Using a Sailboat Boom Vang in Sailing. - Bungs (depending upon boat type). The forward tank has a full-height bulkhead like the Mark I. Review of West Wight Potter 19 Sailboat. - Tiller + Tiller Extension, Rudder Over 11,000 have been produced as of 2016. Next, it's time for the rudder. Longer trips are undertaken by enthusiasts, notably the late Frank Dye who sailed W48 'Wanderer' from Scotland to Iceland and Norway, crossing the North Sea twice. fully Made in GRP with no woodwork it has a removable aft storage tank, a self draining cockpit, and a spinnaker chute. The idea is to take it from the back of the boom as we did, without the half hitches (Photo 29), then take it along the length of the boom. [11], An updated version (incorporating the 2008 design improvements by Phil Morrison of the Mark IV) is scheduled to begin future production in Canada; the "Wayfarer Cruiser" includes an optional Asymmetrical spinnaker, which would not be allowed in racing. though as to how legal the latter is under the Class Rules nowadays. Beauchamp, Alternatives to the Mark the already have x��\Y���-�������Hv�����}� yq�@��r`�!?UM6Yݬ>fw%A��G���d�ًN����C���������w׿���/�����/��i�ӿ��/����q���껝�b�F��G�WPWF����8r�r���������-|)��_I�=�}t1v^�\}#K:!�K�G�Fv�M��QC�8����H��9�N����K�A�$Cu2Fax|�����ګ �>��G/H�g؍�V��\������f2��vE���V�Y�_��������%����F�&5H���JH�<>�p�Ḧ́18m\}o��>���=����&�}�&W?��L-`K-�����[ ���.M^hX�Ǹ�A)i�K�4,���{�KӉ��>V�^(\4@Xt�46�� 7�f�k�]� �_�|���J�ۉ��d��C'�C,�4 � p��> �tg��c�D���F�yJ�'I��@�1R(R�޹ �&�� '�)-������5J�6"U��'X�U� �$�������F This provides a good compromise between stability and ease of construction. We purchased the fold out leaflet entitled “Unfold the Wayfarer” but the images are extremely small, particularly for the setting up and rigging page, and it’s difficult to see the detail. The Parts of the Boat. Does anyone know if there are better images or if the leaflet is available digitally so the images can be enlarged? How to Use a Topping Lift. When out sailing, pull this and hook it on to keep the rudder blade down - if the rudder hits the bottom, the elastic will come into play and allow the blade to move backwards. Photo 31, Alternative to secure the basic outhaul, Photo 34, The better outhaul fed to the cockpit. Check that the buckets … We've then tied this off and secured it with a series of hitches (Photos 27 and 28). [9][15] The Mark IV is also available in the United States.[13][14]. They have several internal bouyancy tanks, and usually a back hatch which can be used for storage. About Us - This is probably one of the most common things that is forgotten when rigging a boat, and how embarassing is it to pull the sail all the way to the top, and finish rigging to look around and spot the battens lying on the floor? Drop the rudder onto it's pintles carefully (Photo 45), and then feed the tiller into the top of the rudder (Photo 46). There are however plenty of spare cleats, so it's easy to add one if you wish. It has been pointed out by some experienced sailors that designs closer to the original Mark 1 boats are more suitable for cruising because of their better stability and storage spaces. Barques have three masts. of the lowest part of the wire loop attached to the tail. [3][4] The Wayfarer's size, stability and seaworthiness have made it popular with sailing schools, and led it to be used as a family boat in a wide variety of locations. As always, remember if you are buying a boat that it may not always come as class legal - we are kindly borrowing these boats from a sailing school and they may not fall to form on class regulations. The large floor space with flat floorboards and good clearance under thwart makes the Mark I a comfortable boat for two people to sleep in, when a boom-tent is erected for shelter. Learn How to Sail a Small Sailboat – 1. - Battens We're going to rig the boat from the front to the back, and we're doing it on dry land as it wasn't a windy day. Reduced clearance under the thwart made this boat uncomfortable to sleep in. Suggested wire: main halyard: about 22' of 3/32" 7 x 19 stainless steel wire (more than 22' if your halyard exits at the foot of the mast!) Ketches, yawls, brigs, and schooners have two masts. In contrast to other GRP models, this version has a large hatch to the forward buoyancy compartment useful for stowage when cruising, and a forward bulkhead extending right up to the foredeck level. The other end is taken around the sheave at the end of the boom (Photo 32), through the clew eyehole in the sail, and then secured to the end of the boom - there is a small notch in the back of the boom which when used with a knot in the rope can secure the outhaul (Photo 33). On this boat, the bungs have been tied together, through the rudder pintle with a short length of cord. Doubly so when you're doing a rigging guide! raised, the supporting part of the halyard (between the shackle at the - Mast, Spreaders, Shroud, and Forestay (unless you've bought from new, these should all be together) - Photos 1, 2 and 6 Photo 10, Attaching the mainsheet block to the traveller, Photo 11, Mainsheet block attached to traveller. Wysiwig - Wayfarer 8767 - Rigging Guide GENERAL NOTES Before you go afloat, make sure that the self-bailer is closed. //728x90, created 21/01/08 Sailing - This may not look very secure - but when under tension, it will not come out. How far should the bowsprit be able to extend. We purchased the fold out leaflet entitled “Unfold the Wayfarer” but the images are extremely small, particularly for the setting up and rigging page, and it’s difficult to see the detail. The boat uses a retractable centreboard. system They're easy to rig too, which you're about to find out! [16][17][18] This is the reason many cruising sailors prefer the older Wayfarer versions. The mast is held in a tabernacle, which when rigged with a tackle on the forestay allows the mast to be lowered to pass beneath bridges. 12/11/2016 at 1:07 am … Assemble the kicker as shown (Photos 38 to 41 inclusive) or as necessary if yours is different (get in touch with us if you are stuck with yours). As a glass fibre (GRP) constructed boat, they can be expensive for what they are, and don't take kindly to damage as well as the more modern rotomoulded one-design boats from Laser, Topper and RS. The middle Where are you located? below: If you Photo 18, Attaching the jib halyard with a rope stopper, Photo 20, Jibsheets through the fairleads, Photo 21, Feed the jibsheets through the jammers. [C], One-design racing is active and competitive — regionally, nationally and internationally.[8]. Photo 22, Secure the jibsheet wiht a knot, Photo 23, Feed the mainsail car into the boom track, Photo 24, Secure the tack of the mainsail, Photo 25, Attaching the basic outhaul to the boom. Other boats of this model are still racing after 60 years, and new ones can still be purchased today (on a custom basis) from Porter Brothers. cascade system boom vang (kicker). Don't tension the kicker too much while you're on land, if it's windy and you tighten it, the force going through the sail into the boom can only make it jump from side to side with a lot of force, but if you leave the kicking strap loose the boom can jump up and down with the wind also, so it will move around side to side less, effectively depowering it and lowering the chance of someone getting knocked out! If in doubt - get a copy of the Class Rules which can be found on the Wayfarer Class assocation website and measure for yourself. Copyright © Caution Water 2008. You should have some method to secure the tiller into the rudder stock, as you can see on ours its a split or clevis pin, through a hole in each (Photo 47). Thus, the sails are light and at the same time, the flow can be positioned accu-rately. Boom: Spar at the bottom of the mainsail Shrouds: Pieces of standing rigging that hold the mast up from side to side (See next page for diagram… Once a favourite boat of many sailing schools due to its size and stability, the Wayfarer has since lost out due to the more modern designs such as the Topper Magno, Topper Omega, Laser Stratos or RS Vision. Mac on Spinnaker Layout, Derwyn Hughes on Over 11,000 have been produced as of 2016. The forward buoyancy compartment has a gap above it and under the foredeck. google_ad_height = 90; Finally, ensure all self-bailers are up, and all bungs are secured. _gos='';_goa=602360; Secure the tack eyehole to the boom using a split pin (Photo 24), then secure the outhaul at the other end. 5 0 obj Rationale: question 'Yeah, that's a gaff brig, and that a Bermuda cutter' - If you don't know what this means … How to Rig Your Small Sailboat and Prepare to Sail. We didn't rig a downhaul on this boat as it isn't usually rigged up with one, as it's a training boat. one end of your new 3/32" halyard wire. ��p]�? For yawls or ketches, the arguments alter a little, since two reefing options emerge; one is to balance a reefed main with a staysail as in a cutter, the other to balance the mizzen with the jib, having furled the main and staysail. The boat is now in the collection of the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in Falmouth. on Rig It Right, Mike Take the sheet up to the block on the underside of the boom, from front to back through the block, then back to the lower block, and back to front through this block (Photo 14); this is for an aft-main rig arrangement (Photo 15), yours' might be different if it's centremain. Genuine Wayfarers can be identified by the "W" symbol on their sails. We supply everything you need to maintain your wayfarer and accessorise it from fittings, to systems, and from sails to covers and trolleys Trident UK Wayfarer Parts Catalogue We use cookies to make your experience better. Wayfarer River Trent Mini-Adventure pt 1, Gunthorpe - Hazelford - Duration: 2:41. _got=6;_goi=19;_goz=0;_gol='web server statistics';_GoStatsTrack();_GoStatsRun(). I don’t know the leaflet you are referring to, but the best few quid you can spent is ordering the Wayfarer Book through this web site. The design is intended to be more modern and spacious inside, and easier to right and drain after a capsize. If you do not close it then water may fill up to the level of the floorboards before you realise what is going on. [9], The Wayfarer World was introduced in 1997 and was designed as a collaboration between Ian Proctor and his son Keith. Rigs with one mast are sloops and cutters. Whatever Wayfarer you are rigging, get it right and you can have a great day cruising, racing or just playing around! Over its history several versions of the Wayfarer have been developed, as follows. neater by removing about six inches of mast groove in the appropriate now defunct Harken magic box, Ton Jaspers: the [5], From the original wooden design by Ian Proctor in 1957[6] many subsequent versions of the Wayfarer have been produced. Article by Vanessa Bird, author of Classic Classes . The forward compartment had a small circular inspection hatch thus removing much of the useful dry stowage space. The Mark I has no side buoyancy, and consequently does not suffer from a tendency to invert when capsized that plagued later models. authorised kits, using the measured templates and jigs supplied, with a hull and deck made from plywood. My bowsprit stops about … Does anyone know if there are better images or if the leaflet is available digitally so the images can be enlarged?

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