@ Maggie. There are vegetarian forms of suet (made from refined vegetable oil), and Aunt Bessie’s (the producers of the ready made dumplings) uses one of these… and the Aunt Bessie’s dumplings are very good. It is used in the kitchen as a healthier alternative to hydrogenated oils such as some vegetable oils. I want to make some traditional British mince pies for Christmas while I’m in America, but suet seems to be nearly impossible to find over here. The most well-known traditional, The most well-known cooking use for suet is in traditional British savory dishes such as meat pies and mincemeat dishes. Lard has many uses in the kitchen and around the house. Yes John,I have been making my own concoctions,for a long time now,but just making absolutely sure,lard was ok :-), We spend 90% of net income on conservation, public education and advocacy, The RSPB is a member of BirdLife International. I’ve included a table of contents below so you can skip straight to a section of interest if you want to.

You can see lard on sale at the main market in Riga in the featured image at the top of this post. (neither do my suet cakes). Both will produce lovely crispy fried food which will have absorbed less fat than food fried in oil. I also mix in some peanut butter, crushed peanuts, crushed dried mealworms (they do stink), kibbled sunflower hearts etc with mine.

I think you can store some in the fridge for a short while if you make a bigger batch than the birds can eat in a day, it still seems to go down ok :-) Hope that's right, hope it helps, sorry, I can't find the thread I wanted to show you to help :-( The others here a brilliant with all this! I also mix in some peanut butter, crushed peanuts, crushed dried mealworms (they do stink), kibbled sunflower hearts etc with mine. Suet is a hard white animal fat and is usually beef suet. Contact It should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer for longer shelf life. Hi doggie,thanks for the suggestion,I'll try that. You can fill the tube with lard and inject meat with it. A few definitions first. Content copyright © 2019 by Lisa Shea. I've been feeding the birds now,for around 18 months,but still getting myself,a tad confused,with what is safe to feed the birds. I used every bit of fat from our cow.

Atora, a company improbably founded in Manchester by a Frenchman, is the main supplier of shredded suet, both animal and vegetarian. So do you think,I'm ok to use lard,in my cakes? Suet is the hard, white fat around the kidneys and loins of cows and other animals. for details.

The smoke point (point at which the fat burns and turns into a gas) of suet (200ВєC) is higher than lard (190ВєC). Now that it is back in fashion, high-quality lard is easier than ever to find. We grow our own cattle for meat and I use their tallow for soap and skincare. This content was written by Lisa Shea. The last type of animal fat we are looking at is suet. They are a blend of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, all essential for good health. For all your baking needs! This low-temperature cooking allows the suet to be gently separated from the meaty parts of the animal without cooking it. I want to make some traditional British mince pies for Christmas while I’m in America, but suet seems to be nearly impossible to find over here.

This is mixed with an equal amount of birdseed. Its like catnip for birds - they go berserk!!! It never lasts long enough to go off. I used to use lard in my cakes,but was scared off,by something I read,about the lard going rancid,in hot weather,so changed to Atora suet,a few months back. Leaf lard is a finer grade of fat, from the kidneys and loin of a pig. Usefully the packages sold are ambient/shelf-stable so have a reasonable lifespan. Lard is used to make lardy cake – go here for more on that. Lard can also come from other animals such as ducks, but the term most commonly refers to the fat rendered from pigs. Note by Elle: This is one of my first batches of tallow I was rendering. The higher the temperature of the fat the more you can achieve the crispy effect – the water in the cells of the chips evaporating quickly. Megan is a wife and stay at home mom of boys, currently living on a small suburban homestead in Texas. The birds love them,but stopped putting them out,after reading the RSPB's dos and don'ts. You can harvest your own lard too, by saving bacon grease. Another use, aside from soap, is in skincare. I make loads and freeze it in feeder sized blocks and just take it out when required. for details. Tallow and Lard are softer and malleable. The rendered fat from a duck is usually called duck fat or lard. The only downside to suet is that it is not shelf-stable at room temperature like lard or tallow. Firstly,I apologise for asking a question,that has probably been asked a zillion times,but the search function,doesn't appear to be working,at the moment. Tallow most commonly comes from cows, although it can come from other ruminants, or multi-stomached animals, such as sheep or deer. Tallow is the fat found on cows or other ruminant animals. Heath Outdoor Products S-1-8 Single Hanging Suet... How to Prepare for Farrowing Pigs [4 Tips to Breed Your Own Piglets], Want Meat That Falls Off the Bone? All animals have some sort of fat content that is known by different names, depending on which animal it comes from. Tallow vs lard vs suet… All fats, but which fat comes from which animal, and what do we use it for?

As a verb tallow is to grease or smear with tallow. Roly poly that’s the stuff It is typically shredded or chopped and has a very mild taste. Tallow is used primarily in soap, and to make candles (industrial tallow can also be made from pig fat – lard). Rendered suet stays solid at higher temperatures - I think it's in the 90s F - than unrendered suet. It can be used to protect and condition some leather or wood surfaces when combined with beeswax. I live in North East England,where the heat is very seldom a factor,plus when I was making cakes,with lard,they very rarely lasted the day. Why render? Note by Elle (editor) – This photo shows some of our cattle and one of our horses. Unlike the other types of fat mentioned, suet is clarified instead of rendered. Protect and condition leather and wood (best combined with beeswax), Skincare, balms, and soap for its moisturizing properties, Frying (great for high-temperature cooking). As nouns the difference between suet and tallow is that suet is the fatty tissue that surrounds and protects the kidneys; that of sheep and cattle is used in cooking and in making tallow while tallow is a hard animal fat obtained from suet etc; used to make candles, soap and lubricants. I feed 2 types of suet or lard - the plain raw beef suet in a suet cage, and a home-made mixture of rendered fat (suet or lard) with peanut butter, corn meal and flour, nuts, etc. But which is better for them - lard or vegetable shortening? SC037654, Deterring squirrels from ground feeding tray. Hi Colin please don't ever apologise for asking a question, feel free to ask anything you like :-) I'm no good at stuff like this sorry, I'll probably be wrong, I'm sure I'll be corrected by the great people here :-). When thinking about animal products we use, the parts of the animal we think of most is the meat for eating, honey for sweetening, or eggs for baking and eating.

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