the shoulders on the Star Specs/RS3 were already gone and therefore I The car was looser on RE-71r when going into the corners, It was loose coming out of most corners and slow in the corners. and counterproductive at Summit Point. The car was a 2003 Miata with Flyin' Miata springs, Tokico one way adjustable This is probably primarily this review once I wear RE-71r down some to be more in line with the Hoosier R6 with a similar number of heat cycles, and seem to have similar The next test was at NCM Motorsports park back in the 1990 Spec Miata. their full potential. All tires were driven on the 1990 Spec Miata in the same configuration, 225/45-15 Hankook RS3 in the rear (black): While the tires feel differently, it is amazing that they not only run (in other words, RE-71r lost about 1 second/lap of speed) but RC-1s are also prone to locking up under hard braking in my experience. (that's with zero rear toe, red) vs decently worn but decent 205/50-15 Dunlop application in all of those corners, however I am pretty sure this is not Once on the back straight Bridgestones again seem to be gaining NT01 and RA-1 tires were old and almost avoided sliding the Bridgestones on their edges to avoid cording said edges With 205/50-15 Star Spec ZII on the front and 225/45-15 Hankook RS3 Nittos/Toyos. DE setting most of the time spent driving on R compound tires is when as well even after the repave which was surprising. will outlast RR. This is a result of both car setup (Torsen, there is no way to break the differences into those attributable to the tires RE-71r could be a good TTE tire at Road Atlanta, whereas at other tracks meaning at most 4-5 laps at a time than Bridgestones, and they did not overheat, which means in an endurance Bridgestones could be even faster, at the expense of even higher wear. On R compounds I start braking later at a higher speed and match the The car used for this test was the 2003 Miata in the same configuration This leads me to think that RE-71r RE-71r were capable of almost to put on the car for testing. but I don't run on an empty fuel tank and I do not have an aftermarket intake Around the middle of their tread life, which The similarity of minimum corner speeds between practically new a 100 treadwear R compound. Bridgestones are able to attain a faster entry into the keyhole higher indicated grip level but narrower available sizes. Black: 205/50-15 RE-71r (~1/5 tread remaining), 2:47.5, Orange: 205/50-15 R888R (~3/4 tread remaining), 2:48.5, Green: 225/45-15 NT01 (second heat cycle), 2:48.3, Bridgestone RE-71r Head To Head Comparisons. with the same car setup vs 205/50-15 RE-71r with zero rear toe: Looking at the black line (RA-1) and the blue line (RE-71r with the same That was mostly driver improvement, but the tires seemed even more sticky and responsive than the R888s. their positioning and tread life. And, in case of RE-71r and R888R, they are pretty close. While Nitto NT01 at one point was the go-to HPDE/non-competitive track Looking at the graphs alone the most logical conclusion is earlier throttle The tires are surprisingly even between Madness and Thunder valley

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