Writer(s) This settled him and Spike leaves for class. Manny interrupts her and desperately asks for permission to go to the toilet again to which Ms. Kwan finally agrees. Manny runs outside and checks her planner only to realize it's been a whole nine weeks since she hasn't had her period. Pride (2) • “Accidents Will Happen (1)” Last Episode Paige comes over to Manny and makes a sarcastic remark, pointing out that it must be tough being her at the moment. -, Shane is the first character to wind up in a coma. 314 I Want Candy • After Craig gives Manny a book called "So You Need A Name," Ashley steals it, and announces to the whole school that Manny and Craig are going to have a baby. Full Name On Degrassi: The Next Generation, he is portrayed as an adult by actor Jonathan Torrens. Even better. Shane McKay is Degrassi's most tragic character He was one of the cool kids in junior high; taller and older looking and played sports. It was aired in the US for the first time after Noggin's. Shane McKay J.T. During gymnastics practice, Kendra realizes she might be coming down with the flu and after nearly throwing up while doing a flip, she runs to the bathroom. Manny rushes out of the room and is moments later seen vomiting in a toilet stall. She begins to cry, knowing he might be upset, but to her surprise, Craig asks what if they kept the baby and became a little family which leaves a rather confused look on Manny's face. Airdate Rock and Roll High School • Spike offers to go with Manny to tell her parents if she were to keep the baby, but Manny declines, saying that her parents would go crazy and send her to some convent in the Philippines like what happened to her cousin. Director(s) Manny angrily but sadly replies that it was her first time and thought that it would be okay, but she doesn't want Craig to worry anymore and tells him that nothing is wrong. Manny realizes this is the time to ask him. Paige is pretty sure that Manny's talking about Craig and tells her she shouldn't be that worried, because he seems like a pretty responsible guy when it comes to sex. ". He either fell off a bridge or jumped off. Season 3, Episode 14 Emma tells her Coach Hatzilakos should know and leaves to go and tell her, but Manny stops her and tells her that her life sucks at the moment and that she's just nervous. Manny's starting to notice things: she's pale, nauseated, no period. Shane McKay: Bill Parrott: 1–4 Shane appeared in 38 episodes. After hearing several remarks and comments, Manny decides that having a baby at this time in her life would ruin her plans for her future. The McKays had previously expressed a wish to send Shane to private school, as his older brother Carl had done, and Shane worried that revealing that he had gotten Spike pregnant would seal their decision to send him away. Could she be 14 and pregnant? And if making that happen means hacking into the school computers? Manny thanks her and tells her she heard about Snake's battle with cancer and that she's sorry she hasn't been there for her lately. Shane unexpectedly arrived at the Nelson-Simpson house while Spike was home alone, and became upset to discover that he was not a part of her new life and family. Hazel then bursts into the room and announces her dire need of a tampon. Dr. Shane McKay Information Full Name Dr. Shane McKay Gender Male Eye Color Brown Hair Color Black (facial hair) Production First Episode Father Figure (1) (301) Last Episode Father Figure (1) (301) Reason Emma had the wrong address. Should I Stay or Should I Go? This worries Craig and he states he thought Manny was on the birth control pill when they had sex. Shane is the first character in Degrassi history to become both mentally and physically disabled. When the timer rings, Manny hesitantly walks over to the test hoping to see a negative result - but it's positive. Network Shane was hesitant toward revealing his impending fatherhood to his conservative parents, Steven (an Anglican minister) and Mary. U Got the Look • Manny tells her mother and her mother takes her to the clinic to have an abortion. I just watched that episode and he jumped off of the bridge while high. U.S. Airdate Now 14 and with her mother expecting a new baby any day now, Emma became even more curious about the father she had never known, and was determined to find him. When J.T. https://degrassi.fandom.com/wiki/Shane_McKay?oldid=2893901, (To Spike): "You dumb jerk. After a series of missteps, Emma and Craig finally found Shane at an assisted living residence, in which his parents had placed him some time ago. After a few blocks, she breaks down and doesn't know what to do, so she runs to Spike's house and tells her she might be pregnant. So therefore, he may have be an unplanned for, or a surprise child making him much younger than both of his brothers. Many US Degrassi fans were upset that this episode was aired in Canada and not in the United States. Reason: Shane's parents didn't want him to be involved in Emma's life. When Emma hears this, she becomes furious and says that what Manny is planning to do is wrong. However, Snake later explained Spike's side of the situation—she had taken Emma to visit Shane at the home when she was three years old, but he had become agitated and began a tantrum. Information Just as Shane had feared, they again intended for him to transfer to a private school. In "Father Figure (2)" (season 3), when Emma meets Shane, he is given knitting to calm himself when she has to leave.

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