reason I like pain. Follow us. Minden: (confused) Who is this Fishface he speaks of? Atali: My Wingmaidens rescued you from a terrible storm. At all. Just a few final ingredients and it will be ready to ingest. Snotlout: (squeaks) Yes? Heather: If he's still alive, we need to get to him before he says anything to make them any more angry. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Snotlout, although defensive, was looking a touch on the guilty side now. How to Train Your Dragon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Ruffnut: Now we're talking. You'd have to kill me? Surprised…. And it was then that our Wingmaiden tribe was charged with a divine mission. Although Snotlout seemed to only feel romantically towards Fishlegs when Fishlegs was hypnotized into thinking he was a courageous hero. In Gem of a Different Color, Gustav's mother, Mrs. Larson, traded Gustav to Snotlout in exchange for a 'Stone of Good Fortune', which was actually a Changewing egg. He often mocks him for his ideas, or dragon knowledge, or sometimes even hurts or intimidates him. The Snot can take- (huge crash of lightning and thunder) I was kidding! Snotlout is shown to respect his father deeply, though their relationship is fairly rocky. When Hiccup "grounds" him, he shows anger and flies off on Hookfang to an island and is attacked by the Screaming Death, and gets knocked unconscious. Mmm! Heather, were you aware that nearly a thousand years ago, the Razorwhip almost became extinct? But you're one of us. Astrid: There's something about them. You're worried about Snotlout. But you also need ro remember that fact that Hiccup doesnt really care if someone insults him. He is one of Hiccup's friends. You feel me on that? Let's try again. Nothing. You guys relax, I'll go. We are not here to harm you, but to ask how it is you find yourselves within our island's borders. Atali: Your dragon was once a part of our family. Now. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I won’t get angry or yell, you know I’m not that kind of person.”. Feature films ", "How long do I have to keep my tongue in here? That's all I had to do. I mean, seriously. The Twins have been shown to be friends with Snotlout, sometimes helping him with pranks and tricks. I'm all guts. Snotlout could not have been more mortified— What had he said to make her cry? He even goes as far as to kiss Fishlegs. My name is Atali. Ever.”, “Ahh, see? "H-hey, where are you—?” he stopped, too late to catch her as his wife swung a leg over Stormfly’s saddle and took off in a matter of seconds. Under Hiccup's tutelage, he successfully befriends a Monstrous Nightmare, which he flies during the battle with the Red Death, though he is knocked off and forced to attack its eyes head on (and is somewhat successful). Why would you? Snotlout then got the entire village to get Hiccup to have dragon races instead of the Regatta. Wait a minute. Hiccup: Uh. And when we go, Hookfang and I are gonna light the sky on-- FIRE!! However, during one of the races, Snotlout causes Astrid to crash and break her arm. Hiccup: What the- What the- Are are those-. But it looked like Astrid was one step ahead of him. No more cleaning Hookie's body parts with your favorite axe. Season 2: Double Finked • Divewings • Mecha-Menace • Summer Holiday • Treasure Riders • Puff Enuf • Hot, Hot, Hot • High Anxiety • King Burple • Charged Up • Belly Flop • Game of Horns. Ruffnut: Hey, at least he'll die surrounded by beautiful women and the smell of sacred stew. Just sounded like the right response. This conflict was especially seen when Snotlout, Hiccup and Toothless were caught in a storm and ended up on Outcast Island. Jun 30, 2016 - Explore Phyllis Poston's board "Snotlout", followed by 2201 people on Pinterest. What do you think snotlout said to Astrid. That's right! Snotlout yet again defied Hiccup's commands and repeated his mistake, but freeing the Screaming Death's mother from Dagur in the process. Snotlout has a major crush on Astrid in the series and first film, and is shown to flirt a lot with her. Deep down, Snotlout has a difficult-to-see respect for Hiccup. Okay. Although not much is explained, Snotlout seemed to respect his chieftain. Is that you? We didn't know. Do you know how many axes there are on this island? In the television series, one of Snotlout's more outstanding traits is his adversarial relationship with Hiccup, whom he often deliberately disrespects and ridicules. Snotlout: (pleading) Okay, not the ear hair. "Come on, Hookfang. I knew you would. Hiccup’s shoulders sagged. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. This was because the Jorgenson clan had won every Thawfest so far, and he did not want his own son being the first to lose. Snotlout: He obviously handpicked me to come to Valhalla, so he must want to hang out with the Snotman, catch up, lay down some warrior gifts on me. Hiccup: Searching for something. “Babe… just let it go, it’s only Snotlout-” Hiccup was desperately trying to get his new wife to ease up on her temper, but Astrid was too far into this argument to back out now. Atali: I am Atali. You came for me. You hate me. Now what exactly is it that you said to them to get them so mad at you?

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