(2012). I suppose it says a lot about this whole series that with a history as rich as Texas’s, with a narrative as stuffed with heroes and deep-rooted motives both political and personal, the most compelling character with the strongest story is the most self-confessedly fictional. The Fall Of The House Of West, But, honestly, I wasn’t expecting historical correctness what with the likes of the History Channel. That was mostly Thomas Rusk, and fairly early in the episode he entreats Sam Houston to run for president. It’s nice that you took the time to consider this show in such detail and you must have felt it had some merit or you wouldn’t have taken the time. It’s troubling enough that they spend most of this series either whooping on horseback or standing around on mountains whooping into the air. As to the geography I never lived in Texas but am familiar with the geography as I am a western history buff. Perhaps they should state that at the beginning of the shows, but I for one still thought they did one thing, help remind people of the struggles of early Texas, what they went through, the role the Texas rangers played in TX early history if not exactly how they showed it. An additional bill was passed on December 29, 1838, which added an additional 8 companies of mounted volunteers to serve 6 month deployments. This is true enough. “Comanches, The Destruction of a People". But as I’ve written elsewhere, including in my series of posts about research for fiction, some details you can fudge (“Shoot the Bullet”) and some you absolutely have to get right (“Check the Map”). As for the Western It lasts a total of 54 seconds (I timed it.). Rabbit Virus 2019, [3], Santa Anna was a Comanche war chief who advocated for armed resistance against the Texas settlers, and became influential after the Council House Fight of 1840 in San Antonio. The citizens responded by pursuing the Comanches to a village on the Pease River, but because there were too many Comanches, the citizens had to wait for a larger force to arrive. But I don’t want to end there. I wondered if some of my criticism was rooted in my Texas education, but it’s telling, indeed, that someone with no grounding at all in Texas history would still see the problems with the show. In 1836 they didn’t have nickels just half-dimes. Here, at least, their warrior leader Buffalo Hump is given some vaguely accurate lines, because he’s right, the White people are coming, and it’s going to be horrible. I did mean “overwrought,” though: “regarding a piece of writing or a work of art: too elaborate or complicated in design or construction.”. Poetic license is to be expected in movies. Austin, TX: Eakin, 1987. Thanks for that comment, Wayne! It happens near the end, immediately after all this inauguration/return of Santa Anna/Comanches Rising stuff but before the final Comanche attack. And yes, I’ve enjoyed the conversation, too! If anything, this show made me go to wikipedia to do some research about those events. A rider escapes to warn the town, and the Rangers mount up and ride out to the rescue. The second battle began when the Texas Rangers attempted to do the same to the next Comanche camp only to be met by resistance from the Comanche’s who saw the approach of the Texas Rangers. Law Careers Jobs, I ended up missing the last hour of the series but honestly was not disappointed in the least. In fictional Mexico, the fictional Santa Anna trudges up steps in defeat, telling his compatriot that he’s been beaten and now he must face an angry crowd. Instead, he is celebrated, and he gleefully tosses his hat into the mob and begins his plans to re-invade Texas. White Noise Play Plot, I believe this was meant to lean closer to historical fiction than a documentary. Shortly after we see Houston at his weakest and most debauched, we see a sickly but no less courageous Deaf Smith and his Rangers at what might be — what is certainly being presented as — their most heroic: in a fairly effective, if standard, rescue sequence, the Rangers not only defeat the rough “garrison” of Mexicans who kidnapped and have been abusing Emily West, but they also outwit a much larger, more organized Mexican force riding in from the desert and the Rangers make off with a small herd of horses. There clearly are problems with the final episode which,although having many excellent moments, was way to flabby and self-indulgent, particularly when compared episode four’s epic depiction of the Battle of San Jacinto. Thanks for your reply. I'm the author of the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, the novel Hagridden, and the flash fiction chapbooks Box Cutters and Where There Is Ruin. Map of Comanches battles and skirmishes in 1850-1861, Map of Comanches battles and skirmishes in 1861-1865, Map of Comanches battles and skirmishes in 1866-1876, Map of Red River War 1874-1875: Comanches and Kiowas vs the US Army, http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/fsa30, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Comanche_Wars&oldid=978316678, Wars involving the indigenous peoples of North America, Wars between the United States and Native Americans, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Initial Comanche victory over Spain and Mexico, This page was last edited on 14 September 2020, at 05:02. It only took a few minutes of watching the first episode to realize that the show would not be a valid source for history buffs. Tensions rise as Unlike most films or television series that focus on the Texas Revolution, Texas Rising does not center around the The first teaser trailer was released on January 25, 2015, during The media coverage about the series was somewhat negative, with some debate over whether or not the right blend between historical accuracy and poetic license had been reached - with some sources saying that a channel calling itself "History" invited greater scrutiny on the question.

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