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Here’s a guide to the Korean hand gestures I’ve seen the most, so you can communicate in Korean even when the language escapes you.

Extra tip: When bowing in greeting in Korea, do not put your hands together in a prayer motion in front of you. Koreans love to make yaksok, promises using the “pinky swear” gesture, where you lock pinkies and then say the word yaksok sort of as to solidify the promise.

Bowing is something all Koreans do as a greeting, but according to Kiha, Korean Buddhists wouldn’t normally greet each other or non-Buddhists with the hands-together gesture; that’s usually reserved for greetings to Buddha.

. I haven’t seen this one but it sure sounds strange.

Bear in mind that losing at this game may subject you to the punishment of the aforementioned painful forehead flick. But I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to that one. OPPAYA was created in 2015 by the indie duo Seenroot . The only people you’ll see doing this in Korea are Buddhist monks or Korean Buddhists paying respects in temples; it is not an everyday greeting. This is actually very polite and the appropriate gesture when giving and receiving objects and even when handling money. Keep your palm facing outward and you’re photo-ready! Koreans use their hands a lot when they speak, but their hand gestures differ significantly from what we know from Western culture. This is a greeting with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism more commonly used in South and Southeast Asian countries. Thank you so much for your reply and explanation! Thank you for making this post, Alli and Oppa. It has its own culture, language, dress and cuisine, separate and distinct from its neighboring countries. Kiha’s guess is that the gesture is for shaking MSG rather than salt. Giving and receiving hand gestures are difficult for me to remember because they just don’t come naturally to me, but it can be pretty rude to give or receive anything with only one hand in Korea.

Feel free to share your own experiences with quirky Korean gestures in the comments!

I probably left out a couple of gestures, but these were the ones that jumped to mind based on my own experiences and observations. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Koreans take pride in their dignity and respectfulness.

For Korean movie or TV show aficionados, this gesture should be well-known. We're an interracial, interfaith couple on a mission to connect Korea and America through language, culture, and of course, food! In “Something in the Rain” I could not understand that when his character was asking Jin-Ah to come to him in the rain. In America, if you ask someone to come to you with your hand, you’ll use a beckoning finger or wiggle your fingers with your palm facing up.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Hi Sofie, Koreans use their hands a lot when they speak, but their hand gestures differ significantly from what we know from Western culture.

Meanwhile, Weekly Idol (the biggest pop trend launcher in South Korea, by the way) decided to innovate the painting “The Aegyo Battle”, and switched to “Kiyomi Song” by “Oppaya . The tiny fingertip hearts say it all: I love you. wait till the eldest has started eating unless you are the eldest, do not pour your own drink, but instead offer to pour someone else’s, women only pour drinks for men and themselves, they do not pour drinks for another women, do not stick your chopsticks in your rice, do not refuse drinks from elders as they may be offended, always pass or accept items with your right hand or with both hands, left supporting the right hand’s wrist, do not exaggerate your bow as they may assume you are insulting their culture.

You simply take your thumb and index finger and cross them at the first joint so that the fingertips form the shape of the heart.

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Good question. In addition, however, whether it came from the Christian prayer gesture or yoga through popular culture, I’ve seen all kinds of people – from presidential candidates to G-dragon – put their hands together like that to say thank you.
Thanks for this ❤❤❤ can you enlighten me about the Korean?

In a country where corporal punishment is still widespread (OMG! The most common one is flicking someone’s forehead. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I have no idea why I never thought […]. Your email address will not be published.

always remove your shoes before entering their house, bringing gifts along is very common and useful, do not talk about Korean culture with them, Koreans usually asked personal questions such as your weight, status and income but this is usually their way of trying to know you better and it is very common in Korea, always address someone using Ms.,Mrs., or Mr. unless you're close to them. When Kiha did it to me the first time I didn’t see the heart, but now that he’s explained it to me I do it all the time. Koreans have passed down their traditions and stories for centuries. What can I say… When in Rome Seoul, right?

Me too. Required fields are marked *. But the pose has become so common that these days it’s just recognized as another cute pose to do in videos and pictures, regardless of jawline! When someone exaggerates a story, Koreans say they’ve put MSG on their story, so he was probably using that gesture to convey that the other person telling the story was exaggerating.

Due to Korea’s strong group pressure mentality, I’m a repeat offender of this one too, but I personally find it a bit tacky. This is the classic heart hand gesture. Thanks!
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In Korea, this is how you would call a dog. I’m a big fan of Korean drama, some would say addicted actually and have often wondered what some of the signs meant. It has me curious. gesture where they flick another under the chin and sometimes grab the “double chin” … I have only seen young men do this.. I know, right), it’s very common for close friends to inflict mild pain on each other for small trespasses such as arriving late or being the last one to finish a drink.

The Korean gesture for giving/receiving.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. For example, Kim Seolhyun (AoA) does that in one of their videos, and all the girls giggle and the others show a palm-out V as you describe. You don’t see a photo in Korea without at least one of the persons pictured spreading their middle and index fingers in a V-sign. Plates are also usually held up with two hands when others are serving them.

Vegetarian food tips & photography from Daegu, Korea. Usually accompanied by the sentence often said in a slight baby voice “Oooh, our little *insert Korean girl’s name here* is sooooo cuuuute”. As a receiver of this cruel and unusual punishment, you are expected to take it graciously and then scream out in much more pain than it really warrants. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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