… The Volvik Vivid balls are best suited to golfers with mid-to-slow swing speeds of between 70-90mph and it is those players who will find the distance most comparable with other balls. Low compression golf balls happen to be some of the best for putting. They aren’t the softest balls around, but you can expect good responsiveness around the greens and distance from the tee. With a traditional white ball in the mix now, the Vivid balls have become a real all-rounded that can be targetted at golfers who don’t like playing with coloured balls. Compared to the Volvik S4, the unique matte finish and vibrant colours give this the appearance of a ball without dimples, but pick it up and you can feel them there. For the design, we highly recommend them. I couldn't really tell the difference between the two. With a compression of 77, the ball is made for the average swing speed with the focus on increasing distance. And by hard, I mean yes, it can feel like hitting a rock. Below are some of my findings. Tour quality, The S3 and S4 I tried at Royal Gems Golf Course. “Vivid Colors were developed to improve increased visibility in flight and on the ground.”. As the last golf balls on this list, we wanted to finish off the list with a unique product. With two quality colors to choose from, these balls are beautiful, colorful, easily recognizable, and perfect for amateur and seasoned golfers. The overall quality of their golf balls is found in the design and the technology of the product. But, don’t get too excited, there are still nine more golf ball designs left. These next golf balls happen to be one of the best designed by the brand. But upon closer inspection and through more "bite testing" with my teeth on the cover I thought, hey this doesn't feel like a distance ball at all. This makes it extremely easy to align your ball to your putting line or line off the tee without needing to draw a jagged one on with your shaky hands. The dull matte finish is a world first and means the Vivid’s actually look like they don’t have dimples, but that isn’t the case with a 322-dimple pattern used by the South Korean manufacturer. The New Volvik Vimat Golf Ball is a great low compression golf ball with an incredibly soft feel. The $40+ price tag is no surprise because the White Color S3 and S4 performed exactly as a Pro V1 with long tee shots, and back spin I don't even get with Pro V1's anymore. Overall, the core is also expertly crafted for better spin and control once on the green. Volvik might be new kids on the block but they've got a range of balls to fit everyone and it you love colored golf balls, there just isn't a better option for high visibility. The brand has taken their color golf balls to the next level with this product by creating an item that has increased control around the greens as well as an enhanced flight spin. If I try hit a big Bubba slice, the Vivids just don't want to co-operate, preferring to go straight. With that said, the most bright are the orange or the red tones golf balls. Overall the Volvik Vivid is a fairly impressive golf ball and they are pretty good value too – particularly if you love to play colourful balls. The Crystal is just so long compared to other balls in the Volvik range, that if you're a slower swinger looking for a boost in distance and accuracy it's for you. This truly all depends on the package of the product. Although this item has one of the best designs which ensure a better quality spin and distance, it happens to also have one of the best-putting qualities known to date. Alongside this, individuals can expect the color to not chip or fade easily. If you’ve ever wondered if you can use a golf ball at the golf course, then you were most likely holding a Volvik golf ball. If ever a product lived up to its name then the Volvik Vivid golf ball is it. You can find the best prices available here. To add a bit of color to life, we are eager to share the first of the number one color golf ball in the world. So, for better putting purposes, individuals also have three color choices to choose from. With that low compression, you get the lower spin off the longer shots which means higher distance numbers. So I bet when you think of Volvik, you think "oh it's those funky color golf balls'. What is so important about that number? For the price as well, we can see why they have five-star reviews and are highly touted. As we discuss cost and value, this product happens to be one of the best-designed tour golf balls to date. The expensive premium balls are too tricky to control around the greens without massive skills so this is where a ball like the Pro Bismuth comes in handy. Volvik News; Company; Contact us; ViMat. I gave a sleeve of these to my playing partner, Dietmar who plays off an 8 handicap and plays any golf ball, as long as it's free! With that in mind, as far as reviews we only focused on four-star products that were excellently designed for quality and endurance. This quality core helps ensure better performance and distance from the tee with irons and woods. As we discuss cost and value, we can say that these are easily the most costly four balls from this brand. The little arrow on the side of the ball makes it simple to line up to the target off the tee and on the greens. the exterior layer of this brand’s golf balls is expertly crafted and designed for quality in mind. When it comes to a product such as this, the color quality overall has to be designed from a quality material and composition that ensures the not harming the overall quality of the golf ball. Here are two unique features of these golf balls. For a mid-range golf ball, this is great value especially for guys swinging it below 90 mph. According to federal law, Volviks are not illegal and you won't be put behind bars for owning them or even selling them. While I'm disappointed with that result from a four piece, the fact I don't have to replace one after a few wedge shots is good news. We found that when it comes to this brand, the reviews tout them as one of the best for putting, and one of the best golf balls for amateurs and medium grade golfers. Probably the ugliest name ever given to a golf ball, the Pro Bismuth is a steal at the price they sell it for. The golf course can be filled with surprises!

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