MOCTESUMA ESPARZA: We made this movie to be an actual manual on how to organize, you know, what the risks are, what has to be thought of, and what could happen, and what needs to be done. And so, I’ve been getting back reports continually that many young people have seen this film and have been inspired by its message and are applying its tactics and strategies to the current situation. So we went on it very methodically. Can you talk about the coverage in 1968? And today, it’s getting its wake-up call. There’s a new element here, it seems to me, which is the role of the media, not so much the English-language corporate media, but the Spanish-language media. She actually worked at [inaudible] High School when I was there. Courtesy of Marc Ferrari/Mastersource. That group eventually changed its name into Young Chicanos for Community Action and then evolved into the Brown Berets and UMAS. AMY GOODMAN: An excerpt of the film, Walkout, courtesy of HBO. Los Angeles Unified School District Chief Roy Romer warns students, starting today, that you will be treated as truants if you don’t turn up for class or if you walk out. White Voters Failed Dems, Arizona’s Blue Shift Rooted in Years of Grassroots Latinx Organizing Against GOP’s Xenophobia, Mondaire Jones, One of First Two Openly Gay Black Congressmen, Backs Expanding Supreme Court, Election Too Close to Call: Biden Underperforms & Trump Stokes Chaos, Claiming False Victory, Tracking the Presidential Election: See the Latest Vote Count, State by State. And we portrayed this experience in the movie. Thanks to CYLC, the Chicano Youth Leadership Conference, I met up with more than 20 schools. The people who were involved as part of the leadership of 1968, and who continued their younger brothers and sisters, because there were walkouts all the way to 1972, 1974, on a fairly regular basis, all of them have a social conscience that continues to this day. Napster and the Napster logo are registered trademarks of Rhapsody International Inc. JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings. They wanted to do something, and so what we did at that point as college students was provide them context and assist them. Many date the modern Chicano movement to the walkouts when some 20,000 teenagers took to the streets, Many of the students who participated in the walkouts went on to successful careers in politics, academia and the arts. SAL CASTRO: Well, the Mexican American community has long been referred to as the sleeping giant. They became known as the East LA 13. And the results were just combustible. And the police violence was extreme. to The English Patient which wouldn't come about for more than 25 The most memorable of these, however, are far more than just rousing soundtracks for fighters ritualistically marching toward The Octagon. We welcome you to Democracy Now! TEACHER: Paula, get back in your seat, please. This is a rush transcript. SAL CASTRO: Yes, I am Sal Castro, and, no, I didn’t orchestrate the walkouts. JUAN GONZALEZ: Moctesuma, the impact of not only the student protests, but these massive demonstrations throughout the country of the Latino community responding to the debate and to the draconian proposals for immigration restriction. They became known as the East L.A. 13. Can't Hide Your Love Forever. And we then gave ourselves the assignments for each campus to mentor the high school students of a particular high school. more enjoyable march ("The Game's Afoot"). [includes rush transcript]. It was released on November 16, 2018 through Sony Classical Records. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for The Great White Hype - Original Soundtrack on AllMusic - 1996 They Might Be Giants, the I think all it took was people to say ’Let’s mobilize, let’s get organized, let’s get these things moving.’ And the leadership, I think, is getting to the point where it’s engendering new leadership. And despite the consequences, we’re still going to do this, because we have a voice, and we’re not afraid to use it. So, you made this film. And Esparza’s real-life daughter, Tonantzin Esparza, plays Vickie Castro, a protester who went on to become a principal and a school board member. These were rival stations that probably were competing, you know. MOCTESUMA ESPARZA: Good morning, Amy. Delaware’s Sarah McBride Wins Election as 1st Openly Trans State Lawmaker in U.S. Trump Administration Officially Withdraws U.S. from Paris Climate Accord, Extinction Rebellion Protesters in Spain Demand Action to Protect Biodiversity, “Let the People Pick the President”: The Case for Abolishing the Electoral College, “We Never Made It to the Polls”: Police in North Carolina Pepper-Spray Voting March, Arresting Eight, Glenn Greenwald Resigns from The Intercept, Citing “Censorship” of His Story on Hunter Biden. 20), Until SeptemberIntrada (Special Collection Volume 90). But I do agree with Moctesuma, it took a lot longer. The Corn is Green and Until So, once I graduated from high school in 1967, and we had been trying to organize while I was still in school, all of us were — the membership was from all East L.A. schools — we continued organizing. Walkabout soundtrack from 1964-1984, composed by John Barry. He’s now the Mayor of Los Angeles. Remembering Veteran Middle East Correspondent Robert Fisk, Jelani Cobb on the History of U.S. Election Violence & Joe Biden’s Moral Imperative on Civil Rights, Watch: Confirmation Hearing for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett–Day 1, From 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike to Teachers’ Strikes in OK & KY Today, Workers Demand a Voice, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License, Trump’s Path to Victory Narrows as Biden Nears 270 Electoral College Votes, Trump “Claims” Battleground States as Campaign Sues to Stop Vote Counting, Trump Supporters in Arizona: “Count the Vote!” In Michigan: “Stop the Count!”, Hundreds Arrested at Protests Against Trump’s Bid to Steal Election, Balance of Power in U.S. Senate Hangs on Two Georgia Races, Democrats Mull Replacing Nancy Pelosi with Hakeem Jeffries as House Speaker, New Mexico House Delegation Will Be All Women of Color in Historic First, United States Daily Coronavirus Infections Top 100,000, Worst Toll of Pandemic, Italy and Kenya Become Latest Nations to Order New Coronavirus Lockdowns, Hospitals on Both Sides of U.S.-Mexico Border Reach Capacity Amid, Denmark to Kill Millions of Mink Infected with Mutant Coronavirus. Of course, I was also involved in 1968, and I remember my walking out. End User Agreement. And they made all of their decisions. They wanted to be organized. “Walkout”–a new HBO film tells the story of the 1968 walkout by high school Chicano students in East Los Angeles to protest academic prejudice and dire school conditions. I think they started to close-mike the recording sessions, adding a touch of We do not accept funding from advertising, underwriting or government agencies. This is an excerpt. [15], Venom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Tenet: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, "Mike WiLL Made-It to Curate 'Creed II' Soundtrack (EXCLUSIVE)", "Here Are the A-List Guests Mike Will Made-It Got for the 'Creed 2' Soundtrack", "Mike Will Made-It Teases Kendrick Lamar. I went to UCLA. All rights reserved. LUIS RODRIGUEZ: And let me just add, this is education. We’re organizing. his best, with a haunting choir and lyrical themes. Plays between the eleventh and twelfth rounds of the final match. We rely on contributions from our viewers and listeners to do our work. Killed Cock Robin". And, you know, what was done to him was brutal and awful, but the police there, you know, had at least some modicum of provocation. Students were forbidden from speaking Spanish in class or from using the restrooms during lunchtime. I mean, it makes Rodney King look like a picnic, really, because Rodney King was a gentleman who was evading arrest. Courtesy of Counter Records. We’re going to walk out on Cesar Chavez’s birthday. He is now executive producer of a new HBO film about the 1968 protest, simply titled Walkout. It was vital, because it gave us the ability to show HBO that what we were re-creating was absolutely accurate and real. JASMINE CHAVEZ: It was beautiful. modern-day Sherlock Holmes comedy, has an enjoyable main theme - but an even Falling by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) Deliverance. And then they turned on their televisions, and they looked at the papers, and they didn’t see any of those images. [7] In a statement about the soundtrack, Mike Will said: There was a time where movie soundtracks had people just as excited as an artist’s album, and that’s the feeling I was going for when creating this project alongside Ludwig Göransson and Fam Rothstein. I was a founder of UMAS there. No Sunshine DMX • Exit wounds Movie Soundtrack 5:17 0:30 4. Moreover, the Zimmer themes that did make the cut are mislabeled and out of sequential order, and one hopes a definitive and expanded Backdraft will eventually surface. They actually talked on air. What instrumental is playing when johnnys all messed up walking to June’s house thru the rain storm? years. and a suite from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland showcases Barry's more One of them was Antonio Villaraigosa–he’s now the mayor of Los Angeles. sounded like bob dylan thanks, What song is played during closing credits without words. MOCTESUMA ESPARZA: The coverage was extraordinarily censored, on a corporate level following the lead of the district attorney and the mayor and the power structure. He is the executive producer of “Walkout,” based on the historic 1968 student walkout in Los Angeles which he helped organize.

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