Which is true if Yujiro and yuichiro is involved but everyone else is fair game that can be beaten. Please consider turning it on! Wakatsuki as a kid or 10 years old was capable of braking a TITANIUM playstation controller because normals broke for him, keep in mind it’s just from pressing the buttons and holding it. They can both weather some of the damage through "Indestructible" or "Armour Clad", but Gaoh would likely do even worse than Ohma did in that situation, and he didn't exactly tank it. Punched a man about 100m away and was only stopped by a tree which he hit. They do have impressive techniques more in line with reality. He moves before an object has any speed at all - that's the point. THE NUMBER TEN HERO IN THE WORLD AND HEAD OF SECURITY AT U.A: “THE WILD TIGER” WAKATSUKI TAKESHI The Ninja answered by throwing a Knife at Wakatsuki. Aim blocking, given the rest of the series feats. Aside from Waka, anybody on the Kengan team you have selected would get one-shot by a clean hit from Waka or Julius, with the exception of Raian. It even states in the scan that reacting the bullet *after* it is fired is impossible. Equal stats i'd give it to team Kengan because 4/5 of the team Baki members rely on physical strength. From what I've heard, Baki himself and the top tiers are fairly far above the Kengan-verse in skill. So as can be seen this is an incredibly close match. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. If not I apologise. Also if you look at the inaba scan it was automatic gunfire he was blocking, not something that can be blocked from close distance unless using pure speed. A world full of hero’s, villains, and the monsters in between. Neither Tokita, Gaoh or Raian would be oneshotted, Gaoh learnt the Gaoh style which is the predecessor martial art to the Niko style, Gaoh Makaku taught children which he name Tokita Ohma the Niko style which Gaoh Ryuki for whatever reason was taught the original Gaoh style despite Gaoh making Niko style, unless he’s really old but that’s preposterous in such a realistic manga. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. As a swordsman it’s common for them to learn the ability of foresight but it’s unknown if it was foresight or pure speed for cutting the bullets. See, this is a bit tricky, since Julius is a brute force fighter and Waka is a Karateka, but both Gao and Carlos are boxers. @kingcrimson: Also Akoya has been calced at hypersonic speed from one feat here. faster then Lightning God Mikazuichi who is also faster then a bullet. Okoya dodged the bullet after it was fired and snapped the guys neck, the pixel scanning really shouldn’t matter in determining he’s faster then sound. Baki characters make up for it with most characters on the roaster I put having superior technique with the exception of Baki vs Ohma. Kuroki was using his foresight technique, and moved prior to the shooter to block the shot. It was hyping up the speed of the whip saying it was faster than sound since it breaks the sound barrier. Ohma was worn down admittedly, but so was Waka. But the ninja he fought was completely dumbfounded on as to how he could take all the punishment he gave to Rihito. Durability - These guys are hella durable, for reference the people above are capable of taking hits from Julius Reinhold and Wakatsuki Takeshi. Can see why some people view them as bullet timers, so agree to disagree. Up to date with Kengan, but never read Baki. And what if that someone was so strong that he is considered a King of Fighting? Not to mention, Akoya isn't on-panel when the gunshot goes off, so we don't know if he dodged prior to the gunshot. Kengan fighters are definitely sub-sonic. Yasuhiro Takemoto’s “death” is viral on Twitter, but he’s just “missing” in the Kyoto Animation fire, Fire Force Manga’s Ending Will Be Around Enen no Shouboutai Volume 30 Says Atsushi Okubo In New Interview, Sword Art Online Season 4 release date predictions: SAO: Unital Ring the sequel to the Alicization anime, comparison between Part 1 and the manga series, TONIKAWA Season 2 release date: TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You (Tonikaku Kawaii) Season 2 predictions, Deca-Dence Season 2 release date predictions for the FUNimation anime, Re:Zero Season 3 release date predictions: Re:Zero Starting Life In Another World Season 3 adapts Arc 5. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. For me, the author has made clear several times that timing bullets isn't something they're yet capable of in-verse. I don't think Kengan will ever be all that high end like Baki such as destroying armored vehicles with ease destroy large parts of structures or even coming close to that of what you seen in Baki vs Yujiro. The Kengan Team has faster, more durable characters. I think switching Ryuki with Julius is their best bet. Also Gaoh Ryuki is a mystery because only Gaoh knew the Gaoh style and made the Niko style by teaching it to kids he adopted and named Niko, even secret techniques of the Niko style should be known as Gaoh Makaku made the style. Joke, Original Character Replaces Mineta Minoru, Alternate Universe - Mineta Minoru Doesn't Exist. Even Rihito with his training is likely to survive a punch from Wakatsuki since he’s been trained by Guroki Kansai in Omega, although he did lose his match it was due to being poisoned. You've read the Waka vs Ohma match, so you know that had it not been for Demonsbane, Ohma wouldn't have had a snowballs chance at beating him. Gaolang Wongsawat Speed Strength Skill Full Respect Thread Wakatsuki Takeshi Speed Strength Durability Full Respect Thread Everyone is in-character. What if Midoriya was trained by someone else besides All Might. Granted, Wakatsuki is a vet, and has no buff/debuff from Reis employer, however, he has shown natural combat intuition. Hence, Rei The Lighting God was on another world of speed, yet Kuroki adapted in the manner of seconds. For instance whether or not he can react to a bullet, doesn’t change the fact that his precog is capable of working on objects that work are past Mach 2.3. The Kengan Team has faster, more durable characters but Baki characters make up for it with most characters on the roaster I put having superior technique with the exception of Baki vs Ohma round and Wakatsuki vs Oliva. He grabbed the file cabinet and threw it at the hero. A world that will change him and everyone around him. Later in his life, Ohma leaves The Inside to seek powerful opponents. seconds - that's outside of Kengan's wheelhouse. Going to have to go with Team Baki. Overall Baki characters are sub sonic in speed I would say that Kengan Omega characters are too if not slightly faster. I thought it was stated somewhere he was faster then a bullet I’ll have to check just to double check. The punching so fast they break the sound barrier was gone by Orochi Doppo’s son forgot his name, he used the improved “Mach fist” against Pickle the tension from the punch made his forearm explode. Both Tokita and Gaoh would get floored by a single clean shot to the head. Having grown up in the lawless territory known as The Inside, the young Ohma was found and adopted by Tokita Niko, who taught him his style of martial arts; the Niko Style. Dont make Baki bloodlusted he'd essentially be a young Yujiro. There are things like skill, strength, speed, endurance, etc to take into consideration, but I don't see this being a Julius v Wakatsuki kind of situation personally Again, we look at Wakatsuki vs. Ohma, where he recognized Demonsbane as a counter, and still got dropped by it.

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