Audit. Academic Suspension for Continuing Students  Students who are on Academic Warning and who fail to meet the criteria necessary for continued enrollment will be suspended. Documentation may be by mail, by fax, or hand-delivered, but it must be in writing. The appeal must be accompanied by evidence the student believes supports the conclusion that the dismissal was impermissibly or arbitrarily assigned. Students engage with communities across the region as they practice their profession in real-world environments. No fee will be assessed if the examination is being used to validate transfer credits or when the student is enrolled full-time during a fall or spring semester. Students may take up to 12 hours of special topic credit in a single department/program. Instructors are required to report ‘last day of attendance’ on the final grade roster if a final grade other than a passing grade is submitted. Credit earned in MATH 100 will not count toward the 120-128 hours required for graduation. There are a lot of reasons to transfer to Western Carolina University. Students will receive information about the Learning Contract option with their notice of suspension and must respond by the contract’s deadline to continue for a second semester. The following procedures detail the steps for appealing a final assigned grade (whether or not that grade results in dismissal from the Graduate School). Any schedule that exceeds 12 hours (or 6 hours during any one session or 4 hours during the mini-mester) constitutes an overload and must be approved by the student’s advisor or department head and the appropriate administrators as indicated on the request and approval form. Applications for the two-year rule may be obtained from the Advising Center and submitted to that office prior to the initial term of re-enrollment. No course passed with a C- or less prior to these two semesters will count toward the 120, 122, or 128 hours required for a degree. If the two-year rule is applied, all courses completed before the interruption are treated as if they were transferred from another institution. Academic Standing considers both qualitative (GPA) and quantitative (percent completion) measures. Students seeking to continue must notify the Registrar’s Office. In order to perform calculation, Academic Action Appeal Procedure Overview: Students who wish to appeal a final assigned grade or dismissal from an academic program for any reason other than academic dishonesty should follow, in order, the academic appeal procedure outlined below. No right of appeal is available beyond the Provost. To be eligible, a student must be at least a sophomore and have a GPA of 2.0 or above. This option is not available to first-semester freshmen and new transfer students who earn a cumulative GPA below a 1.0. letter/alpha grades will be converter to numbers as per 4.00 scale (see the table below). A student (undergraduate or graduate) has the right to appeal a final assigned grade or dismissal from a program level. Individual elements (e.g., assignments, tests, activities, projects) which contribute to a final grade are generally NOT subject to appeal or subsequent review during a final grade appeals procedure. Click the Calculate button to display the required mark as well as the best possible grade. The credit awarded is not applicable to the university’s residency requirement. Post-Graduation Registration. Generally, transfer students must have earned a minimum GPA of 2.0 (C average) on all work attempted. No action by the student within five (5) business days of the meeting with the instructor shall constitute a mutual resolution and waiver of the student’s rights to appeal pursuant to the Academic Integrity Policy. There is no limit on the credit hours a student may earn in S/U grades except that imposed by the types of courses approved for such grading. Credit in these courses varies from one to four credit hours, to be determined by the department for each offering. An end-of-course evaluation of student work is required in every credit course. The instructor, department head, Academic Integrity Board, and/or academic Dean may not permanently remove the student from the course or suspend/expel the student from a program or the University. Students are encouraged to discuss these absences with the faculty member prior to the end of the drop/add period in case the absence will unavoidably keep the student from completing the requirements of the course. These results suggest that most successful applicants to WCU have primarily A and high B grades. After consultation with their academic advisor and the instructor of the course, a student may withdraw from any course prior to the expiration of one-half of the term. Evidence might include papers, tests, syllabi, or written documentation. Freshmen with above-average ability in chemistry are encouraged to take a chemistry placement examination. This agreement provides that a student who enrolls at a NCCC institution fall 1997 or later, and completes his/her home institution’s 44 semester hours of general education requirements with a grade of C or better in each course, is guaranteed that those hours will be applied toward a baccalaureate degree at any UNC institution. The GPA for honors is computed only on work completed at Western Carolina University. An appeal to the Provost is only allowed if the student can establish a reasonable basis that the appeal procedures were not followed, discrimination of a protected class has occurred, and/or a student’s exercise of rights guaranteed by the First Amendment has been violated. Registration occurs prior to the beginning of each semester at dates/times announced by the University Registrar. The admissions data in the graph is self-reported by applicants to Western Carolina University. In case of student appeal, or academic integrity violation the final grade may be determined by the appropriate appeal body as part of sanctions (see Academic Integrity Policy). the death of an immediate family member, or pre-arranged absence for religious observance, excused absences are granted for university events including performances and events sanctioned by the Chancellor to promote the image of the university, regularly scheduled university team competitions (athletic and otherwise) including postseason play (practices and training sessions are excluded) and, in addition, student engagement sponsored by the institution and approved by the Provost (e.g., research presentations and performances at national conferences or events). Students are responsible for dropping a course, if that is their intent, to avoid a grade of W or F. Student appeals resulting from emergencies or other extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the department head or by the appropriate dean or designee. The Associate Dean will serve as ex officio (non-voting) chair of this committee. Students and faculty members serving on boards for each college will be selected by each college Dean. Grade changes must be submitted by the instructor and approved by the instructor’s department head and dean. In case of transfer hours from other institutions, a student must earn the appropriate GPA in all courses taken at Western Carolina University in order to graduate with honors. Students in this category are subject to course-related sanctions imposed by the instructor, department head, Academic Integrity Board, and/or academic Dean and University-level sanctions imposed by the Department of Student Community Ethics for multiple violations of University policies. If the student does not attend the scheduled meeting with the department head, the matter will be heard in absentia and shall not be subject to further review and/or appeal. Western Carolina’s unique mountain location helps fuel a vibrant campus community with more than 170 student clubs and organizations as well as a busy performing arts calendar and the campus’s own adventure guide service. Raise the cumulative GPA to good standing (2.0). The semester hours used to calculate the total of 140 hours include repeated, failed, and transferred credit courses. Course withdrawals must be completed in the student portal (MyWCU). The average GPA at Western Carolina University is 3.78. If the instructor is no longer employed by the university, the department head will remove the I upon completion of the stated requirements. Students should apply to graduate during the semester prior to the semester in which they will complete degree requirements. If the request seems appropriate, the student will be provided with guidelines for preparing a portfolio which the committee will review to determine the conditions and amount of credit to be awarded. Extenuating circumstances may include: death or serious illness within the immediate family, major life event in the family (e.g. Faculty who sponsor outside activities may request other faculty to excuse students from their classes so they may attend the outside event. On Sept. 17, a Western Carolina University student created a petition to implement a pass/fail grading system. If the student feels one of these conditions applies, s/he must file a written appeal to the Provost explaining the situation that warrants this level of appeal. When appropriate, students should use the University’s grade replacement policy to improve their academic standing (excluding the First Year Seminar).

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