Yugo named the tofu Az, and the two become inseparable. Eliatropes are a race that are not native to the World of Twelve and do not worship the same gods as humans, but have a human appearance. All members of the Council are practically immortal as they can be reborn from their Dofus once both twins have died and their Wakfu has replenished. That was too much responsibility, too quick, too soon. When Yugo is unable to find him, he gets discouraged and is about to give up, but Adamai lets Yugo see through his eyes, and reveals that he is about to kill Dally (after he attacks Dally and Eva and kidnaps their children). Yugo had traveled to the islands alone, having sensed his brother's distress via emphatic link. The Great Dragon is both the father of the Eliatropes and the incarnation of Stasis, just as the Goddess Eliatrope is the incarnation of Wakfu. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Since only Eliatropes (and the Eliatrope Dragons Baltazar and Shinonome) were present, still no one in the World of Twelve has been exposed to the secret to this day. Grougalorogran comes across Alibert the moment Alibert quits his bounty hunting career. Lucien knew he wanted to, and the Sacrier was impulsive by nature. Adamaï already looked in a much better shape than after their fight at the Crimson Claws, even though he still bore wounds that were likely to never heal completely. On the other hand, all Eliatropes appear to keep their hats on by default. With the Eliatrope Dofus, Yugo was even able to replicate Qilby's ability to create more than 2 portals and send a series of blasts through them, as shown in the episode 3 OVA. The Dragon burst out laughing. But most importantly, he's the only man so far who might easily fulfill the criteria of being a complex villain with some connection to the Eliatropes. I mean, I know I've slept in, but two days? Farkas went to examine the corpse instead. In the animated series, in particular, a few episodes referred to Yugo's refusal to expose his head. Yugo and Adamai agreed to go and recover it for their kinsman and the Brotherhood, grateful to Yugo for his earlier efforts, decided they would aid him. A few months after Adamai's disappearance, Yugo and Ruel go to the ruins where he found two of the Dofus and first met Dame Echo, looking for him. Or even a protagonist, or at least a quest-giver. "No, no I'm not. Qilby also said that he would be able to free the remainder of the Eliatrope children from exile in the Mist dimension, but that he would need his and Shinanome's dofus to have the necessary power to do so. ", Yugo shook his head at that. This lead to a fight but Amalia takes Count's side causing the brotherhood to lose. Grufon remains hard to get along with, but he's much more agreeable to Yugo. "Is it ironic, tragic, heroic, or...", His voice trailed off as he pointed his weapon at where his would-be assassin had been sitting, slowly realizing the chair was now empty. "When you say everything, do you mean like, everything?". The song of the birds, the noise of insects, it all vanished. But as they made their way through the flourished corridors, decorated with enormous live plants, Yugo thought back about the dream he had, and the strange little girl telling him to beware of that impression of security. [1] The Mechasms demanded the heart, but no one knew what had really transpired and a war quickly broke out, forcing Yugo to hide his people's children in another dimension, Emrub. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. That stopped Yugo dead in his tracks. Yugo never uses this ability in the TV series, apart from his battle against Qilby in Emrub. Oh, and I'm poor, so I don't own Wakfu. On one hand, he distances himself from her knowing he would outlive her and that it's better if she were with someone who is physically her age but on the other he displays real jealousy when someone (such as Count Harebourg and Oropo) tries to win over the Sadida princess, and there are moments he simply can't deny the love he feels for Amalia. https://krosmoz.fandom.com/wiki/Eliatrope_(race)?oldid=9056, Quilby shares this ability with his twin dragon sister. Created by The wound obviously hurt quite a lot. The boy kept staring at her, waiting for her to go on. Semi-Immortality - Like his Eliatrope and Dragon Siblings, Yugo is semi-immortal and can potentially live forever. I have a message for you, and very little time to deliver it, so will you please follow me already?". The Eliatropes founded the colony Vili, then brought their children back into this dimension, but peace was only temporary. A curious thing is that how it was possible that his father sewed him a hat that is exactly like those that Eliatropes used… perhaps Grougaloragran gave a hint? Dirty blonde It was just a detail but somehow he felt it was important, without understanding why. Amalia tends to an unconscious Yugo (who was knocked out by Harebourg) showing that she is back to her normal self. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WMG/Wakfu. The old dragon explained how Yugo was actually the last living Eliatrope in the World of Twelve, the others killed or sealed away during the Mechasm invasion. There's a few extra guards on duty.". Not that your story isn't interesting, mind you, but it really doesn't matter to me. Until 2012, no Eliatrope had been seen without a hat on. ", Yugo sat on the edge of his bed and looked at what was left of his attire. The golden sun blazed over an endless sea of grass. Contains massive spoilers for the whole show. See more ideas about Character design, Anime, Yugo wakfu. Oropo then has to choose between setting off the bomb in Inglorium, and killing his new Demigods as well, or staying in his pocket dimension, and dying with Dame Echo. Once they reached the top, the boy looked back over his shoulder. I would like to warmly thank Slavok for his support, insight and guidance during the writing of this piece. Behind the scenes Or did they? It's nearly noon. Please feel free to tell whatever you think of it, it was a pleasure making it, it'll be a pleasure sharing it. From what I've understood, it's heavily implied that Orgonax is still alive, and maybe still angry at having his heart stolen and turned into the Eliacube. He couldn't have just vanished into thin air, he couldn't have—, A sharp blade pierced into his back, straight to his heart. The brotherhood of tofu decide to escort Amalia to friegfrost, but where they arrive the Count refused to give the Dofus. Phaeris told me when we were waiting for you back at the Crimson Claws. the Eliacube was originally the heart of the Mechasm Organax. But no, they would both live to see another day. ", Adamaï sighed tiredly. Instead she only waved her hand at the horizon. "Yeah, that will make you look so fierce, Adamaï the Warrior! Once again she grabbed his hand and started tugging him up the hill. Ush is still a bit of a dick, judging by how he trash-talks his siblings, but he's trying to help the world as best he can. Outside of Emrub and N's incursion in the Age of the Dofus, it wasn't until Yugo was reborn in 969 that Eliatropes were seen in the World of Twelve, and by the end of the animated series' two seasons, he and Chibi remain the only two Eliatropes on the planet, still looking for a way to find a new home for their people and offer them a new beginning. The Sadida Kingdom was already safe, so the palace must surely be the safest place of all. The Brotherhood continued to face yet more fantastic and sometimes absurd adventures. See more ideas about Character design, Anime, Cartoon. Wakfu: Under the Hat Fanfiction. Startled, he yanked his hand out of the grasp of the little girl. ", Merun studied him for a while before answering. With this revelation, Chibi chose Yugo, his Eliatrope brother, to be the next (future) king of the Eliatropes. It is worth noting that while Eliatrope Dragons have been seen using Stasis (such as Adamaï in the animated series and Efrim in Islands of Wakfu), that ability is not known to extend to Eliatropes. It is worth noting that while Eliatrope Dragons have been seen using Stasis (such as Adamaï in the animated series and Efrim in Islands of Wakfu), but Eliatrope don't have this power. In the second game, the children are actively trying to leave the dimension as well, but since it was cancelled mid-season, it is not known whether they sucessfully reached the World of Twelve. After Nora and Efrim defeat Orgonax, the planet becomes uninhabitable and Eliatrope history goes silent for millenia as most members of the Council have been killed and are recovering inside their Dofus, while the children are still safe but locked in Emrub under the watch of the Dragon Baltazar. Mine, for example, is to do my Master's bidding. It is not known whether their hats inhibit this ability, nor why they wear them among themselves (where the judgment of other races is not a factor). Until 2012, no Eliatrope had been seen without a hat on. Their experiment ended up hatching Grougraloragran's Dofus. And he did it to himself. ", "It should be much easier to fight the cause than the consequences you see. Its massive windows and massive desk made the pudgy old man sitting at the massive chair look even smaller than he normally would have. This makes them extremely powerful in magic. At that moment he realised she had a white flower attached to her hat. Wakfu Weapons - Temporarily granted this power by the dragon Phaeris, Yugo was able to form his Wakfu into a sword and shield composed entirely of his energy. Yugo quickly grabbed the hat and dashed to his father's aid, hoping to cover his head in time before anybody could see just how different the little family was. However, Ruel doesn't always respect Yugo as well as he should, such as when after Yugo entrusted Scribble to the Enutrof, Ruel did not hesitate in trying to sell the Shushu-possessed map to pay a ferry. He had every reason to rejoice, and when he realised it, he couldn't restrain himself from grinning sheepishly. The Siblings/The Brotherhood of the Forgotten will serve as the main antagonists of season 3. All references to the character in the Dofus MMORPG were removed, and if the character does not exist, the entire premise of Les Gardiens is invalidated. A decisive battle ensued, but ultimately Nox was able to reach and drain the Tree of it's wakfu, reducing the Sadida race to trees. And then there was her way of talking, too mature for a child of her age. The boy couldn't believe what he was seeing. He can still die but should he physically perish his Wakfu (soul) returns to the Eliatrope Dofus he shares with his Dragon twin brother Adamaï. Confirmed by Islands of Wakfu, Qilby is a traitor and Kills Yugo before the Lu Fus and what we can assume is Ogranax invade. "Yeah yeah, don't worry," the Eliatrope said, trying his best to sound convincing. So, at some point, Remington found his god-killing weapon and used it. He's nothing but dust and cinders scattered around his family's graves. ", "I'm sorry. They're going to believe that you're keeping it hidden somewhere. There are thousands of worlds which the gods aren’t strong enough to affect.

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