Something does not work as expected? I managed to get my arms on the ground but I couldn't push myself to my feet. As early in the year as weather permits, a Foundation front company, South Chomolungma Portage, shall establish forward monitoring stations at base camp on the northern and southern ascents, and at the higher camps as weather permits (with the exception of Camp VI on the northern ascent and Camp IV on the southern), to be maintained until weather conditions force the evacuation of the mountain for the season. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. I don't know. L.: 'E looked right at me, and that's when it started. █████: What happened when it reached you? Closing Statement: After L.'s encounter with SCP-1529, it was not observed, active or inactive, for 5 months, 17 days, 19 hours. I suddenly felt… happy? INCIDENT 1529-2: On ██/██/20██, Agent ██████ in the permanent facility in China, engaged in telescope surveillance of SCP-1529 while it was active near the summit of the mountain. They cracked. █████: Just a few more questions, please. ██████ reported that SCP-1529, while facing in the direction of the base, looked directly in the direction of the telescope. Agent █████, who attempted to resume surveillance after ██████'s illness, found SCP-1529 still descending the mountain and encountered similar symptoms. ██ casualties occurred, including both Foundation personnel operating the Camp V monitoring post. And I heard its question. L.: Right. Suddenly I felt cold - colder than I'd been before. When "active", SCP-1529 can be observed to climb about the upper reaches of the mountain and summit in no discernible direction. Death from hypothermia appears to occur within 1-2 hours of making eye contact with SCP-1529, much more quickly than is typical for climbers stuck near the summit. An autopsy performed by the Foundation indicated that L. was suffering extreme hypothermia, frostbite, and cerebral edema at the time of his death. Aerial and satellite surveillance of ███████ ███████ will continue on a regular basis until permanent monitoring stations can be established. But I knew their faces. Of the approximately 220 people who have died in the high altitudes of Everest since 1924, SCP-1529 is believed to have accounted for at least ███. Weak. Documented periods of activity have extended from 3 hours to (possibly) 6 days; median documented period is 15.2 hours. L.: Neither. Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. The bodies of any hikers who encounter SCP-1529 are to be removed from the mountain as soon as possible for autopsy and disposal. It was holding me up, so I had just enough strength to ball up my fist. When "active", SCP-1529 can be observed to climb about the upper reaches of the mountain and summit in no discernible direction. █████: Tell me about what happened when you encountered the creature. My lips felt cracked and frozen. █████: Just a few more questions, please. Moving my lips was harder than anything I've ever done… but I did, and I told it "Yes. Upon next observation, its goggles showed no signs of damage or wear. And I heard its question. However, L. was found alive when another team reached his position nearly two days later, and was removed safely from the mountain. Click here to toggle editing of individual sections of the page (if possible). It was offended, outraged, shocked. Photo taken 17 hours after contact. Scp 096 origin theory? Once the climber has stopped moving, SCP-1529 will close range with the climber and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The following is an excerpt from L.'s debriefing prior to his discharge from hospital. ), L.: I could barely make sense of anything that was going on… but I knew that this thing in front of me was a bigger threat than any storm or any snow drift. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under. For ██% of that time, SCP-1529 is "inactive", and lies or sits motionless. He was waving and hollering at the thing as I watched it approach from its own perspective. SCP-1529 has demonstrated an ability to climb or descend sections of the mountain's face believed impassable to conventional mountaineers, has never been observed to fall or lose its grip, and is seemingly unencumbered by sub-zero temperatures, high winds, thin air, or low atmospheric pressure. But it was like I could see things in them. If human climbers ascend past the 8,000 meters mark while SCP-1529 is active, it will attempt to make its way towards them and interpose itself between them and the summit or camp. Mobile Task Force Psi-29029, ("Alpine Echo") shall remain on standby at all times at the Foundation monitoring station in ███████████. Both. So you start tearing off your clothes because you feel like you're burning up and you need to cool off - and the next thing anyone knows, you're naked and frozen to death curled up in a snow bank. The Foundation shall liaise with civilian expedition coordinators as necessary to prevent attempts on the summit when SCP-1529 is active. SCP-1529 appears to be of average height and weight and is dressed head to toe in what resembles standard mountaineering wear and boots, colored white. SCP-1529 does not appear to be capable of entrancing more than one climber at a time; however, physical encounters between SCP-1529 and more than one person have been noted to lead to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Weak. Purpose and motivation for SCP-1529's behavior is unknown; see Interview 1529-1 for speculation. And then it told me…. But…, L.: It didn't feel right. INCIDENT 1529-1: On ██/██/19██, SCP-1529 entered Camp V on the northern approach, at 7,775 meters, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. L.: Right. SCP-1529 has never been observed to wear any other clothes. However, L. was found alive when another team reached his position nearly two days later, and was removed safely from the mountain. L.: Surprised, to say the least. But it was like I could see things in them. I tried to breathe and it was like my lungs were full of water. It was getting to the point that even if I could right myself I wouldn't be able to make it back to camp before nightfall. I was looking right into those goggles, those eyes….

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