"[16][17], The phrase was also used in speeches[18] by Bill Clinton during his 1992 presidential campaign. [12] Mike Ciletti, who was a consultant for the super PAC according to Politico, had also received payments from the Trump campaign for consulting work. 2016 RNC day 4 543C383E-664F-4AEC-AC98-B4EFA35C7EF7 w610 r0 s.jpg 610 × 407; … [164], In February 2018, the Trump campaign sent out an email with a photo of Trump paying a hospital visit to a student survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. [414][415] By this point, 10% of the campaign's overall spending since the beginning of the year had been on legal fees. In fact, the fake video combined two different clips: one of Biden looking down with eyes half-closed, and one of an interviewer asking activist Harry Belafonte to "wake up". Afterward 16 COVID-19 cases were traced to the rally and four more to a protest held just outside. For those who’ve abandoned hope, we’ll restore hope and we’ll welcome them into a great national crusade to make America great again. "Between Aug. 10 and Sept. 7, Biden's campaign spent about $90 million on television ads, more than four times the $18 million spent by the Trump campaign," the reporters said. Bill Clinton also used the phrase in speeches during his successful 1992 presidential … Trump also said the "FBI director is wrong" about the need to inform the FBI about a foreign government attempting to influence an election. [30], During the 2016 campaign, Trump often used the slogan, especially by wearing hats emblazoned with the phrase in white letters, which soon became popular among his supporters. [235], Celebrating Independence Day with an address at Mount Rushmore, Trump said he was in a battle against a "new far-left fascism". The last sentence of the speech delivered by him was "make our planet great again. To opt-out: the contact page has a webmail form. Before entering each guest will get: ✅Temperature check ✅Hand sanitizer ✅Mask There will be precautions for the heat and bottled water as well", "Trump campaign touts 1 million ticket requests for Tulsa rally", "800,000 register for Trump's Tulsa rally amid pandemic, campaign manager says", "Tulsa Fire Department says Trump rally attendance was about 6,200", "Trump 'played' by K-pop fans and TikTok users who disrupted Tulsa rally", "Trump Had Promised a Huge Rally in Tulsa. Our estimated wait time is currently for five days. "[4] On July 6, 2016, MAGA PAC filed for termination with the FEC, effectively ending the super PAC. [104][105] The Washington Examiner's David Druckert pointed out on Twitter that the redesigned website featured an image of Trump with a uniformed military officer on its 'Donate' page, which violated the Department of Defense's regulation that prohibits uniformed military officers from engaging in any political activity. [191][192], The New York Times reported in June 2019 that after Trump had been briefed on internal polling showing he was trailing Joe Biden in several key states, he instructed aides to deny it and to publicly state that other data showed him doing well. These committees are also called independent expenditure-only committees. He received criticism for suggesting the deceased representative John Dingell may have gone to hell. [158] Trump scheduled for a quick meeting with Nikki Haley and other U.N. officials immediately prior the fundraiser; travel expenses were reportedly filed as "government business", and therefore taxpayer-funded. [509], The Trump campaign uses "geofencing". [357] Trump repeatedly asked why Biden had not delivered on his 2020 campaign promises during his eight years in the White House, to which Biden responded, "we had a Republican Congress. [334], On October 2, two hours after it was announced that White House senior advisor Hope Hicks had tested positive for COVID-19,[345][346] Trump tweeted that both he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive as well and would immediately go into quarantine. A super PAC is a political committee that can solicit and spend unlimited sums of money. [149] By September 2020, Trump's 2020 reelection effort, including the Republican National Committee, had spent over $800 million.

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