This is for two reasons. HK's zeta that grants a 25% damage boost on Feared/DM enemies is pretty good and is especially good in raids, and if you can time his aoe right after DR lands fear on the whole team you can sometimes one-shot most of the team if they weren't at full health/protection. A: Depends. -(Revan Lead): The current team that is showing to do the best on defense and most are having have little issue with when being used to attack other teams: Revan (L), GM Yoda, Jolee, Bastila Shan, and General Kenobi. Like probably one of the 10 worst zetas in game kinda garbage. These extra early crystals from a high arena rank are super important as they allow you do do all your cheap refreshes for Normal Energy and Cantina Energy. Late Late Game Team: Tarkin's Capital Ship, Geonosian Solder Fighter, Geonosian Spy Fighter, and Sun Fac's Fighter. I was pleasantly surprised with the droideka zeta however. Tarkins capital ship give you an attack boost for each debuffed enemy, Biggs gains taunt and regains protection every time you place target lock on an enemy, and When Vader's Tie Advanced comes in he places DOT and Attack down on all enemies giving you an even bigger attack boost. You may begin farming FOTP before this point too for this same reason, just prioritize Vader before him in the ship arena store). I don’t think it’s that valuable in the current state of the game. Again, ALWAYS buy Tie Advanced and Slave 1 over Ghost/Phantom. Ships are much more important now after the Ships 2.0 update. Most people should be able to at the very least apply this guide to figure out a schedule of characters to farm. This page was last edited on 1 August 2019, at 04:01. Grievous unique gives him free turns to ramp up his health/damage and spread those cruel debuffs if the other droids are focused down first and that's the point of the team, (also synergizes neatly with magna's bonus turn thing). First Order Low Priority Zetas: First Order Tie Pilot (Keen Eye) – A nice Zeta that ramps up what’s best about the FOTP, more Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Q: I have been focusing on x, y, and z and I would like to finish. He is the piece that really makes Bastila/Revan teams run. For Jedi teams make Jedi Knight Revan then GMY your fastest character. The bonus damage on feared targets is nice, but only occasionally makes a difference. You may be level 60, 70, or even 85, but you are still trying to organize yourself and create a plan to get R2 and CLS for an example. The ideal early Empire team would be Palpatine, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, and Stormtrooper. It is important to rank up as high as possible in your squad arena every day in order to receive the most free crystals you can. Further, don't expect to top arena with maxed droids if you see much Revan in your shard, unless they get an update.I agree with the vast majority of the above comment. For your First Order Team, the most accessible farms are Kylo Ren, First Order Officer, and Captain Phasma. Check out Gaming Fans: Become a Channel Member: Support me on Patreon: For one time on-screen donations: Join my Discord: Follow me on Twitter: Buy DB Merchanidse: Watch me live on Twitch: The brand new series continues! 95% of the time the match will be over before you can call if your FOTP or Sun Fac reinforcement. Boost a star level to Ghost or Phantom then alternate. First Order Low Priority Zetas: First Order Tie Pilot (Keen Eye) - A nice Zeta that ramps up what's best about the FOTP, more Critical Chance and Critical Damage. General Grievous has a rework that makes him very good. Early to Late Game Team: Tarkin's Capital Ship. By focusing on building these teams you are better building your roster to be successful in several areas of the game. GGs bonus TM on dead allies stacks his damage and health way faster than B1 anyway.A side note: I haven't used this team much in STR, so the comments are mostly from arena. For example OG Lando is a great character for Credit and Droid Heists. For example, several of the marquee scoundrel characters released months ago, such as Young Han or Nest, are for sure good toons to have for Heists and Raids. I would suggest farming TFP AND Old Ben before Mission or T3 as TFP's ship is still very good in ship arena and Old Ben will be your 5th Jedi for GMY (Grand Master Yoda) and is used to unlock CLS along with being a pretty quick farm. First Order Tie Fighter. KRU helps you do better in Ship Arena earlier, but TFP will have to be ready earlier for R2 event and is good for Pit Raid and Nightmare/Empire Team. The zeta order assumes you will be running Shaak Ti lead. If not, then remove her lead from the list and the order will remain the same. Give Vader all your best speed mods. Farming him is a long process but if you’re committed and participate in every Rancor Raid, you’ll be happy you did. That dramatically improves him, and the team in general, and helps offset GG unique. -(Bastila Lead): Bastila (L), Jolee, Ezra, GM Yoda, Old Ben/General Kenobi. What do I use this character for other than for this ship? Mods are mostly used to add speed to your characters, but in the short term and early game getting a full set of 5 star lvl 15 mods on your Phoenix Squad team makes a huge difference in arena. PS characters that have priority for speed arrows or mods with secondary speed stats are Zeb, Ezra, Hera/Chopper, and last is Kanan. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The above two are very long term farms, but its worth getting them done before other Guild Event store specific characters do to speculative reasons. Furious Slash (Basic) – Deal Physical damage to target enemy. . I'd rate droideka lower than the others but it looks like those true damage assists can hurt very badly. Could well be worth it but doesn't look quite essential. Young Han is already a monster when it comes to the HAAT. -(Nightmare Empire): Palp(L), Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, Tie Fighter Pilot. If you don't think you will have Old Ben/Farmboy Luke done before the next CLS event, you may want to work on getting Lando to 7 stars instead. DS I have Vader for Empire (also *required* so extra benefit), Maul and Sidious for Sith. The thing with GG lead zeta is the current meta teams all have mass cleanse. But it can potentially take you several months to get from lvl 78 to 82 and it takes about 3-4 weeks to farm enough zetas to upgrade one attack/unique/leadership ability. Q: I've been playing for a month and I have had no direction on who to farm until now. Captain Han Solo 5* - 7* (ROLO TB Mission), Boba Fett or Storm Trooper 7* (Do in order depending on when R2 event is coming back, Fett is good for Chewbacca and on BH teams), Qui-Gon Jinn 7* (Yoda Event save farming if already have 5 7* jedi), Cassian's U-Wing (Ship for Jyn, Cassian, and K2S0), Jyn 7* (Pit Raid/1 of 3 characters need for a ship), Finn/Rey (If you don't have them 7 stars and JTR event is coming, you can farm extra shards here), Resistance Trooper (JTR Lead Raid Team/TW/TB), Storm Trooper Han 7*(CLS Team/Rebel/ Credit Heist), IG-88 (Scoundrel/Merc/CH Team/ship arena), Asajj Ventress (Night Sisters/HAAT Raid/Sith Raid), Magmatrooper 7* (ONLY if you think you will need him to get R2 next time his event starts), Biggs 7*/Biggs' X-wing 5* (Farm at same time), Following Ships until they are 5 stars (Biggs, TFP, FOTP), Ships (Always buy Tie Advanced and Slave 1 over Ghost and Phantom. The order in which you should farm shards in each area are as follows: Below I have broken down who to farm and when you should farm them. Because of this your earn Ship arena team is going to likely look much different than your late game team.

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