There are no operating system (OS) requirements, just standard browsers: Public internet access is required with no filtering of content, JavaScript or cookies originating from For instance, an employer can test an employee who is managing heavy machinery but is not part of the DOT. Other technical requirements - Flash/SilverLight? We expressly disclaim any warranty or responsibility for damages arising out this information. Sterling is a great service and makes me safe about providing my data for verification. In some cases, with instant products, reports are rendered instantly on the screen. What are the SterlingONE Terms & Conditions? For more information about this failure and next steps, please contact your sales representative. Turnaround time ranges from 24-36 hours for clear records and when at rest (stored in the database). Another requirement of the DOT is random rescreening. In the final step of selecting a clinic to take my test, it asks me to “email this document to:”; do I need to email the document to anyone in particular? There is no paperwork for the person purchasing the test. Subaccounts can be created and disabled temporarily or permanently at the parent account's will, once this customization is set up during the account creation process. Please contact sales at 1.877.893.1665 or email, If you have basic questions about website navigation, account creation, or order entry, please call our Customer Support team. Most of all, the company maintains a level of safety for the company’s employees and their customers. No. No, each end-user company must be approved directly with SterlingONE to access Credit Reports. PCI-DSS certification these controls and mechanisms are audited to ensure compliance. Only the person that orders the test will have access to the results via the SterlingONE Dashboard. Sterling Talent Solutions. We encourage you to consult with legal counsel regarding your specific needs. OS platforms. Our robust, automated technology helps deliver user-friendly data in the form of test analytics, single billing, and status tracking that provides straightforward details you need right away. Non-sensitive data is retained in non-encrypted form; this ensures that SterlingONE is able to deliver high Not sure if I resolved the other issues but seeing how I gave all the data and corrected data I just assume they kept on with the process. Sterling Talent Solutions' background checks are unparalleled in accuracy and convenience, allowing human resource professionals to search criminal records, check education and professional references, schedule drug tests, monitor employee arrests, and more— all effortlessly via a single provider. Can I customize my screening package so I'm only using the searches I really need for each? For a drug test that concludes with a negative result, the report is available within your SterlingONE dashboard in about 15 minutes. eScreen is SterlingONE’s preferred partner for delivering employment-related drug, alcohol and physical fitness screening services to you. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has set federally mandated drug and alcohol screening regulations for “anyone designated in DOT regulations as a safety-sensitive employee.” Generally, DOT regulations cover safety-sensitive transportation employers and employees. Superior compliant background check, I-9 and New Hire Smart Forms solutions to put qualified healthcare professionals to work quickly. Sterling is excited to introduce our new COVID-19 health testing services to help you bring safety to your workplace in the COVID-19 era. Deferred 1.877.982.9888. SterlingONE is in a unique position to simplify this process for our customers, as a technology company that isn't reliant upon a licensing relationship with a third-party vendor. ensure compliance. As part of the online checkout process, you can upgrade your drug test to SterlingONE’s 10 or 12 panel test for an additional fee. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) issued a report in August 2016, affirming the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance classification of marijuana defined by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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