Wednesday, I spoke with Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin—my own congressman, from here in suburban Washington, D.C.  With four Democratic colleagues, he’s just introduced the Reopen America Act, which lays out a fact-based, non-caveman course toward reopening. Graham committed suicide on Saturday, August 3, 1963.[2]. We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. This included being Chair of the Federal Reserve from 1930-33. But we are. “The main one being when we’re confident that hospitals can meet expected demand.” The key indicator, he says, is an infection rate of 1 or below, meaning that an infected person can pass COVID-19 on to no more than one other person. Many have heralded Bradlee and Graham for this act, but the praise ignores two important points about the whole affair. That’s an insanely laughable word in this context, guidelines, because it suggests a set of rules or recommendations based on something—research, facts, data; intellect, reason, non-caveman selfhood. And she’s reopening very slowly; restaurants, arenas, and theaters are still closed through August. In 1960, he helped persuade his friend John F. Kennedy to take Lyndon Johnson on his ticket as the vice presidential candidate, talking frequently to both during the 1960 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, California. In 1967, Ward Just was replaced by Pete Braestrup who adhered more to the LBJ/Kate Graham line. that is one of the most respected in Washington. Through such relationships, the clan quickly rose up the ladder and became a force on the American scene. They must cheer more lustily than non-authoritarian people cheer. And strength. She was traveling in Europe with her sister Mary Pinchot Meyer, wife of CIA officer Cord Meyer, on what the two women reportedly described as a “husband-dumping trip.” Bradlee and Tony Pinchot struck up a romance, and he began divorce proceedings against his first wife. Its circulation, which now is over 400,000 daily and 480,000 on Sundays, went up sharply. He played golf in the 90’s, appeared regularly on the dinner circuit, took his vermouth on the rocks, and avoided mass receptions. [citation needed]. Bradlee always tried to insinuate that it was just an accident he chose the Post since it was raining hard in Baltimore and he didn’t want to get off the train. Beverly was home to the likes of the Lodges, the Saltonstalls, the Taylors, (who owned the Boston Globe) and Gates White McGarrah who, in the 1930s, ran the Bank for International Settlements. . He was going all up and down the East Coast having lunch with every editor he could think of saying that it was not true.”. Immediately after graduation in 1942, Bradlee attained his naval commission. Ben Bradlee early in his career. 222-24, 232-34). (ibid, p. 168) After his death, Kate Graham’s lawyer challenged the last will and she took control of the paper after a probate hearing, with the last will not on the public record. The deal gave the merged paper a monopoly in the morning field. There were several other major lapses, e.g., the murders of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy in 1968 and the CIA’s Contra-drug-running in the 1980s. If Bradlee would have learned this, he would have seen how this echoed just what JFK was going to do back in 1963. When Ben Bradlee died last Oct. 21 at age 93, his widow Sally Quinn and his protégé Bob Woodward dutifully made the media rounds. His mother, the former Florence Morris, had been a schoolteacher in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Philip Leslie Graham (July 18, 1915 – August 3, 1963) was an American newspaperman. (DiEugenio, ibid, p. 368) Under LBJ, that did not happen. In fact, he was the 51st member of his clan to attend Harvard. 60-61), Bradlee grew up on Beacon Street in Beverly, an exclusive town on the North Shore about 26 miles from Boston, where his father bought a summer home from Harvey Bundy, McGeorge Bundy’s father (ibid, p. 106) and where Bradlee began his newspaper career after his father arranged a summer job for him as a copy boy for the Beverly Evening Times.

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