Sig Sauer World renowned and the choice for many of the premier global military, law enforcement and commercial users. I too would like to hear more about this “cute French video journalist”. The operating rod and bolt carrier are connected using the charging handle, and one of the nice side benefits of that configuration is that the gun allows the end user to swap the side of the gun that the charging handle is on with ease. What is it with Sig and crappy triggers? But even those are priced less than these AR wannabe tacti-cool look-alikes that have been coming out. They appeal to me. Re-inserting is just as simple. just got my 556xi russian it shoots terrable the accuracy is not there quality of assembly is not there the top receiver and the bottom receiver have a lot of play when pinned the rear pin hole is oblonge a little egg shaped that makes the gun rattle i sent it back weeks ago i dont know they could redrill a hole? Sig eventually seems to fix their rifles in their gen 2 updates. Negative reviews on Remington are not acceptable. >> For the other equally limp thinkers, did the word “stockpiles” in any way suggest, a single gun for personal use? Its reliability is unquestioned, its effectiveness well acknowledged, and its ease of use is without equal. Holographic sites are great. Controls are fully ambidextrous except the bolt lock and release lever. Biggest complaint was the forearm was not firmly secured. Tough being a fairly new shooter & reading such comments to Nick’s review. Even if they do fix the issues with the gun I tested and send it back, it’s no longer a factory gun. Yeah, we get spoiled by all the fancy holographics and scopes, but in reasonably lit conditions, iron sights are still pretty darn effective. Shot groups are a joke and around 10 inch groups at 100 yards if you are lucky. My AK’s feel cheap and the accuracy sucks. Very few of the modular rifles have remained fully available, which is a shame, but understandable. SIG SAUER Barrels. For example, you can switch between AR- and AK-style lower receivers on the same serialized upper receiver. I don’t even want to shoot my new, expensive rifle. Because inquiring minds want to know, I shot a pile of five-shot groups from 100 yards to see how this rifle would shoot. Even Karl Rove is concerned about how much Neocon kool-aid you have consumed. This is for sure not worth 1500.00 usd. AK good clean with vodka, lube with bear fat run perfectly! Since thinking is not your strong suit, how about this simple thought experiment? Lighten up Francis, indeed. The only AKs that don’t have chromes are Yugo ones (and ditto SKS), because Yugoslavia didn’t have its own chromium mines and didn’t want to depend on any third parties for something as basic as main infantry weapon. I used my very stable Blackhawk! I constantly find myself tinkering with reconfiguration of guns that aren’t even designed to be modular. The gen 2 556R is as accurate as the 7.62×39 in semiauto is ever going to be. I’ll say it again, sigs problems stem from hiring temps. >> What would you say if, I don’t know, the Browning company declared they were going to sell their products to Islamic terrorists? This rifle is going to get me in trouble. Yeah, it was fun to do. At the range when I was shooting groups for accuracy, the pressure felt heavy and measured about 8.5 pounds according to my Timney Triggers Tension Scale (every gun owner needs one of these!). After all of the ‘SIG Fanboy’ abuse Nick took for the positive review of the MPX, he posts a pretty darn negative review of another SIG product and it’s just business as usual? (0) Item. Given the problems, I asked SIG about the problems I was seeing and sent them the rifle. They may not be able to. I also have to disagree w/ your AK theory (& the FN one, as Nick published plenty of highly positive reviews on other brands while he was on the FN shooting team). This rifle might work with a new set of internals, a new trigger, and something like a Magpul Zhukov-S, but I’ll never know.

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