You agreed trolling can be both good or bad. Bio: The wasteland has not treated Shion well. Clear editor. Look how supportive you are when it comes to Romance in RPG and that involves RP within the game as the relationship is a virtual one? Skills...Shotguns,safecracking and alarm expert, smart-ass, weaponsmithing, Gale Robertson a 48 year old woman- Not a lot can be said about Gale, wears a hood and bandanna on her face, doesn't talk much and keeps a gold locket around her neck at all times. - Apart from having a descriptive box during character creation giving the player a very brief idea of the world they are going into, it would be cool to have a minimized world map that you can enlarge/minimize to also get your bearing of the world. However, her luck ran out and she was held up by a group of bandits who claimed that she was a con, selling them overpriced and malfunctioning devices. It was fun for a little while, but I couldn't keep it up. Hiro & Bruce: There's a private message section where you two love birds can engage more intimately with one another. That's the way Wasteland 2 combat system works. He and Maria formed a bond and have been inseparable since. So please don't make stuff up. In one of the previews, they mention that an npc asks you questions about your past and your answers go into your biography page. I did like the subtle differences in BG1 with the different classes. He used his quick thinking and ability to manipulate others to protect himself and the other slaves from the Bandit masters. Absolutely loving it as well. The resulting biography is written in free text rather than confined to tables and charts. Alternatively, use notepad and alt-tab to it. Something similar is in Neverwinter (MMO) iirc. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. 4) It gives the Player "control" over their own character (most modern games use "vanity" as a way to give the player control over their characters.   Your previous content has been restored. He was drafted #1 and was destined for the Hall of Fame. Also many times the game will place you in a situation with no choices your "idealized" character would actually make. As he grew up he was tasked with defending the stores from shoplifters and in turn became a skilled expert in melee combat with a broom and mop. Writing custom bios and all is great, but the game cant read my custom bio and it will never have any bearing in my game except in my head. To rescue him use Brute Force skill or shovel on the closest totem (that further from bridge). Yeah, was only planning on sitting for a few hours with Wasteland 2 but apparently time decided to run away and I accidently pulled an all-nighter playing it. But Karkarov is right. × You can post now and register later. I have created many characters in Wasteland 2, but only written what I think is a proper story for 1 character.I know Pillars of Eternity will have some sort of banter early-game that creates your characters backstory so maybe this idea isn't entirely actual for Eternity, but I wanted to throw the ball here as well as I think it's a valuable addition... just in case it works.It's an "Easily Implementable Idea" as well.I think it is something to consider... what do you think? It has become an extension of her. LARPing: You like to roleplay? haha, Thanks for sharing! You like to immerse yourself? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Hmmm Osvir.... LARPing is probably not the word you were looking for there. For a single player RPG it is better off just to let the game handle origin and hope it lets you weigh in a bit then roll with the punches while keeping a basic idea of how you want to behave/view the world. Ah but you are misunderstanding something, my intention with my post was just to make you laugh. There is a difference, the former is malicious and the latter is not. "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -  George Bernard Shaw, "What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It might impact how you play the character and how you respond to events if you know your character's background, personality and beliefs. Give some pointers or hints about the world in some descriptive tooltip-box of some kind during Character Creation. He met up with Maria when her village was under attack from bandits. I put on my robe and wizard hat.... jokes aside, "LARPing" is a bit of a stretch, a poor choice of words I suppose. True trolling is where you just want to upset someone. The harsh realities of the world have not extinguished her naivety. It'll prove a bit difficult perhaps but I'm enjoying myself like this! Distant and cold, she rarely speaks. He used to be the leader of a large group of people prior to joining the Rangers. For example I generally play a Chaotic Good type personality who believes in doing the right thing but also considers the financial benefit to quests and decisions, And I'm not trolling, I'm having some fun at your expense. Wasteland 2 has a very nice chargen, there's lots of pieces you can put together to create the character. This is so much more fun now! Premade stories is something we're getting in Pillars of Eternity (as it seems from reading the preview articles): The whole NPC Banter early game that defines who your character is sounds like premade stories that you puzzle together to shape something. Perhaps the NPC Background Banter uses some key words only that you can't Edit (due to them being important to the story of the character later on, or can be used in dialogue later on), but maybe there are other sections of the background that are open-ended and can be played around with. I like to immerse myself in video games but LARPing while playing video games may be going a little too far for me. Hana Lands 'Hana Lands' wasn't originally part of the group together with 'Kirkwall' and 'Longbow'. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Characters:Randall MacCaulleyCall sign: FaceSiblings: UnknownRole: Negotiator. He learned at a young age that speech was the most powerful weapon he possessed. Appearance, name, clothes etc.). tsk tsk. Regardless, these are important things for the Player to be able to insert their character into the world authentically.The idea for Pillars of Eternity & Wasteland 2:Make it a bit easier, accessible, for the Player to write their backstory. However, because of his brittle bones he's been forced to sharpen his perception and make every second count. For those who prefer prose to tables. Vance Kirkwall A veteran of the wastes. Ok then'  I just cannot get too married to a character concept before I actually play. Yeah, this seems like an interesting way to make it "matter". It seems your bio is prepared for you at the start and can have an effect during the game which is pretty cool. Of course, you can tell him to mind his own business. As things went south, in the blink of an eye the bandits laid face-down in the dust. Generate a biography for a fiction character. During a botched raid on a homestead Randall seized the opportunity to kill his owner and earned his freedom. Not for me to have a laugh. I get more invested and immersed writing a backstory.The thing is, I don't think the majority of gamers will alt+tab out of the game and research the story/lore to be able to write a "proper" character or even write anything at all. Upload or insert images from URL. The resulting biography is written in free text rather than confined to tables and charts. You get to go BEFORE enemies in combat, and you go MORE OFTEN. Yet. She sees him as a younger brother. How do you play a role if you don't get to play that role? After repelling the raiders invading her village she discovered her father had been killed. 'Hana' soon discovered that her bodyguards were worth as much as the junk she had been selling and stood face-to-face with the smoking barrel of an assault rifle.

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