A. 100.3 The Bear’s Secret Sound is BACK – it's worth a cut of $75,000- and it's ready to piss you off like never before!!!

Join the Secret Sound Text Club to find out about Bonus rounds and more chances to win. 2:00 PM - "Hitting a piece of paper with an elastic band" “Can I listen to the sound online?” Finally after 6 weeks of trying, ZM's $50,000 Secret Sound has finally been revealed.Aimee Balle called Jase & PJ and correctly chose that the Ashtray in a car being pulled in and out, was what Soundkeeper Gary used to make the Secret Sound, winning the entire $50,000 jackpot. 2:00 PM - "A latch on a lock" Up until the late 90's this was a very common feature in cars. Think "Action" then "Object.". True. Subscribe to a Newsletter * * * Choose at least one of these Newsletters. SUBSCRIBE × Logo. We punch 103 into our fancy textymajigger and it pulls up the 103rd text in. If it's broken you probably won't fix it. 11:00 AM - "Flipping lots of pages together" 10. "Do you block numbers from outside Alberta?" 5:00 PM - "Pulling a rolling paper out of the pack" Our sound-keeper Gary (one of two people who actually know the sound), has decided to give you the biggest clue yet, in the form of this video tour of his house.

You can feel free to text us as many guesses as you want, but we'll never tell you if you're right or wrong. The SEVENTH $75,000 Secret Sound has not been correctly guessed! 11:00 AM - "Ripping off Velcro" 13. "There's a delay on streaming, do I even have any chance of getting in?"

The FIFTH $75,000 Secret Sound has been correctly guessed! 8:00 PM - Clicker to train a dog with", 8:00 AM - "Using scissors to cut paper" CHECK THE INCORRECT GUESSES!!! 7:00 PM - "Spraying the plastic Lysol bottle" “Why am I getting charged for texting you?” The SEVENTH $75,000 Secret Sound has not been correctly guessed! "Can I text in my guess?" By ticking this box I agree to receive the chosen newsletter(s), including promotional, programming, marketing and other survey emails. 7:00 PM - "Suction cup releasing" It can hold a multitude of things! 1:00 PM - "Tearing Scotch tape from its dispenser" When you hear it, text it to 666-666.

2:00 PM - "Breaking a chopstick" As per our rules that we know YOU ALL READ...  "Limit of five (5) Main Entries per individual per Entry Period, regardless of the method of entry.". Toronto Listen weekday mornings at 7am, 9am & 11am. Be the lucky 103rd texter and we could be calling you back! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Edmonton's Best Rock, 100.3 The Bear, plays everything that rocks! 9. You just might have to be a little quicker on the draw. You could win tickets, cash, vacations, and much more!
If we call you, we’ll play you a little clip of The Bear’s Secret Sound and you will have the chance to guess it correctly!

Whilst not on TV programs, you'll find it close to 'Friday Jams', A. Friday Jams plays on the radio and it's pretty close to the radio in your car. 5:00 PM - "Opening a pocket knife" Where Will the $1,000 Go?

By ticking this box I agree to receive the chosen newsletter(s), including promotional, programming, marketing and other survey emails. M5V 2Z5, 100.3 The Bear - Greedy Bastards Newsletter. Posted Sep 11, 2020. Each day the sound doesn’t get guessed, United Faith Mortgage drops more money into the piggy bank! For example, Secret Sound #1 from the last time we did this was "Ripping a cardboard box." A. 6:00 PM - "Latching a plastic belt clip or even for dog collar, backpack or one of the plastic clips.... buckle" Guess the sound, WIN the CASH! 5:00 PM - "A latex glove being snapped" Unfortunately yes, there is a delay when you listen to 100.3 The Bear on a streaming device BUT fortunately we've had TONS of people get in who are streaming. - PLEASE NOTE THESE CLUES ARE FROM SECRET SOUND SEASON 2 AND ARE NO LONGER APPLICABLE TO THE CURRENT SOUND - The Secret Sound has been driving us craaaazy, so we can only imagine how crazy it's driving you guys!. 8. I understand I can withdraw my consent to any of the aforementioned items at any time. Stream Tracks and Playlists from The secret sound on your desktop or mobile device. 11:00 AM - "Opening or closing binder rings" 2:00 PM - "Taking off a diaper"

9:00 AM - "Pulling the cap off a pen"

T5S 1A8, Bear Studio & Contesting Ponder this before you sleep, you'll need some cash they don't come cheap. It's time to open your eyes and ears, the Secret Sound's been around for years, A. "Can you tell me what text # I am, so I know how close I am?" 5:00 PM - "Pulling a zip tie" 10:00 AM - "Ripping a piece of stretch wrap from it's roll across the metal teeth" 11. 8:00 AM - "A Paper Bag" 9:00 AM - "Stepping on a Juice Box" 10:00 AM - "An elastic band flipping" 11:00 AM - "Opening a zipper" 12:00 PM - "Sucking air through your teeth" 1:00 PM - "Lighting a Zippo" Starting Monday, August 31st, listen for The Secret Sound Keyword THIRTEEN times every weekday from 8AM - 8PM. 4:00 PM - "Opening the valve on a propane tank" Here are all the INCORRECT guesses: Tuesday October 20th 2020. A. But did it match the clues? 4:00 PM - "Snapping celery" As always, you can call in to guess at 8:30am, 12:30pm, and 3:30pm daily.

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