A traditional poke sauce is made out of a combination of sea salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, and chili pepper. Alternatively, this would be great in a seared tuna poke bowl. Learn how your comment data is processed. Add cold water to the bowl until the tuna steaks submerge. For one thing: it comes in a whole, beautiful raw steak that holds its form much easier than other kinds of fish, which may tend to flake apart. Hi, I'm Elizabeth! A seared tuna steak is a bit different than the canned tuna everyone is used to. Our Ahi tuna steaks are produced from yellowfin tuna that have been wild caught in Indonesia and CO enhanced to retain their beautiful, red color. Prepare the seared ahi tuna bowls. Set the bowl aside. Check out our tutorial on how to make seared ahi tuna. If you're short on ingredients (like toasted sesame oil and honey) try this simpler version! 140 / 2,000 cal left. I have to admit, the only thing I couldn’t get behind was the sea urchin. It. Remove ahi tuna steaks from the refrigerator and then remove from the marinade. However, some people do enjoy the tuna seared, so if this is you then you can add the tuna steaks to the pan for a couple of minutes on each side to just give it that golden look on the outside. If rare isn’t your thing there is nothing wrong with fully cooking the tuna steaks, and all you need to do is keep the tuna on the heat longer until you are satisfied with the texture and consistency. The wonderful thing about tuna is how you can serve it, and whether it’s rare or fully cooked you can bring together many colours and appealing sights onto a plate quite easily. Here’s a tip- The longer you marinate the fish, the more flavor it will have! Pour sesame seeds on a plate and coat every part of both tuna steak with sesame seeds. One thing I’ve actually NEVER done is made my own sushi at home. If you’re nervous about eating raw fish, you should use your best judgement. Like this Seared Salmon with Scallion Butter, and this 15-minute Poached Salmon with Chive Butter. Let seared tuna steaks rest for 2 minutes and then thinly slice. To do this you want to leave it in the fridge until it thaws. Added apple cider vinegar, about 6 times as much sriracha, and 3 times as much lime, and salt of course. Remove ahi tuna steaks from the refrigerator and then remove from the marinade. We love all grains here on Fit Foodie Finds. Also, it’s important to get the pan SEARING hot before adding the fish. Cast iron are very good. The yellowfin tuna is a schooling fish, and has a strong tendency to aggregate with fish of the same size, rather that just school with other yellowfin tunas. Sold throughout North America, Treasures from the Sea is our retail seafood brand. 1 %, (usually found in the produce section at the grocery store). Feel free to use whatever vegetables and dressing you’d like! And healthy. Linley has worked on the digital side of small businesses and nonprofits since 2011, where she specialized in social media community management. Hope that helps explain my intention with recommending nonstick a bit more- again, I really appreciate you bringing this up! Once boiling, reduce heat to low and cover. Bring water to a boil. If you’re like me, eating a whole tuna steak in one sitting seems like a lot. The creamy, beautiful taste and texture of the tuna is complimented so well by the heat from the chili and the savory combination of Mexican and Asian flavors-- it is amazing. The fact that the tuna is served medium-rare accounts for its extremely fast cooking time.

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