Satan (father)Edward Spellman (adoptive father, deceased)Diana Spellman (mother, deceased)God (grandfather)Zelda Spellman (adoptive aunt)Hilda Spellman (adoptive aunt)Faustus Blackwood (adoptive uncle-in-law)Ambrose Spellman (adoptive cousin)Salem (familiar spirit)Priscilla Spellman (adoptive ancestor)Francis Spellman (adoptive ancestor)Evanora Spellman (adoptive ancestor)Judith Blackwood (step-cousin)Unborn half-brother Hobby Prudence is horrified and tries to leave but Blackwood warns that leaving him now means leaving the twins forever. Archangel (fallen) But what about our dear Satan in this theory?

He establishes these Gnostics as his first Church of Night with his High Priestess Lilith; the first Gnostic. Sometime in either 1975 or '76', he introduced himself to. As she and Nick sits down, he explains that she died and brought herself back from the dead. and then learn more about those angels from order of the innocents who tried to kill her and what that's all about and with that: i hope false god/yhwh is a villain and i hope its more that she realizes that the many injustices in the world are kept in place or ignored by the False God who claims so strongly omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence, it could be that his omnipotence is a lie because poverty and strife exist, or her dislike at his bitterness at mortals for not worshipping him thus being apathetic or smth idk, it'll be something that pisses her off like her being satan's servant in exchange for magic pissed her off, (maybe the false god's power came after his ascent with the spread of judaism, christianity and the other abrahamic religions?

I am beyond certain.

Nick adds that Agatha and Dorcas also invited their friends and thinks that tonight should be a party rather than a "coming out" party. Status 2–3, 13,

The story follows the exploits of the half-human, half-witch Sabrina Spellman (sixteen years old), wrestling through her prophesied fate. Anjelica Oswald, “Hidden References You May Have Missed on Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,’”, Robert Velarde, “Television as the New Literature: Understanding and Evaluating the Medium,”. She refuses to submit and tries to call down fire. Elspeth is of medium height with a petite physique. She talks about healing her mortal friend Roz without a spell or a sacrifice. Jerathmiel demands that they kneel and pray with them. Praise Satan’” (S2:E6). As they congratulate her for a job well done, the Dark Lord breaks his way out of the Acheron Configuration. Enemies Appearances The Dark Lord is a goat-like, humanoid figure. Sabrina's purpose, however, is to blow the Horn of Gabriel for him, opening the Gates of the Pit for the aristocracy of Hell to attend her coronation.

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