Back in my day, we just rolled up a new character and didn't complain! Trapped inside the tomb as an personal joke by Acererak. Loot the Siren. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. See Area 3 for a complete description. No module has left more characters cowering in terror, unable to open the next door out of sheer fear of the doom that surely awaits them, than the Tomb of Horrors. Primarily, these are the separate sourcebooks and expansions for the Forgotten Realms, Al-Qadim and other campaign settings produced by TSR. The werewolf was considered a typical monster for the horror-setting of Ravenloft. Bear, Wild Boar, Wild Horse, Mountain Lion, Stag and Wolf. About four feet tall, the jozhal is a small, two-legged reptile with a skinny tail, a long flexible neck, and a narrow snout. As for the rest, you know the deal. Tomb of Horrors: Tomb of Acererak Level Well, boys and girls, this is the proverbial "it". The character James Halliday recreated the dungeon in detail, which the novel's other characters must traverse to advance in the global contest and win Halliday's fortune. All of the fictional creatures described in this accessory were included in the Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Three, above, and are not reproduced here. If you think the Tomb is a pain in the ass and not much fun then you won’t like this. The module specifically cites false tombs. Inspired from but not resembling the. Spells of Light and Darkness [5][9]:106–107[1] This format was abandoned again in 1993 in favor of bound books. So that, when death comes, the players will feel terror, not resentment. Since its original publication in 1978, Tomb of Horrors has risen to legendary status among D&D players and is generally regarded as one of the greatest adventures of all time. Demons materialize in. Map 3 But it wasn’t the illustrations which made the Tomb a classic: It was the deathtraps. Monstrous Compendium Volume Two (1989) (Weasel, Wolverine), Monstrous Compendium – Spelljammer Appendix (1990) (Chattur), Carnivorous Ape, Wild Baboon, Badger, Banderlog, Bhaergala, Wild Boar, Chattur, Cooshee, Dakon, Debbi, Goat, Gorilla, Hsing-sing, Hyena, Jackal, Losel, Monkey Spider, Osquip, Black Porcupine, Brown Porcupine, Rothe, Skunk, Sleek, Wild Stag, Stench Kow, Taer, Tyrg, Warthog, Weasel, Wolverine, Minimal mammals and Giant mammals, Camel, Cattle, Buffalo, Antelope and Sheep, Beaver, Chipmunk, Ermine, Ferret, Fox, Gopher, Hedgehog, Mink, Mole, Monkey, Mouse, Muskrat, Opossum, Otter, Otter (sea), Otter (giant), Pig (domestic), Pig (wild), Rabbit, Raccoon, Squirrel (flying), Squirrel (giant black) and Woodchuck, Forgotten Realms Monstrous Compendium Appendix (1991) (as Tlincalli), Dragon #89 (1984), Anauroch (1991), Monstrous Compendium Forgotten Realms Appendix (1991),Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (1993), Monstrous Manual (1993), Dragon #261 "The Ecology of the Dark Naga: Fool Me Twice" (1999), Monster Manual (2000, 2003), D&D Miniatures: Underdark set #33 (2005), Monster Manual (2008). At the time it was a fairly innovative product: In addition to the “map and key” presentation which was standard for the time, Tomb of Horrors also came with a pamphlet of forty illustrations, each presenting some part of the module which could be shown to the players at the appropriate time. This is because there is absolutely no way in 3.5 a true demilich could possibly be beaten by 9th level character without resorting to an obvious plot device that would itself destroy the challenge of the dungeon. 16. Appears to be an oriental female human with long fox tail. Belgoi appear human, but with long claws, toothless mouths, and webbed feet. Monstrous Compendium – Fiend Folio Appendix (1992), The Drow of the Underdark (1991) (as Yochlol), This 128-page soft-bound book is a reprint of the loose-leaf Monstrous Compendium appendices MC10 and MC15 (, Monstrous Compendium – Ravenloft Appendix (1991), Monstrous Manual (1993), Monstrous Compendium – Ravenloft Appendix (1991), Monstrous Compendium – Ravenloft Appendix (1991), Monstrous Manual (1993), Bone, Doll, Gargoyle, Glass, Mechanical and Zombie, Monstrous Compendium – Ravenloft Appendix (1991), Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix, Powerful and subtle undead sustained by drinking blood or draining life force. The Woobie: The Siren in the original version of the Tomb of Horrors. The Forgotten Realms Ruins of Undermountain boxed set included 8 unnumbered 5-hole punched loose-leaf pages of creature descriptions in Monstrous Compendium format. This entry was posted … The Forgotten Realms Menzoberranzan boxed set included 7 pages of creature descriptions in Monstrous Compendium format, bound into the first book of the set (The City) on pages 88–94. If you think the Tomb of Horrors did real damage to D&D by teaching the wrong lessons, like, say, “it’s Gygax’s masterpiece!” then this ain’t for you. An "old personal favorite" of reviewer Mark Theurer. And why do you have that Mist of Miracles in your tomb? Oh, and the intro states that S1 is Gygax’s masterpiece. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Al-Qadim Corsairs of the Great Sea boxed set, by Nicky Rea, contained an 8-page booklet with monsters. In the False Crypt level we tested those ideas and expanded the threat level a bit.

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