A designated Blue Ribbon Fishery, fishing at Strawberry Bay has never been more exciting with anglers routinely catching three to six-pound fish with larger ones tipping the scales at fifteen pounds or more. FYI - Them's The Rules: Visit website, Copyright © 2020 Utah.com. GEAR Did you know? Strawberry is a paradisical reservoir where fish grow faster than bacterial blooms. Description This is the wind, wave and weather forecast for Strawberry Reservoir / Marina in Utah, United States. GUIDED EXCURSIONS INCLUDE GUIDE, BOAT, MOTOR, FUEL, GEAR, TACKLE & BAIT. MrRojoneck 29,898 views 10:08 First Ice Otter Creek 2019 - Duration: 6:37. • Spring & fall are the best seasons for bank fisherman--water is cold and the fish can swim freely. WINTER ACTIVITY TAX NOT INCLUDED. GUIDED Fishing BLUE-RIBBON FISHING AT STRAWBERRY UTAH’S FAVORITE FISHING DESTINATION Famous for its abundance of large, aggressive rainbow trout, Strawberry has been Utah’s favorite ‘fishing hole’ for more than 60 years. Kokanee also reproduce in the reservoir's tributaries. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or paragliding. The Utah record trout was caught at Strawberry in 1930 and weighed 26.5 pounds? PRO TIPS: • Limit: 4 fish (trout & kokanee are counted together) Healthy balance is the name of the game here. Over on the Strawberry side, there are only a couple places that have enough open water to fish, like Mosquito Bay and Mud Creek, but here by this weekend, April 24, majority of the lake will be fishable for Ice Off fishing, and If you're there in the summer, seek out cooler spots. Strawberry Reservoir management now favors a Utah native variety, the Bear Lake cutthroat trout, because it competes fiercely against the native non-game species. ALL RESERVATIONS WILL BE CHARGED UP FRONT. Non-game fish are also in the reservoir and compete with the trout (natural selection in action). • Renegade Industry Website. The horizontal resolution is about 13 km. Strawberry Reservoir is Utah's best and people's choice trout fishery. Help • Release all cutts because they are needed to eat those fierce non-game fish. FOR GUIDED ICE FISHING TRIPS, GUIDE, AUGER, TENT, ALL FISHING GEAR, AND SNOWMOBILE SHUTTLE (IF NEEDED) IS INCLUDED IN ABOVE PRICE. • Soldier Creek Marina The Strawberry area receives heavy snowfall during winter, and there's plenty of snowmobiling trails in the area. From fishing from a float tube in the summer and taking in the cool mountain air or using your auger to drill through the ice and pitch a shed.

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