Had the Shermans been lying about what they saw? Terry and Gwen Sherman were just your average Utah cattle ranch family, except that they and their ranch were plagued by strange events, some terrifying, and many causing financial losses to their cattle business. "I've had a feeling of dread or terror come over me and I can't get off (the ranch) fast enough.". No new replies will be accepted. If Helltown is the creepy urban myth capital of North America then the Sherman Ranch, a 480 acre plot of land south east of Ballard, Utah is indeed the bizarre urban myth capital. Scientists also look continually at infrasonic and seismic measurements recorded at the ranch. Post a new comment! 10PM: Mystery of Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch very much alive. We where actually just scouting our we land, for the upcoming deer season. Now two? Reviews There are no reviews yet. I want to tell alittle about our trip and the location before I tell my story. It was also several feet away from a spot where transient, high levels of radiation were detected during the recording of an episode of the History Channel show. Video . Bigelow did indeed turn the ranch into an “interactive” research facility. In 1998, a police officer saw a large light plunge into the reservoir and then reemerge, flying off into the night sky. We take care of filtering profanity as much as we can. The details included in the article are based on the reports and accounts available to us as provided by witnesses and documentation. If your URL is correct, you'll see an image preview here Large images may take a few minutes to appear. A Wiki Story by Diamonddragon88 Do not plagarize or edit without my permission! Bigelow would move into the Space Tourism field – an area he had little experience in. ''Skinwalker'' is a [[FreewareGames freeware]] PsychologicalHorror game made in VideoGame/RPGMaker UsefulNotes/RPGMaker by Snow Owl.It tells the story of four friends who go camping in the woods one weekend, only to have a horrifying encounter with a mysterious creature there. Under the name the National Institute for Discovery Science, Bigelow set up round-the-clock surveillance of the ranch, hoping to get to the bottom of the paranormal claims. They would be visible from air and space. One of the only statements, in a rather mocking and tongue-in-cheek response as to the reason for the sudden end to the research, was “maybe he (Bigelow) wanted to leave the aliens in peace!”. of. 2, the epicenter for much of the ranch's unexplained activity. Today, very little has been made public about what Bigelow and his scientists may have done or found at the ranch, though a New York Times report in 2017 connected Bigelow's company with a Pentagon program that investigated reports of unidentified flying objects.

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