He always thinks things through, never acting prior to planning things out. Barnabas Sackett – The founding member of the Sackett clan. He's a loner, at home in the High Lonesome, often going years without seeing or communicating with his family back in Tennessee. The following is a suggested chronological listing of the 32 novels that make up this saga of the Sacketts and their kin. Orrin likes people and tries to see the best of them. Although they often go long periods without seeing one another, they're completely devoted to one another, and come to each other's aid any time needed, dropping all else that they might be involved in at the time, true to the one bind rule in their lives: "When you hunt one Sackett, you hunt 'em all". Kin-Ring Sackett – First son of Barnabas Sackett, born on a buffalo robe in the heat of battle. The Sackett family is a fictional American family featured in a number of western novels, short stories and historical novels by American writer Louis L'Amour. He is the brother of Tyrel and Orrin Sackett, who went west to New Mexico in 1867 in "The Daybreakers". Upon finding a safe-box containing $1,000, Orrin and Sunday disagree over what to do with the money. However, neither the novel nor the movie are connected with the Sackett Saga. Formerly captain of a ship. At the wedding, Long Higgins (James O'Connell), the brother o… Tyrel arrives and shoots Long dead. He immediately becomes friends with aging cowhand Cap Rountree (Ben Johnson), and former gunfighter Tom Sunday (Glenn Ford), who becomes a mentor to Tyrel. Their father liked his horses fast, his drinks hard, and his preachers Hellfire hot, and raised his three sons accordingly. The desert watering hole was named for cavalry Lt. Delos B. Sackett who was an Indian fighter in the region before the Civil War. Logan came to the aid of Emily Talon, herself a Sackett by birth, in Colorado. Fought for the Union in the Civil War. The patriarch of the family, Barnabas Sackett, becomes a merchant captain and eventually settles with his wife Abigail (née Tempany) in what will become the borderlands of North Carolina and Tennessee. In so doing, he had already begun creating a single saga that was built around the Sacketts and reflected how L’Amour wanted to describe the settling of the American frontiers in an entertaining and, yet, a relatively accurate historical and cultural way with bigger than life characters. Coming Soon, Regal Good with a gun, and always ready with a smile and a quote, he's strong willed and completely devoted to his family. Travels to the New World to escape the warrant of the Queen. Coming Soon. Copyright © Fandango. Later after she is exposed as a fraud she attempts to lure William Tell into Apache country to rescue her nonexistent son with Orrin, a plan which fails. One of the younger Sacketts. Brian Sackett – Second son of Barnabas Sackett. Unlike novels by such writers as James A. Michener, these stories do not trace the rise and fall of the fortunes of a clan or extended family, but simply tie together significant and minor characters in several of the Western novels. The name that is adjoined to each title tells through whose perspective the story is told. Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". Verified reviews are considered more trustworthy by fellow moviegoers. Spends six years in a Mexican prison. The percentage of users who rated this 3.5 stars or higher. Logan Sackett – Twin brother of Nolan Sackett. Echo Sackett- Only female member of the Sackett clan to narrate a story. Finds a lost treasure of great value and spends several years in a Mexican prison before finally escaping and being rescued by his son. Wears three pistols, two tied down and one in his coat. The novels trace much of the history of the family through individual members of the family as they move across the Atlantic from England, settle in the Appalachians, and then move west to the Great Plains, the Rockies, and California. Sign up here. As one of his brothers relates it, "Seems like they'd been told they were hunting a lawyer. And he's left enough bodies behind him to prove it. Leaves America with his mother and sister to study law in England. Following the funeral of Orrin's fiancée, his mother tells him to join Tyrel and find Tell, and to go start a life in the west. The main character and narrator is Barnabas Sackett, son of mercenary and freeholder Ivo Sackett. He was the first Sackett to cross the mountains and see the plains. Naive where women are concerned, he often seems like a shy schoolboy when facing a pretty girl. Well, there's lawyers and there's lawyers, just like there was a dentist named Doc Holliday." Sackett's Land, published in 1974, is the first novel chronologically of the Sackett novels, taking place around AD 1600 in England (including The Fens and Queen Elizabeth I's London), on the Atlantic Ocean, and the Atlantic Seaboard of North America, particularly in the vicinity of Cape Hatteras. He is calm during a fight, never getting excited or losing his head, a trait that is in all three brothers. Leaves America with his mother and sister to study law in England. The name(s) that follows each title listed below identifies the main protagonist in the novel. Although outwardly he appears rough, he has a sound, strong moral character, never forgetting his father's rule of "...always ride on the side of the law, never against it". Has a strong will to survive. All the Sackett novels are told from the first-person perspective with some stories having a paragraph or two told through a third-person perspective. Tell (Sam Elliott) is a mountain man who hasn't seen his family in almost ten years, Orrin (Tom Selleck) is a former lawman now looking to settle down with his family, and Tyrel (Jeff Osterhage) is the youngest brother who is very good with a revolver. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Comes to … Tall and handsome, nearly fearless in the face of danger. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Meanwhile, Tell has found work in a mining camp in Uvalde, Texas. Known to brave danger and live. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Comes from the Clinch Mountain branch of Sacketts and lives up to their reputation. The deadly Sackett-Higgins feud in Tennessee lasted years. "When you step on the toes of one Sackett, they all come running." At the wedding, Long Higgins (James O'Connell), the brother of a man Orrin had previously killed arrives in the middle of the ceremony and holds Orrin at gunpoint. He is the main character in several other Sackett books including Mojave Crossing, The Lonely Men, Treasure Mountain, and The Sackett Brand, among others. Still trapped in the caves, and with Cap unable to go far due to his wounded leg, Ange escapes on a stolen horse and wires a message for help to Orrin, while Tell and Cap (when his leg is strong enough) escape back to Purgatorie on foot. Known throughout the West as the Mora Gunfighter, and by his brothers as the "mean one" or the "black sheep", Tyrel is the fastest with a gun of the three brothers. Rough and dangerous, with a hefty reputation as a very bad man to fool around with, he has a strong sense of right and wrong.

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