About Four months later, they met again to decide a semifinal berth after both had lost to PartinG earlier that night. Her fourth place finish was enough to qualify her for the Season Final at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. For instance, in the team's match against ZeNEX, Scarlett secured a win over Avenge to push Eclypsia through with a 5-3 victory. Hostyn gagne en notoriété à StarCraft II en 2012, quand elle bat un grand nombre de joueurs parmi les meilleurs mondiaux en tournoi à Las Vegas. In the first round of the championship bracket, she played the South Korean Protoss PartinG, who ended up beating her with a score of 3-0. Recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's highest earning female professional gamer. In her match against Life, she used fairly predictable Roach-based macro builds, which Life took advantage of to win the series 3-2. En février 2015, Hostyn a perdu sa motivation à StarCraft et décide de donner sa chance à un autre jeu, Dota 2. She was placed into Group H with mOOnGLaDe, Creator and Nerchio, and ended up in second place in her group, losing to Creator but beating the other two Zerg players. Please read the rules before submitting content. She also became just the third foreigner to win a Premier StarCraft tournament in Korea following Grrrr... in the 2000 Hanaro OSL and Neeb in the 2016 KeSPA Cup. She won her rematch against Revival as well, defeating him and MacSed to advance first from her group to the Round of 8. The two met again later that day after Bomber lost to HerO and Scarlett beat Dream, and ReDeYe introduced their latest match as "a TvZ of the highest order" where each of their series had produced fireworks. She outplayed her opponent in a macro game to take map one, and scouted Maru's double proxy Barracks to take an overwhelming lead in game two. Against Bomber, she lost the initial series 1-2, but gained a rematch after defeating Dream 2-1, and she subsequently beat Bomber 2-1 to advance. Scarlett had planned to return to Korea to participate in the 2013 Global StarCraft II Team League Season 2, but was unable to do so since the recent Acer acquisition of INnoVation and Axiom acquisition of Impact meant there was not enough space in the Axiom team house for her to reside there, which meant that she missed being part of Axiom-Acer's championship.[10]. [5] By 2014, Hostyn had won over $110,000. On January 15, a partnership between Axiom and Team Acer was officially announced to take part in the GSTL by forming Axiom-Acer. In the grand finals, she overwhelmed Ostojiy to become the WCS Canada national champion with a 12-1 record in games, securing a $6,000 prize as well as a spot in the 2012 Battle.net North American Championship. She was ranked Top 10 Grandmaster on the NA ladder at the time of her IPL 4 Open Bracket upsets. We're just just talking about your description is much, I was simply telling you that transgender is. She defeated MarineKing and Brown in the group stage to reach the Round of 16. NaNiwa prevailed after the first two maps were split and ribbed her in a post-match tweet when he said that he felt that Scarlett had played greedy and called it "a waste of what could have been" but also said that he guessed that her greed was a part of her success. Physical [1] In 2018, she won the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament, making her the first female winner of a major StarCraft II tournament.[2]. The New Yorker la qualifie de "femme la plus accomplie du domaine de l'esport".

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