Welcome to our eBay Store. Starting Saturday, November 15th I will be offering all NYDP composition bodies and molds at very special prices!!!! 9lbs, Price $110.00, Doll Name:  Tete Jumeau Arielle  by Jumeau, Doll Name:Asian Baby(Oriental) "Akio" by A. Marseilles, Doll Name: "Shandele" by Leon Casimir Bru, *INTAGLIO EYES: Eyes that are molded into the head that are meant to be. E-mail at LSH123@sbcglobal.net, I am searching for several Seeley doll molds near Houston. Sharing a "Photo of the Day"! I'm located near Houston Texas and will be more than happy to provide you with pictures or anything you might need. All orders must be emailed to me by that time. She has been doing this for > 30 years, and is very interested in selling. I am also a distributor for The Bell Collection and Collectible Doll Co., so will be concentrating on these companies and will be happy to continue to serve my customers with Bell and Collectible doll products, such as porcelain slip, doll molds, doll bodies, china paints, brushes, etc. Good afternoon all! We sell the largest range of doll-making supplies in Australia, Including mohair wefts, doll bodies, doll stands, Seeleys brushes and everything else needed to make your doll. Also selling handmade clothes and dolls. Are there wholesalers out there? We work with doll makers, instructors and manufacturers to bring you the finest quality and widest range of brushes designed for painting your porcelain dolls and decorative projects. Ordering the parts and stringing them yourself will reduce shipping prices as the boxes used to ship can be smaller, which in turn will reduce shipping costs. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Page. If anyone is looking for anything at all please contact me at austindoublea83@gmail.com. $225.00. Get … The shopping cart prices here on the website do not have the discounted prices. We have many, many sizes of antique reproduction body molds in French, German, Baby, Toddler, and Lady styles that will be available in both painted and unpainted pieces poured in Compo-Bell. Free shipping on many items ... 18" A. MARQUE Doll Porcelain Head/Arms Antique French Repro Seeley Body . Something went wrong. Website Fixed!!!! Last Chance to Order NYDP Composition Bodies, Molds, Porcelain Slip and China Paints at the 10% Discount!!!! Please do not use the shopping cart buttons to purchase your bodies at the sale price. Get … NYDP Composition Bodies and Molds On Sale!!! We work with doll makers, instructors and manufacturers to bring you the finest quality and widest range of brushes designed for painting your porcelain dolls and decorative projects. Add to Cart. I am offering 25% off all doll molds from NYDP and 20% off all composition bodies. Send me your order now to take advantage of this great holiday savings!!!! Does anyone have this mold, in very good condition, and is interested in selling it? Please visit our composition doll page to see the assortment of bodies available. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Popular Brands. porcelain dolls may be ordered, soft fired greenware, SFGW, porcelain dolls bisque, porcelain dolls painted, or porcelain dolls finished, artist dolls Inquiries and orders must be sent to landofozdolls@mchsi.com by midnight, Friday night. Christmas Open House Sale Extended to Midnight December 2nd!! Something went wrong. Wish List. Thanks. If you have questions please email us, If you are interested in products that are listed "Out of Stock" please email us at Dolls@GuysAndDollsStudio.com. She was painted as a sample, Just finished a new Bru 13. Doll Molds and Doll Making Supplies For Doll Makers we offer BYRON Doll Molds, Doll Didplay Stands, Doll Display Cases, Doll Eyes, Doll Joints, Doll Stuffing Pellets, Doll Squeakers & Rattlers and other Doll-Making Supplies. Welcome to our eBay Store. I am of course looking for a bargain. Email us! Address:276 East Campbell Street Carrolltown, PA 15722. Because of the busy holiday weekend over Thanksgiving, I am extending the deadline for my Composition Body and Doll Molds Sale from New York Doll Products until midnight, Tuesday night, December 2nd!!!! I don't know where to start and who to call or reach out to. Dolls&Etc,Porcelain dolls,Seeley Porcelain Slip,French Bisque Slip,Lady White, Soft fired Greenware, SFGW, Porcelain Doll Bisque, Doll repair supplies, doll making supplies, New York doll products, doll repair,lace draping slip,china paints. Get … Doll Name: Peter or Marie by Kammer & Reinhardt, Doll Name: Little Grump  by E I Horsman (Germany), Doll Name: Jean Claude   by Francois Gautier, Doll Name: Claudette   by Francois Gautier, Doll Name: Julie C Steiner  by Steiner circa 1885, Doll Name: Portrait Jumeau-Stobe  by Jumeau, Beloved French lady or child, unmarked but attributed, Doll Name: Uncle Sam   by Cuno & Otto Dressel, Also seen as Peddlar, Farmer, Grandmother and Father Christmas, Doll Name: Miranda/Lady Doll    by Kestner, Doll Name: Long Face Jumeau "Triste"  by Jumeau, Doll Name:  Pouty "Billie II"  by Heubach, Doll Name: Jean Claude II   by Francois Gaultier, Doll Name:  "Celeste"  by Julius N Steiner, Doll Name: Laughing Jumeau  "Sandy" by SFBJ*, Doll Name: Elise   Bby Kammer & Reinhardt, Doll Name: Princess Elizabeth  made by Schoenau &, Doll Name:  Jutta  by Cuno & Otto Dressel, Doll Name:  Thursday Child  by Simon& Halbig, Doll Name: Shandele II by Leon Casimir Bru, Doll Name: Liane, Pierre  by Jules Verlingue, Doll Name: Shandele III by  Leon Casimir Bru, Doll Name:  Jean Claude III by Francois Gaultier, Doll Name: Antoinette, by Maurice and Charles Schmitt, Early German Kestner lady doll with plump cheeks and pleasant, Used Head Mold: SH72,  wt.

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