Day Sepia Night. He remembered her last words before she left, “Big brother Xin, people are born alone and they die alone, so if they are alone in this huge world, what’s wrong with that? she asked gently. Xie Yuansheng was the one who was doing all the thinking. October 13, 2020 by Admin. The one holding her back was truly too strong. But I will not do anything to them unless they will do something to hurt me of my family." She looked at him with admiration. October 3, 2020 October 1, 2020 by Shoaib Khan. To avoid the line being too convoluted, I’ll just explain it here. However, those that were relatively few in quantity, even if she craved them, she still just ate a tiny bit. He lost the woman he loved, and also needed to shoulder his family clan’s fate alone, and from time to time, even needed to face his Empress paternal aunt’s ‘intimacy’. Even that living Enma, who has gone through countless beauties, was all that meticulous towards her. He was her cousin to be exact and he was ashamed of her. Out of desperation, he had called these girls for the lead actress role in the film. She is your sister also after all? Go talk to Lu Dao and I have the perfect man who would help you in this.". Welcome to reading and collection 《CEO's Cute and Arrogant Wife》 latest chapter. Her Bossy Yet Naive CEO Chapter 165 – 167. If she really listened to little sister Wan and ate them all, aside from the people serving by little sister Wan’s side being unhappy, the old madam will definitely have thoughts too. And also thinks he’s going to be the next CEO despite being completely incompetent at his job. Sun Yi Jia couldn’t help sighing for her fifth brother inside. I am not liking any of the girls here," he said. Chapter 165-2: The most valuable. If he really cares about little sister Wan, and be a little good to little sister Wan, then Sun Yi Jia’s complaint towards him perhaps will even lessen. Until now, it has been six years already, so who would pay attention to those. He’s like the office idiot; cocky and loud but we all know he’s going to be fired in the next month. He was very annoyed at Ru Shishi also. Sun Yi Jia hurriedly shut up. It couldn’t be helped, her mother was one that can’t keep secrets. However, judging from her fifth brother’s situation, it was very worrisome. "This is ridiculous. The expanded version would be: ‘carrying the colors of affection in her eyes while saying with her eyes “idiot”‘. She was even worried that her fifth brother all won’t be able to walk out from it for a lifetime. She had a daughter that wanted to climb onto my fifth brother’s bed. How come the more he experienced, the more incompetent he became instead? Go To Chapter Go. The Ceo's Woman Chapter 165. All Rights Reserved. WuxiaWorld » Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife » Sugar And Spice: The Ceo’s Feisty Wife Book 1 Chapter 165, Feng Xinying was stunned to hear Xie Yuansheng's reply. [3] This concept is a bit hard to explain without going into traditional chinese medicine, but just know that certain food are classified as for ‘cooling’ the body, and some as for causing ‘internal heat’, which is not good for the body. Right now, she somewhat regretted, in the earlier years, why didn’t she adopt a prince to raise at her side in case of a possible need? That son of hers, in his youth, was actually still quite smart. "Who, Xie Yuansheng?" Mu Qingqing recalled the phone call with song Yanshu yesterday. View Mode. This is Feng Xinying. 《CEO's Cute and Arrogant Wife》all content from the Internet, or users upload, Our purpose is to promote the original author of the novel. Chapter 165: LAN, ARE YOU OKAY? Right now, I’m quite glad that I cancelled my engagement with your fifth brother, really.”, Seeing her not having any misgivings towards this matter, it can be seen, she really didn’t care. I do feel bad for Sun Yi Lin here, I also do stress relief gardening when life gets too much too. Support the translator by reading My Wife is a Beautiful CEO on ! Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. But, this candidate was somewhat difficult. In this moment, the Empress genuinely began considering separately supporting another prince up, one that would be one hundred percent obedient to her. As expected, she was different from the mass. I laugh at his stupidity quite often, and I wouldn’t really call ordering people around trying his best…….. If this world is too big for you, make it smaller on your own. ", Then he got her phone from her purse and thrust it in her hand, "Here, call Lu Dao.". Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? Not only he supported her against his aunt, he also asked her to get into the movies. He kissed her lips and said, "Of course dear, I know about it. Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! Please do not repost my translations! He trusted her so much. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. "Why are you maligning my little girl Xie Yuansheng? Prior to finding out about her pregnancy, her appetite was bad, but after finding out, her appetite gradually improved instead, though when smelling some relatively unusual scents, she would still feel nauseous. But if you have an unreasonable mother-in-law above you, you can only sulk.” Sun Yi Jia calmly said. His strong emergence inhibited his eldest brother’s development. "Really, jumped Ru Shishi." There were too many cases in front. Get the latest chapter of Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter in high quality at Arrogant CEO Wife Hunter In the hotel, Manman planned to surprise her boyfriend by showing up for the fifth anniversary, but it turned out to be a nightmare in her It seems that it is your wife who has corrupted your mind," shouted Xie Weihui. I have faced that all during my time as a model. "Xie Yuansheng, what are you saying? "Call Lu Dao and fix the audition today itself.". Who cares whether that living Enma likes or not. In the future, she’ll definitely be at odds with your fifth sister-in-law like fire and water. < Previous Chapter | Table of Contents | Next Chapter >. Stealing from him really isn’t a wise decision. If you find any error from here, please tell us! Next Post Tyrannical Wang’s Beloved Wife Chapter 165 part 4. Listen to me and remember this carefully, if you or your daughter ever say anything about Feng Xinying or me to the media, I will send this evidence to the police. And more importantly, if that living Enma finds out, perhaps he’ll skin her alive. All translations outside of Broken Jinsei are stolen and reposted without permission! My Wife is a Beautiful CEO – Chapter 165-2. And also thinks he’s going to be the next CEO despite being completely incompetent at his job. Even he, this esteemed son of the heavens, all had this matter determined as an accident, yet this son of his unhesitantly tore down his stage. However, Kang Qinwang was unconcerned. He would look at the phone everyday and wonder if he had missed her call but she had never called. "Ru Shishi, you can come for auditioning. In the past, she never heard of any one of his past fiancees having this kind of treatment. Ru Shishi was nothing and had to be taught a lesson. She kept her hands on his face and kissed his lips softly. Don't worry," he said as he tucked her hair behind her ears. Then he took her hand. As for being like fire and water, the premise has to be that there was such a person. "Nothing dear," he replied quietly. “Those from before, probably the timing wasn’t right, and as for you, elder sister-in-law, you’re a special case.”. After all, Jin Qinwang had his first fiancee at sixteen. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be cases of ‘having eaten something bad’, this kind of unexpected mistake. Doing this was nothing more than trying to avoid attracting trouble. She had got ready to go to the office and an hour later not only did she have a stepsister like Ru Shishi, she was being coaxed by her husband to get into the acting. Xie Weihui was shocked. Sun Yi Lin was just to the side, his brows lowered and eyes restrained, appearing increasingly upright. When the time comes, we will announce to the world that we are married. Perhaps she should make double the preparations. "I can send the evidence that we have collected against her. But now, she was Li Hong Yuan, that living Enma’s fiancee. At many times, Sun Yi Lin all felt very tired. Jing Wan, as someone who’s benefiting from this, naturally needs to help cover it up. When Sun Yi Jia saw, she was even endlessly amazed. Previous . For women, once married, their heart will naturally wholeheartedly lean towards their own man. I am a very vengeful person. Switching the person now really wasn’t that easy to work with. Jing Wan and Sun Yi Jia were currently eating fruits, fruits sent by a certain living Enma, starting from the day before yesterday, every day in unbroken succession. Empress Sun half narrowed her eyes and quietly contemplating, and at the same time, calculating in her heart, if this matter doesn’t succeed, then who would be suitable. The CEO's Woman 121 Prodigy "You are right Mr. Wu. T/N: Translated by Jen on Broken Jinsei! Chapter 716 Chapter 715 Chapter 714 Chapter 713 Chapter 712 Chapter 711 Chapter 710 Chapter 709 Chapter 708 Chapter 707 Chapter 706 See more chapter >> Popular Novel. Also tell that stupid girl of yours never ever to meddle in my affairs, else I won't spare her.". Like, at this point can I even feel happy he’s ruining his life so thoroughly? The Empress massaged her painfully swollen temples. Saying that he picked his phone and called Xie Weihui. 《CEO's Cute and Arrogant Wife》all content from the Internet, or users upload, Our purpose is to promote the original author of the novel. He thought of not calling them inside for auditions, and rather straightaway calling Ru Shishi. He’d long realized already that regardless how ambitious that Empress paternal aunt of his was, in this lifetime, afraid, she has no hope of achieving her goal. ... “Mr. “Who knows, based on Jin Qinwang’s current attitude, he shouldn’t be too cold towards you. Sun Yi Jia first blanked, and then afterwards, understood what Jing Wan was saying, “Who knows. He held her hand to make her twirl and then dipped her. And after marrying over, there’s no one above you suppressing you either. In past years, even in the palace, these were extremely hard to come by. Day Sepia Night. His wife would outshine anyone out there. He already knew Feng Xinying's number that he had sourced from his contacts and had saved it. Today he had rejected most of them and only last three were left. Everything was happening so fast that she wasn't able to think properly. ... Latest Chapter. Thus, the Luo family only knew that Jin Qinwang had sent Jing Wan quite a few fruits, and only a very few people knew what all specifically. How dare she messed with his wife? His looked mad. “Better than marrying into Jin Qinwang Manor?” Jing Wan teased. Feng Xinying was stunned to hear Xie Yuansheng's reply. > Arrogant CEO: Wife Hunter > Chapter 165. "No, I will take care of it." "You will come to know about that soon. After all, even the palace didn’t have these, yet you’re able to eat it everyday, what’s this all about? Those shareholders should be worried. He was the eldest di son, the proper lineage, no one had the right to fight with him. She became slightly scared. But in this life, he would allow her to soar high. And this also confirmed what Li Hong Yuan once said. Song Yanshu did not explain what happened. Kang Qinwang’s conduct, how was it just having his own people pushed out, he clearly even peeled this old man’s face altogether. Even if there are side consorts and concubines, they can’t surpass you, so if you want to sort them out, there’s plenty of ways to deal with them.

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