As an extension, your supervisor owns your ass, and they're going to let you know every chance you get. Can you commit to a deeper relationship with the person you are currently dating? We actually have a full article on whether or not recruiters get bonuses here. It Depends…. Do they know that yet? Can Anyone Really Make it as a Military Spouse? If anyone has any questions just ask im joining the raf and both my parents where in the army. What will I be paid? (optional). It’s a fancy word for job. You will be able to start picturing yourself in his life after he joins. Yes, you hear horror stories, no I never experienced one. Whatever your reason for enlisting is, (serve your country, can’t afford college, want to travel the world, etc. Ask your drill sergeant for help or advice. He sits you down and says, “Babe, I think I want to join the military.”. Why should I join the (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines)? Generally speaking, the Navy is a bit easier than the Army and Marines, but it will still be challenging. You want to marry him. Note: Click Here for a printable version of these questions to bring with you to the Navy recruiters office. 4. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But then, he lets you know that next year he will be joining the Army. How To Choose The Right Military Branch For You, Top 15 Military Schools For Boys And Girls, 15 Best States For Military Retirees And Veterans, Green Berets Vs. Rangers Vs. Delta Force: Some MAJOR Differences, Army Promotion Timeline for Enlisted & Officers, Army Aircraft Powertrain Repairer (MOS 15D), Coast Guard Height And Weight Requirements. I get about 1500 a month and my medical for me and my family is $48 bucks a month. Join.". Don't be a grunt, no infantry, no tanks, none of that shit translates into anything in the civilian world. The VA wait time scandal is a slap in the face; and like any insurance company I've heard bad things about Tricare. Or, you might want to spend Christmas with your family before shipping off to boot camp. The people I met in the military make all the suffering I endured worth it. Captain Crunch's commanding officer is General Mills. Deploments can suck. Poor money management, etc. Your email address will not be published. That might be true for the Air Force, but not the army. Copyright © 2020 Honestly, the Air Force or the Navy would be better if you want to learn some technology skills while you're in and get a contracting job after your first enlistment. For example, the Army and Navy is almost always looking for new recruits, even during peacetime. Pros: The benefits (GI Bill, VA coverage.... cough), the pay once you start picking up rank, the ability to travel, and on-the-job training to develop both technical and leadership skills. If you don't have any degree but want one without the student loans then enlisting for 3 years is a great way thanks to the Post 9/11 GI Bill which will pay full tuition and a housing allowance to you for any public university in your state. Requirements vary between branches, but overall, you must be between 18 and 34 years of age, have a high school diploma or equivalent, no serious medical problems, be physically fit, and able to pass the ASVAB with the minimum score. Great retirement plan and benefits, Cons: 1. After all, you’ll be spending the next 4 – 20 years of your life if you decide to commit to a branch. Be prepared to be belittled and corrected by drill Sergeant, but realise that they are also someone to admire and be inspired by. 6. It details things like what basic training is like, cool jobs you can do, what a typical day is like, and more, for each branch of the military. Obviously you don’t want to walk in the recruiters office looking like a slob, but you don’t need to dress like you’re doing an interview at a Fortune 500 company either. All Rights Reserved. Related Article: Can You Join The Military With A DUI? I retired in 2001 and some things change but it has been a common misbelief that recruiters get bonuses for who or how many they recruit. As you are figuring out what you will do after high school, he tells you he wants to sign up for the Air Force. In some cases, you might be able to choose where you end up. And neither of those will be doing the same thing as a 27D Paralegal Specialist or 88M Motor Transport Operator [known more commonly as a Truck Driver]. Embrace it! He usually suggests Air Force or Marines, but never says anything negative about the Navy. I never brag about it, but, to be honest, it always feels good to hear. Can I join if I have bad vision or wear glasses? What advice would you give to someone whose boyfriend wants to join the military? Sometimes a couple can’t make things work because life takes you in different directions. Can I join the (insert military branch here) if I have a DUI? It takes years of serving and moving up in rank until you get any say in where you can live. So, sorry, but you don't get to enjoy this lovely, sunny area before you have to leave. Maybe you just need to be okay with leaving your hometown to join your military boyfriend at his first duty […]. If you think joining the military is going to make your life more exciting... you're wrong and you'll probably end up hating life. Others, on the other hand, aren’t too sure if it’s the right thing for them.

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