This once again proves that Boruto's storytelling qualities are still underdeveloped and that the plot is transitioning much slower than Naruto. Because of this, Boruto appears somewhat like a spoiled brat that doesn't appreciate the sacrifices his father constantly makes for him and the Hidden Leaf Village. So, has Boruto truly surpassed its predecessor as one of the greatest anime series of all time? • My Hero Academia: 10 Times Tsuyu Asui Was the Star, Dragon Ball: 10 Tragedies That Could (& Should) Have Been Avoided, My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Powers Aizawa Would Want To Have, Code Geass: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Nina Einstein, Naruto: The 10 Best Quotes From The Pain Invasion Arc, Every Filler Arc In The Bleach Anime (& Which Episodes To Skip), 5 Great Sci-Fi Anime Endings (& 5 That Were Awful). Sasuke, a boy trying to find power on a path to revenge, clashes with his greatest rival and friend, Boruto's dad. Aug 1, 2017 - A collection of pins centered around the next generation of the universe I have come to love. What's the point of developing Boruto any further if he's never going to work hard to overcome inferiority? Rewriting the entire lore and connections of the Overwatch Universe, this Boruto's dad meme has managed to overtake Soldier 76, silently replacing him with this odd, lightly edited figure known simply as "Genji's dad.". Les champs obligatoires sont indiqués avec *. He has devoted friends and the residents of the Leaf Village are quite fond of him, so he doesn't have live in the same anguish his dad did. The life of the shinobi is beginning to change. Quick! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While Boruto still has a long way to go, the series doesn't even belong in the same universe as Naruto. [Written by MAL Rewrite], North American Anime & Manga Releases for October, Here are the North American anime & manga releases for October Week 1: October 6 - 12 Anime Releases B: The Beginning Season 1 Collection Blu-ray & DVD B: more, Oct 5, 9:19 PM by ImperfectBlue | Discuss (2 comments), North American Anime & Manga Releases for July, Here are the North American anime & manga releases for July Week 1: July 7 - 13 Anime Releases Cop Craft Complete Collection Blu-ray Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? It displays what this series is exactly about: The adventures of Boruto's dad. However, after the development of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, many fans and pundits have begun to make comparisons between the two series. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. • Episode 25 24m. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. See more ideas about Boruto, Naruto, Uchiha. As a writer, auteur, and innovator, I seek to expand human potential through the creative medium, intellectually and emotionally challenging the mass audience. Boruto Uzumaki is often the center of attention as the son of the Seventh Hokage. Not that being a grandfather is all that low of a job, but Minato certainly lost something in this exchange. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Directors Who Should Direct A Live Action Movie (& 5 Who Absolutely Shouldn't). by Brian the Sun (eps 76-100), #5: "Golden Time" by Fujifabric (eps 101-126), #6: "Teenage Dream (ティーンエイジドリーム)" by miwa (eps 127-150), #7: "Hajimatteiku Takamatteiku (はじまっていく たかまっていく)" by Sambomaster (eps 151-), #01: "Dreamy Journey (ドリーミージャーニー)" by the peggies (eps 1-13), #02: "Sayonara Moon Town (サヨナラムーンタウン)" by Scenarioart (eps 14-26), #03: "Boku wa Hashiritsuzukeru (僕は走り続ける)" by Melofloat (メロフロート) (eps 27-39), #04: "Denshin Tamashii (デンシンタマシイ)" by Game Jikkyousha Wakuwaku Band (ゲーム実況者わくわくバンド) (eps 40-51), #05: "Kachou Fuugetsu (花鳥風月)" by Coala Mode. Perhaps one of Naruto's most appreciated qualities was its diverse cast of characters. In One-Piece, Luffy strived to become the King of Pirates. That is bound to get a reaction. Aug 26, 2020 - Explore Gingraw's board "Naruto and Boruto UNIVERSE", followed by 195 people on Pinterest. Personal Blog. While Boruto still has a long way to go, the series doesn't even belong in the same universe as Naruto. Privacy Notice at Collection all boring to watch with no real cost to their outcome and kids who aren't even genin yet beat jounin level shinobi constantly. Naruto Gaiden: Nanadaime Hokage to Akairo no Hanatsuzuki, Boruto: Naruto the Movie - Naruto ga Hokage ni Natta Hi, Kamiusagi Rope x Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 172 Discussion, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 171 Discussion. If you've been rolling your eyes in disagreement up until this point, it's time to go ahead and stop. All of these enemies were mysterious, powerful, and they always showed up to test the power of the main characters. Unlike Boruto, Naruto has a multi-layered theme that touched on the realities of being a ninja. In the series Naruto, the recurring theme was that being a ninja was an extremely deadly career. In comparison, Boruto could probably wipe the floor with Naruto if they fought at the same age, but this represents a huge problem. Which Akatsuki Member Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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