Also for that fact that, of the hundred or so tested, only fourteen were found. However, he's taken this love so far as to declare himself a Mad Scientist, and prefers to go by the alias Kyouma Hououin. SERN is trying to silence Rintaro and lab members for inventing the time-machine. It's somewhat justified that he would be able to hack into a system quickly that already has it's doors open into Daru's computer in the first place. Rintaro originally intends to use the red liquid inside a glow-in-the-dark lightsaber toy as part of his plan to fool his past self into thinking Kurisu's dead, but upon discovering that it's dried up and useless, he provokes Dr. Nakabachi into stabbing himself so that he can use his own, genuine blood instead. Rintaro initially believes that additional divergence caused by Suzuha's trip to 1975 would subvert Mayuri's murder. As they flee the scene and he texts his buddy Hashida Itaru, everyone around them briefly vanishes... yet nobody else seems to have noticed the incident. Kurisu appears as a character spell in. The Spiritual Successor to Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate is set roughly one year after the events of the previous game, in the Akihabara area. Some of the characters from Steins;Gate have also found themselves in other media. A Spiritual Successor to Steins;Gate, Robotics;Notes, was released as a game in June 2012, with an anime following later that same year. The most significant one is when Rintaro chooses let to Mayuri remain dead so Ruka can remain being a girl. him screwing with destiny to begin with that all of this happened. Even Okabe tries to kill himself at one point. I'm still recovering from how great the anime is, but I just wanted to ask: those mysterious text messages with the png of the decapitated head from a doll? the attempts to avert Mayuri's fate put them on track for the timeline where Kurisu died, forcing them to choose between saving Mayuri or Kurisu. in the timeline where Ruka is a girl, this didn't actually happen. A 24-episode anime adaptation aired starting in the Spring 2011 Anime season. By the end, however, this is reversed, and those same lines sound downright awesome, and very convincing, notably at the. Ruka's feelings seem to be confirmed when pretty much blurts out his attraction to Okabe to Suzuha (who is currently the victim of a romantic misunderstanding.). Later on we find out that Mayuri and Kurisu have both been dreaming of previous world lines. The identity of FB turns out to be none other than Rintaro's beleaguered landlord Mr. Braun. Shortly thereafter, Rintaro and Hashida run into Kurisu, very much alive, and Hashida mentions receiving a text babbling about the discovery one week ago. And female Ruka, though only noted briefly. Anime episode 12, when the lab members are surrounded by SERN. Either undo the senders' D-mail, which cancels their wish and erase their memories, or choose not to and let Mayuri die and go to the respective sender's route. You can figure out the rest. The three pass the time by tinkering with their latest creation, a "Phone Microwave" that can be controlled through text messages. He was trying to discourage Okabe through scare tactics because he didn't want him getting in trouble. Kurisu decides to sacrifice herself so Mayuri can survive. However, if their memories are prodded properly, other characters can remember other world lines; this occurs separately with Faris and Ruka. She was just getting memories from the other timeline. Suzuha's bicycle is put on the time machine and sent to the past, given to Braun once Suzuha dies, and given back to Suzuha when she arrives at Braun's workplace. Following the end of the anime's broadcast, a twenty-fifth episode was released straight to video and a theatrical film was announced. Faris asks Rintaro to call her by her real name after he saves her from some kidnapper. Just wanted to clear it up, that's all. Pepper. A huge TV airing FES's performance in Alpha timeline. On a more constrained scale, so is the Time Leap machine. Rintaro, when he lost all his ways to save Mayuri. Suzuha, after she travels to 1975 using the time machine fixed by Itaru, having lost her memories then recover it again 25 years later. Subreddit dedicated to artwork of the best girl. As a result, the documents and research data of Kurisu was not destroyed in the crash, setting off the events for the dystopia. Mister Braun, literally, as he shoots Moeka and himself upon the gang discovering that he is FB. Text messages include blue hyperlinks that can be selected to reply to the text. In beta timeline, he steals her thesis about time traveling, planning to take all the credit himself. :). MY BREASTS, RIGHT?! Episode 1, 2, 3. Averted. and upon discovering that he is the one who stabbed Kurisu. The lab members soon face a string of mysterious incidents that lead to a game-changing discovery: the Phone Microwave can send emails to the past and thus alter history. line may come from the MO of the first barcode killer of. This also works for new games. (See Episode 20. Each time she dies, Rintaro time leaps to make sure it never happens. Stage 4 of SERN's Z-Program involves human experiments. Instead of the "delusion trigger" system introduced in Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate uses the similar "phone trigger": whenever somebody calls Rintaro, he can choose whether or not to answer. Moeka: "Shiina Mayuri is not needed." Rintaro: My soul... My soul is being devoured! The fans are expecting the worst, as the original agreement with Chaos;Head lead to nowhere, resulting in fans losing the patch and hope for a licensed release. Not like anyone takes his ham seriously other than Ruka or possibly Faris. Press J to jump to the feed. That's not what happened!Rintaro: So Daru, why is my assistant crying? Like most of his friends, Rintaro Okabe loves experimenting, tinkering with different gadgets and inventions. The player's choices determine what sort of path the plot takes. Rintaro fights Moeka in her apartment in order to get her D-mail message. Witnessing Mayuri's death multiple times is not enough to shatter Rintaro's hope to save her. Moeka totally loses it once she's accepted by FB, and kills Mayuri just because FB told her to. It also becomes the key to finding out FB's true identity. A rare justified example in that Rintaro acts like a raving loon during their first few encounters, and it's only after he demonstrates that he's not a psychopath that she starts to lighten up. FB gave each member of the Rounders specific codenames that no other member knows. would work for SERN in the future, but it's never fully addressed or explained why, even by the show's end. Rintaro's main goal is to save Mayuri from her fated death by undoing all the time traveling he did. When Daru was hacking into the SERN in episode 14, he mentions that SERN ports were already open as SERN had been watching the group since the first D-Mail was sent. destroying the ruling structure of the world,;Gate?oldid=387735, Before that: Rintaro's attempt to confirm Ruka's gender. mmm, well he sees the cellphone with all the messages, but okabe rintaro probably wouldn't spend time looking at those, so the ones he doesn't look at are essentially cut. Played with considering Faris's living quarters. SERN successfully creates the time machine, using it to create a Dystopia under their rule. As far as I know, all text messages are identical to the original, save for some from Moeka which appear to have been cut entirely. Please flair and spoiler tag your posts accordingly. Luckily for him the neighbor, This specific instance occurs several times, actually, because Rintaro continuously reverses the event due to his self-imposed. And even if you go through all the trouble of unaltering the future so SERN doesn't turn the world into a dystopia, that does not mean that other disasters can't happen. Mayuri. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),,, To all the fans of Steins;Gate the Original. Kurisu blocked a stab from Rintaro meant for Dr. Nakabachi, giving him a huge. Daru, just about anything such as Super Hacker and Maid secret techniques. starts a chain of events that causes her to accidentally break the IBN 5100, rather than hand it over if he were still a boy. As they perform different experiments, an organization named SERN who has been doing their own research on time travel tracks them down and now the characters have to find a way to avoid being captured by them. It soon becomes apparent he does it on purpose, so it wouldn't really qualify as schizophrenia. The Fate of all Rounder members. When Rintaro tells Daru about his exploits in previous world lines, Daru jokes that it sounds fantastic enough to be the plot of a light novel. Related Subreddits. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hashida hacks SERN in 2 days. In addition, her father saved her from a kidnapping incident by selling his IBN 5100 to SERN in the past. Kurisu's father who does lose the paper that would have made him famous, but still seems to avoid any legal punishment for stabbing Okabe. I think this is more of the case here. A group of friends have customized their microwave so that it can send text messages to the past. Mayuri regarding her fated deaths. Happens almost every time Rintaro sends a D-mail. Believe it or not, Faris owns Akihabara, and is responsible for making Akihabara into moe town. Moeka apologizes for her other world line self killing Mayuri after getting stabbed by Nae. Nae, 15 years in the future, time leaps to the present to kill Moeka for being unable to prevent her father's suicide, then warns Rintaro that she will torture him to death 15 years later before running away. All because she is not satisfied with killing them once. A full fan translation of the game exists; also the same thing which happened to Chaos;Head's translation project is true to this one, the fan translators pulled the patch from their site as JAST expressed interest in localizing the game.

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